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Voyage with the Vikings (2010) — primary author — 912 copies
Attack at the Arena (2011) — Author — 736 copies
Peril in the Palace (2011) — Author — 683 copies
Revenge of the Red Knight (2011) — Author — 610 copies
Showdown with the Shepherd (2011) 584 copies
Problems in Plymouth (2011) 579 copies
Secret of the Prince's Tomb (2012) 424 copies
Escape to the Hiding Place (2012) 397 copies
Battle for Cannibal Island (2012) 385 copies
Hunt for the Devil's Dragon (2013) 323 copies
Captured on the High Seas (2014) 318 copies
Danger on a Silent Night (2013) 317 copies
The Redcoats are Coming! (2013) 317 copies
Surprise at Yorktown (2014) 300 copies
Doomsday in Pompeii (2015) 246 copies
Trouble on the Orphan Train (2016) 211 copies
In Fear of the Spear (2016) 202 copies
Light in the Lion's Den (2017) 186 copies
Inferno in Tokyo (2017) 142 copies
Madman in Manhattan (2018) 138 copies
Freedom at the Falls (2018) 111 copies
Terror in the Tunnel (2019) 102 copies
Rescue on the River (2019) 87 copies
Islands and Enemies (2022) 35 copies
Sled Run for Survival (2022) 28 copies
Trouble Shooting (1997) 22 copies
Land of the Lost (2023) 17 copies

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(3.5 / 5)

After cousins Beth and Patrick have an argument about loyalty and betrayal, Whit sends them on an adventure in the Imagination Station. They arrive in 1521 and become part of Magellan's expedition to circumnavigate the globe for a few days and along the way learn a little something about loyalty and betrayal.

I like the idea of the Imagination Station so much more when it's more like a holodeck adventure. Since it's apparently meant to be actual time travel in this series, some of the things that happen are just a bit too unbelievable to me. Still, I like the way it brings moments of history to life for young readers, and this one was no exception. Some of the details shared by Beth (who may know more than makes sense for her age, even after having just done a report about one of Magellan's ships) were interesting to learn about.

The time travel aspect and historical characters aside, the actual characters of Beth and Patrick took a hit in this story, in my opinion. While it certainly makes sense that they wouldn't be perfect kids and would even sometimes get into fights with each other, Beth did not know when to keep her mouth shut, and Patrick was just a little jerk at times. Overall, though, it's a fun look at historical accounts, written for kids, from a Christian viewpoint.

Thank you to Netgalley and Tyndale House Publishers/Focus on the Family for providing me a copy of this book to review.
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Kristi_D | Sep 22, 2023 |
Wonderful chapter reader for children! If your children like the Adventure in Odyssey series they will love this book of adventure and excitement. Children are quickly drawn into a lively tale of viking adventures. They meet Leif Erikson and are set out on a mission to fine a sunstone before he sets sail with the Imagination Station on board - will they make it? The story is well-written and easy to read. My oldest boy was so excited to receive it in the mail and could not wait to begin reading. The children are confronted with many challenges and opportunities to share about God when they meet Erik the Red. Erik is angry about the new god that challenges his current beliefs. However the story has a redemptive and happy ending. Faith and courage prevail as is always the case in Adventures in Odyssey. I love the fact that children are absorbing good morals and values without even realizing it - for once the parent doesn't have to be the only one stating these things. Children are invited to see what these things are in action.

Excellent book. Thank you Tyndale for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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abbieriddle | 5 other reviews | Mar 1, 2022 |
Written for children but also exciting enough to keep an adult's interest. Beth and Patrick travel to Viking times to find a Sunstone. While they are there, they get to experience firsthand what they've learned in history class. They meet Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson. They also get to experience a bit about how Christianity was viewed in Greenland at the time.
JenniferRobb | 5 other reviews | Jan 17, 2016 |
Do you have a 7-9 year old? Then here is an adventure they will enjoy. Captured on the High Seas is an Imagination Station story about cousins Patrick and Beth. Mr. Whittaker, owner of Whit's End and inventor of the Imagination Station, sent the children to Massachusetts to meet Paul Revere. But on their way back to Whit's End, a musket ball damaged the time machine and they were accidentally sent to a ship. It looked as if they were still in the Revolutionary War era.

Patrick and Beth met James on the ship. He showed them around and then put them to work. Patrick became a powder monkey like James while Beth assisted the cook in the galley. Just as they were adjusting to their new duties, their ship was attacked and captured by a British war ship. The young people experienced many hardships and adventures before the Imagination Station picked them up again.

This book is perfect for high interest, young reading level readers. It is a chapter book that is at about second or third grade reading level. Chapters average three to four pages each, and sentence structure has an average of 6-8 words. Younger children would love being read to, since the action is virtually non-stop.

History comes alive in this book and series; some readers may be interested to learn that the James Forten Patrick and Beth meet was a real person. Some of the events he lived through mentioned in this book really happened to him, even his imprisonment on a modified ship docked in the harbor.

All throughout the book, good character qualities are demonstrated and lived out, not preached about. For example, when James is given an opportunity to escape by hiding in the officer's trunk, he sacrificed his chance by urging a young child suffering from scurvy to take his place. I highly recommend this book for children who love reading about adventures, especially ones that really happened.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. through their Blog Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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Beverlylynnt | 1 other review | Jul 15, 2014 |


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