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Mother Noise (2022) 2 copies
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A memoir written to tell her son of her life before him, including heroin addiction and recovery.

House studied writing under David Sedaris and has maintained contact with him for decades. Now she opens for him on his book tours, and her portrayal of him is a man of kindness and insight. I could have read hundreds more pages.
{David} told me that my essays always had a narrator who was very smart and my stories seemed to have narrators who were more passive, just letting life happen to them.

When quizzed by a doctor about her degree of depression, she thought:
Don’t you understand? I can no longer read.
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DetailMuse | 2 other reviews | Jul 19, 2024 |
Recommended by Erin W.

House's essays range from her time in Chicago in the last '80s and early '90s, time as an addict, stints in rehab and recovery, and her present-day life in Connecticut with her son and husband. David Sedaris taught House at SAIC and has mentored her since, providing support and confidence in her writing (which is stellar). A few essays are in graphic novel format.

Content warning: addiction, depression, custody battle/emotional abuse


We want to protect our children from everything. (After the Telling, 3)

The world is inhospitable and can make us want to disappear, and knowing this could prepare him enough to save himself. But what if the information about my past works not as a warning but instead as a blueprint? (6-7)

If you shake me, the past still rattles around inside. (Self-Storage, 59)

...makes me shiver, just picturing their future, the desperation that kind of want can grow into, the way a kid's unmet needs can take over the rest of his life. (The Roof Over Our Heads, 68)

They say in recovery you're frozen right at the age you were when you first picked up. You stop growing emotionally because you never learn to work through anything. (79)

Maybe that is what drives us to make art out of the worst things that happen to us. Maybe for some of us, that is how we survive. (Morton's Fork, 117)

Part of parenting is letting them separate and see you as human and flawed. (The Tell, 149)

Sometimes people in this world will shock you with how good they are and you never even see it coming. (Hospital Scenes, 186)
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JennyArch | 2 other reviews | Jul 27, 2022 |
nonfiction/memoir - autobiographical essays on addiction, depression, rehab, single motherhood, nasty divorce with violent ex + toxic stepmother to her son, etc. by writer/artist of New Haven CT via Boston.

Refreshing and raw; looking forward to more from this skilled writer.
reader1009 | 2 other reviews | Jun 25, 2022 |



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