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Works by Angela Elwell Hunt

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale (1989) — Retold by — 2,876 copies
The Note (2001) — Author — 516 copies
The Debt (2004) 315 copies
Roanoke: The Lost Colony (1996) 305 copies
The Rise of Babylon (1991) 288 copies
The Pearl (2003) 264 copies
The Silver Sword (1997) 252 copies
The Island of Heavenly Daze (2000) 250 copies
The Sleeping Rose (1998) 247 copies
The True Princess (1992) 245 copies
The Novelist (2006) 238 copies
Dreamers (1996) 236 copies
Doesn't She Look Natural (2007) 222 copies
The Immortal (2000) 202 copies
Grace In Autumn (2001) — Author — 196 copies
Magdalene (1811) 195 copies
The Elevator (2007) 194 copies
The Canopy (2003) 189 copies
The Golden Cross (1998) 188 copies
The Awakening (2004) 188 copies
Uncharted (2006) 185 copies
The Truth Teller (1999) 176 copies
The Justice (2002) 173 copies
The Velvet Shadow (1999) 167 copies
A Perfect Love (2002) — Author — 167 copies
A Warmth in Winter (2001) — Author — 165 copies
The Emerald Isle (1999) 164 copies
Hearts at Home (2003) — Author — 162 copies
Unspoken (2005) 161 copies
Afton of Margate Castle (1993) 158 copies
Brothers (1997) 146 copies
She Always Wore Red (2008) 141 copies
The Nativity Story - A Novel (2006) 140 copies
The Shadow Women (2002) 135 copies
Jamestown (1996) 134 copies
Journey (1997) 132 copies
The Story Jar (2001) 116 copies
Hartford (1996) 114 copies
She's in a Better Place (2009) 109 copies
Rehoboth (1997) 106 copies
Charles Towne (1998) 106 copies
Then Comes Marriage (2001) 102 copies
The Face (2008) 94 copies
The Proposal (1996) 84 copies
A Time to Mend (2006) 80 copies
Let Darkness Come (2009) 74 copies
The Singing Shepherd (1992) 73 copies
Daughter of Cana (2020) 71 copies
The Offering: A Novel (2013) 67 copies
The Note [2007 TV movie] (2007) — Author — 65 copies
Invitation: Cycle One of the Harbingers Series (2015) — Author — 60 copies
Gift for Grandpa (1716) 59 copies
Shepherd's Wife (2020) 53 copies
Pretzels By the Dozen (2002) 52 copies
Gentle Touch (1997) 44 copies
The Assault: Cycle Two of the Harbingers Series (2017) — Author — 40 copies
The Riddle of Baby Rosalind (1993) 37 copies
Calico Bear (1991) 37 copies
No More Broken Promises (1991) 35 copies
A Forever Friend (1991) 35 copies
A Woman of Words (2021) 33 copies
A Basket of Roses (1991) 30 copies
Kimberly and the Captives (1996) 29 copies
The Deadly Chase (1996) 27 copies
A Story of Three Trees (2004) 24 copies
Probing: Cycle Three of the Harbingers Series (2017) — Author — 22 copies
A Dream to Cherish (1992) 21 copies
The Woman from Lydia (2023) 19 copies
The Much-Adored Sandy Shore (1992) 19 copies
If I Had Long, Long Hair (1988) 19 copies
Star Light, Star Bright (1993) 18 copies
Love Burning Bright (1992) 17 copies
The Glory of Love (1993) 17 copies
Loving Someone Else's Child (1992) 14 copies
Adoption Option (1989) 8 copies
Where Dragons Dance (1996) 4 copies
What a Wave Must Be (2023) 3 copies
The Singing Shepherd (2020) 3 copies
Snapping Shelter Dogs (2012) 3 copies
Hybrids (Harbingers #11) (2017) 2 copies
Too Many Tutus (2018) 2 copies
Bathtime for Brandon (2013) 2 copies
Meddelandet 1 copy

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Based on the major motion picture, The Nativity Story is the very human, very dramatic, and uniquely inspiring saga of a journey of faith. Best-selling author Angie Hunt, who most recently wrote Magdalene, a historical fiction novel of the story of Mary Magdalene that was tied to The Da Vinci Code movie, now focuses on Mary, the mother of Jesus. She has adapted the screenplay for The Nativity Story into a powerful, historical novel. Her moving novelization of this film tells the extraordinary tale of two common people, Mary and Joseph, a miraculous pregnancy, an arduous journey, and the history-defining birth of Jesus. Brought to life with an unprecedented attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy, Hunt tells how from humble beginnings, great things can come.… (more)
StFrancisofAssisi | 1 other review | Nov 13, 2023 |
What a Wave Must Be, by Angela Hunt is such a powerful Christian contemporary fiction story. This is at times a hard story to read. It gives the point of view of the mother and daughter of a suicide victim. Maddie’s mother is working a time consuming case and feels she can not be there of Maddie. She has Maddie’s grandparents take her back to Florida with them. She does not move in with them, but rather lives in another structure on their property.

The author has done a fantastic job of writing such a touching story on such a tough topic. Even though it’s hard to read about suicide, the author blends in other aspects of normal life to make it an enjoyable story. I especially appreciate the story also points out that Jesus is always there. Life may not be easy and we may be alone, but Jesus is always there. This story is helpful as it points out the different stages of grief and the long road to healing that takes place. While this story is of a teen age girl, I really would not recommend it for that age group, unless a responsible adult reads it with them.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this story, this is my honest review.
… (more)
eccl | Nov 11, 2023 |
I love biblical fiction and I'm a fan of Angela Hunt, so I was especially anxious to read this book. The Woman from Lydia features the apostle Paul, his traveling companion Silas, and Euodia, who is mentioned in Acts 16 as Lydia, a seller of purple cloth. Much of the story is told from Euodia's point of view as she valiantly tries to free a girl from slavery after the apostle Paul casts a demon from her. Euodia's determined efforts to free Sabina from a retired Roman soldier's possession are equally matched by his intentions to use Sabina's gift of divination for his own personal gain! Will Euodia succeed in thwarting Hector's intentions?

Hunt possesses a wonderful talent for weaving facts with fiction and this book is a perfect example. I enjoyed the relationship that evolves between Euodia and her new husband Ariston, along with those that she shares with Phebe and Syntyche. I gained a new perspective on Paul's missionary journeys, and relished the explanation of slavery versus freedom, in both physical and spiritual terms. I know that an author of Biblical fiction has succeeded when I find myself reading my Bible to verify a fact, or searching a Bible commentary to learn more about a scene. I did both of these while reading this book!

This is a story that will inspire Christian readers and challenge non-believers, and I'm thrilled to have it as my church Bible group begins its study of The Book of Acts. I highly recommend The Woman from Lydia and I look forward to the next book in The Emissaries series!

I was provided an ARC courtesy of Bethany House through Interviews & Reviews and a complimentary copy from Bethany House. These are my own thoughts.
… (more)
fcplcataloger | 8 other reviews | Oct 30, 2023 |
The Christmas devotional, Star of Wonder, by Angela Hunt is a wonderful way to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. Unlike many devotionals today, Star of Wonder takes you deep into the culture and history behind Scripture to help you understand the full Christmas story. I especially loved learning more about the Jewish culture and traditions working in the background. They help paint a rich landscape for a story I’ve known by heart most of my life. And yet my familiarity with the Christmas story didn’t make this devotional redundant. There is something meaningful in each entry no matter how many times you’ve read through the prophecy and history of Jesus’ birth and early life.
I would highly recommend Star of Wonder to any Christian wanting to prepare their hearts for Christmas without worldly influence. This would also make an excellent gift for anyone seeking to know Jesus more.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions are my own.
… (more)
BlessednBookish | 1 other review | Oct 17, 2023 |



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