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Steven Heller (1) (1950–)

Author of Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design

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Steven Heller is senior Art Director for the New York Times & author of over seventy books on art, culture, & design. He lives in New York City. (Bowker Author Biography)


Works by Steven Heller

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design (2012) 185 copies, 4 reviews
Paul Rand (2020) 135 copies, 2 reviews
Typography Sketchbooks (2011) 103 copies
Halloween: Vintage Holiday Graphics (2005) 81 copies, 2 reviews
Jackets Required (1995) 69 copies, 3 reviews
Japanese Modern (1996) 50 copies
100 Illustrators (2013) 49 copies
The Swastika: Symbol Beyond Redemption? (2000) 48 copies, 2 reviews
Man Bites Man: Two Decades of Satiric Art (1981) — Editor — 43 copies
The Graphic Design Reader (2002) 41 copies
Graphic Design History (2001) 38 copies
Artists' Christmas Cards (1979) 32 copies, 1 review
Design Dialogues (1998) 25 copies
The Education of an E-Designer (2001) 24 copies, 1 review
American Typeplay (1994) 23 copies
Graphic Design USA: 7. (1986) 19 copies
Graphic Design USA: 20 (2000) 19 copies
Menu Design in America (2018) 16 copies
Menu Design in Europe (2022) 16 copies
Type Tells Tales (2017) 15 copies, 2 reviews
Milton Glaser, POP (2023) 12 copies
Magazines: Inside & Out (1996) 12 copies
Stencil Type (2015) 11 copies
New Modernist Type (2012) 11 copies
School Days (1992) 11 copies
Design School (2011) 8 copies
Typeplay (1994) 7 copies
Typographic Universe (2014) 6 copies
Type Deck: Index Cards (2017) 4 copies
Design Cult (2013) 3 copies
Art of Newsletters, The (1995) 2 copies
For the Love of Design (2022) 1 copy
The Illustrator (2023) 1 copy

Associated Works

Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey (2001) — Contributor — 721 copies, 13 reviews
Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era (2011) — Introduction — 87 copies, 1 review
Fritz Kahn (2013) — Preface — 66 copies
Art Young's Inferno (2020) — Introduction — 18 copies
Guess Who?: The Many Faces of Noma Bar (2007) — Introduction — 8 copies
Images 34 : best of British illustration 2010 (2010) — Foreword — 5 copies
Varoom 04 (2007) — Contributor — 2 copies
Varoom 07 (2008) — Contributor — 2 copies
Varoom 01 (2006) — Contributor — 2 copies
Varoom 03 (2007) — Interviewer — 2 copies
Varoom! 10 (2009) — Contributor — 2 copies
Norman Ives : Constructions & Reconstructions (2020) — Foreword — 1 copy
Eye 7, 1992 (1992) — Contributor — 1 copy
Eye 22, Autumn 1996 (1996) — Contributor — 1 copy
Eye 24, Spring 1997 (1997) — Contributor — 1 copy


Common Knowledge



If you like the Taschen advertising books, or some of their Jim Heiman titles, I think you would enjoy this one. Some of the examples are striking, and I keep going back to them.
gtross | May 2, 2024 |
This was a really fascinating read. I'd regrettably never done much digging into the history of graphic design, and this book introduces that topic in a really engaging format. I pretty much devoured it in a couple days. It's also a beautifully designed book in and of itself, very inspirational and I'm sure I'll be going back to it again and again.
rknickme | 3 other reviews | Mar 31, 2024 |
This fascinating and full-color volume presents a superb collection of 270 jackets promoting a wide range of books--from high-brow novels and biographies to mass-market romances and mysteries--while showcasing the talent of some of the era's most exciting illustrators and designers.
petervanbeveren | 2 other reviews | Nov 19, 2023 |



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