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Wellness (2023) 199 copies
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A disturbing view of two young lovers who marry and navigate the hazards of life. Jack and Elizabeth secretly watch one another from the cover of a darkened apartment. They finally meet and begin a roller-coaster saga that every individual rides. Nathan Hill brilliantly portrays both Jack and Elizabeth an the hurdles they must jump in this blasé life. And the secrets that each family hides from view and the rest of the family. A fabulous journey through life and death and our perspective of life.… (more)
delphimo | 5 other reviews | Oct 30, 2023 |
This novel tells the story of a relationship, from its heady beginnings between two very young people who felt out of place and lonely until they found each other, and afterwards were able to enter into the world of art students and college students who were part of a slowly gentrifying Wicker Park in Chicago. They were entirely wrapped up in each other, but in the present day, after marriage and a child and having put a sizable down payment on a condo in a renovated factory in a prestigious neighborhood, things begin to fall apart. Elizabeth, the scientist, points out that they are just at a natural low point in their relationship and she's happy to put space between them, insisting that the new place have separate master bedrooms. Jack, an artist and adjunct professor, is much less sanguine about the distancing. As they veer apart and then come together to try to refresh their marriage, it's not clear if they can stay together or if their relationship was ever on solid ground.

There's very little that author Nathan Hill isn't interested in and this novel digresses all over the place. Luckily, when he wanders off into, say, the history of artists depicting the American prairies or even how the Facebook algorithms work (something I have negative interest in) it is all worth reading and well-incorporated into the novel. Yes, this novel is longer than it *needs* to be, but cutting everything unnecessary out would make for a far less rich and entertaining book. He occasionally sends up people and situations in ridiculous ways, but always pulls the story back into its grounded center. And by taking the time to fully draw both Jack and Elizabeth's childhoods, as well as how their relationship and daily lives function, Hill makes this portrait of a marriage feel very real.
… (more)
RidgewayGirl | 5 other reviews | Oct 24, 2023 |
Overall, an impressive modern domestic epic, if there is such a thing. Like in The Nix, Hill goes on long digressions sometimes but I can't blame him since they're no worse than Victor Hugo's and I love him. I was a bit disappointed in how the characters sometimes morphed fully into clichés during arguments.
Unreachableshelf | 5 other reviews | Oct 19, 2023 |
Hill has a gift for character development. His characters are developed naturally and beautifully with insightful depth. Unfortunately, in other areas where he is trying to make a point (e.g., algorithms, human psychology, and related studies), he is overly obsessive. One can make an important point without excess. Hill is undoubtedly a talented writer. He simply needs to edit instead of lecturing his readers.
BALE | 5 other reviews | Oct 18, 2023 |



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