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Greer Hendricks is an American author and editor, based in Manhattan. She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she earned a master's in Journalism while working at Allure magazine. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times and Publishers Weekly. From 1994-2014 she worked at Simon and show more Schuster first, as an assistant editor, then went on to become an editor. She edited numerous writers. That is where she met Sarah Pekkanen and became her editor. After leaving Simon and Schuster they decided to write a novel together. The Wife Between Us is their first collaboration and is Greer Hendrick's first novel. In 2019 she made the Bestseller List with her title, An Anonymous Girl. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

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Works by Greer Hendricks

The Wife Between Us (2017) 2,778 copies
An Anonymous Girl (2019) 1,568 copies
The Golden Couple (2022) 884 copies
You Are Not Alone (2020) 834 copies
The Getaway (2020) 77 copies

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Reader's Digest Select Editions 2019 v04 #366 (2019) — Co-Author — 3 copies


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Prior to becoming a novelist, she spent over two decades as an editor at Simon & Schuster. She obtained her master's degree in journalism from Columbia University, and her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Allure, and Publisher's Weekly. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children.



You will want to clear your calendar before reading this book, as it will take most people several days to read it and you WON'T desire to put it down and begin again. The cover was catchy. The words actually create the beginning of the suspense and tension that is somehow carried throughout the whole book. I was on edge the whole time I read the book. First of all, the author is brilliantly talented in being able to portray just enough to make you wonder, make you guess wrong about what is happening so many times that you may do as I did, go back and re-read some of the pages 4 or 5 times, thinking YOU may have missed something. You haven't. Clues are slowly revealed. It is a mystery. It alludes to evil throughout the whole book. I was in the last fifth of the book and alone in the house. It was dark outside with the time change. I knew that I was the only person awake. My husband and son have to sleep during the day to work their night, early AM shifts. As I got to one particularly scary part of the book while sitting on the couch, I felt three distinct taps on my right shoulder. Very deliberate and rhythmic. I nearly hit the roof! Somehow, my cat had picked the worst opportune moment to reach out his paw and rap me on the shoulder since it had been hours since I praised him!!! Don't be surprised if this book puts you on edge and like a roller coaster ride, you just want to keep going!
Another genre classification for this book is psychology. I personally am a huge fan of psychology and the way the mind works. I think that even though I am a great citizen and a kind person, I have a devious mind. I really LOVED...ENJOYED the deviousness of the characters in this book. There is a statement that really sets the tone of the book at the very beginning. It states several of examples of types of people who may shock and annoy you until you find out the reason why they did what they did. For instance, a woman who is yakking on the cell at a coffee shop may make you want to scream until you find out enough information to realize that she thought she had lost the love of her life, and he called her back at that exact moment. Well, this is part of the foreshadowing. Good characters can do bad things. But, sometimes you will feel sympathetic because of the situation. Other times, you will be angry or terrified for the other characters due to the "crazy" coming out!! At the very end, the book returns to this philosophy of good people do bad. And the ending surprises me, but even though it was unexpected, it makes me smile! That is why I worry about my deviousness. The psychology involved may make you look at yourself and wonder if you are normal. This book is so clever! Some of the main characters are Jessica, the young lady who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders and emotionally burdened to support her family and sister, Dr. Shields, the female psychologist who initiates a normal college survey that turns into other avenues, and Thomas, Dr. Shield's ex, whom she still loves even though they are no longer married.
I don't ordinarily choose to read mysteries, but this has been the year to expand my horizons and read genres that are not my norm. This book makes me want to find similar stories, and definitely by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.
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doehlberg63 | 145 other reviews | Dec 2, 2023 |
Excellent plot with plenty of twists and suspense. I only disliked that the alternating point-of-views were confusing at first since the chapters were not labeled by character.
mancinibo | 145 other reviews | Nov 30, 2023 |
So many twists I was not expecting
mancinibo | 223 other reviews | Nov 30, 2023 |
Reading this book felt like being in the passenger seat while the author(s) were driving, swerving through traffic and occasionally taking sharp turns. I do love a book with twists!
filemanager | 223 other reviews | Nov 29, 2023 |



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