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Author of The Lazarus Project

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Aleksandar Hemon was born in Sarajevo. He lives in Chicago. (Bowker Author Biography)


Works by Aleksandar Hemon

The Lazarus Project (2008) 1,263 copies
Love and Obstacles (2009) 278 copies
Best European Fiction 2010 (2009) — Editor — 165 copies
The Making of Zombie Wars (2015) 145 copies
Best European Fiction 2011 (2010) — Editor — 109 copies
Best European Fiction 2012 (2011) — Editor — 75 copies
Best European Fiction 2013 (2012) — Editor — 73 copies

Associated Works

The Book of Other People (2008) — Contributor — 749 copies
The Tenants (1971) — Introduction, some editions — 566 copies
The Best American Short Stories 2006 (2006) — Contributor — 549 copies
The Best American Short Stories 1999 (1999) — Contributor — 455 copies
The Best American Short Stories 2000 (2000) — Contributor — 397 copies
Garden, Ashes (1965) — Introduction, some editions — 355 copies
The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories (2004) — Contributor — 267 copies
The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives (2018) — Contributor — 158 copies
The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup (2006) — Contributor — 158 copies
Granta 68: Love Stories (1999) — Contributor — 151 copies
The Best of McSweeney's {complete} (1800) — Contributor — 145 copies
Granta 108: Chicago (2009) — Contributor — 143 copies
Granta 72: Overreachers (2000) — Contributor — 132 copies
Granta 103: The Rise of the British Jihad (2008) — Contributor — 107 copies
McSweeney's Issue 3: Windfall Republic (1999) — Contributor — 95 copies
The Matrix Resurrections [2021 film] (2022) — Writer, some editions — 87 copies
Granta 118: Exit Strategies (2012) — Contributor — 84 copies
McSweeney's Issue 42 (McSweeney's Quarterly Concern): Multiples (2013) — Translator/Contributor — 63 copies
The Penguin Book of the Modern American Short Story (2021) — Contributor — 56 copies
My Heart: A Novel (2017) — Introduction, some editions — 53 copies
Bestial Noise: The Tin House Fiction Reader (2003) — Contributor — 50 copies
Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology (2017) — Contributor — 24 copies
Selected Shorts: New American Stories (2011) — Contributor — 17 copies


Common Knowledge



This is a novel of epic proportions about life and love and death and war. It’s philosophical and poetic and evocative following Pinto, an introspective poet, whose love for fellow soldier Osman takes us on a journey across countries and continents and decades. A dense and emotive read, this is one I had to read in chunks sporadically—definitely not a quick read (for me).
lizallenknapp | 1 other review | Apr 20, 2024 |
A little disorienting when I began reading the first pages, but this novel soon gelled in ways I found unexpected. A vibrant, heartbreaking story told impeccably. A take on what it means to be without country but sustained by love.
vscauzzo | 1 other review | Jan 29, 2024 |
I enjoy Hemon, but after some years since reading this one, I don't recall enough to discuss it.
mykl-s | 10 other reviews | Aug 13, 2023 |
I read this one a while ago, and don't recall any details.
mykl-s | 18 other reviews | Aug 12, 2023 |



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