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Works by Laylah Hunter

Gabriel's City (2014) 19 copies
All Wrapped Up (Anthology 4-in-1) (2012) 12 copies, 2 reviews
The Raven's Luck 9 copies, 4 reviews
Safe Harbor (2012) 8 copies, 2 reviews
Resurrection Man (Bump in the Night) (2014) 8 copies, 1 review
Wolf's Honor 5 copies, 2 reviews
Cultural Hospitality (2013) 4 copies, 1 review
A Fighting Chance (2013) 3 copies
Ground Mission (2013) 3 copies, 1 review

Associated Works

Snow on the Roof (2013) — Contributor, some editions — 23 copies, 2 reviews
Bump in the Night (2013) 11 copies, 2 reviews


Common Knowledge



Read as part of [b:All Wrapped Up|15719098|All Wrapped Up|Elizabeth Hyder||21390939] anthology (review there).
Marlobo | Dec 24, 2022 |
3.5 stars rounded up because of the stories by Hunter and Harcourt

Ground Mission by Laylah Hunter - 4 stars
Futuristic. In general, I enjoyed it very much and I liked two aspects particularly: The setting and that fierce mutual loyalty between Adrian and Simon.
Between that I got so intrigued by this quote: ┬źnone of them really like to be reminded of the ways they've lost their past┬╗ and what I highlighted in the preceding sentence, I would be happy if there were more stories about this couple, or stories in this setting.

Wildwood by Thea Hayworth - 3 stars
A fantasy that gave me an alternative Dark Ages sense.
I had some issues with this story because of the slow pace during the first part and difficulties to visualize Irsing accurately. Besides, it was the only one from this bunch of stories in which I couldn't involve myself regarding the tentacles, that was more woody than boneless and flexible and that gives a bit of shudder to me.
Anyhow it's very worthy to read, what most caught my attention was how clearly Irsing's explicit speech as much its sub-text are both valid and converge to explain his behavior.
While Koster's quiet stubbornness is touching and the weight of Irsing's quasi-immortality saddens, the ending is moving to tears.

Dark Covenant by Gryvon - 2.5 stars
Fantasy. It's the darkest story. The background combines elements that seem inspired in several sources like Harry Potter, Scotland and Wales during the Industrial Revolution and Middle Ages.
This tale didn't work quite well for me due to a :
* Impossibility to envision Erasmus, his corporeality is occasional and blurred.
* Lack of explanation about some plot topics, specially concerning what type of relationship is the one that joins Eramus and Eli and why this o that fact; It's not clear either which is, or will be, Wesley's role, since it appears to be an undeclared attraction toward Eli. A story has no need to be exhaustive, giving answers to everything, but in this case, the ones that it gives are insufficient.
* Villains exaggerated to the caricature, and I'm not talking about an intentional caricaturization.
So, even if this let itself be to read, this story was almost unsatisfactory for me.

Situation Normal by Morgan Harcourt - 4.5 stars
Futuristic. A sarcastic, a bit cranky, and submissive spaceman meets the hottest lizardman of his dreams.
My favorite, wonderfully funny. Excellent pace, witty narrative and banter, sizzling sex with D/s play. I adored the playful tone that crosses along the story, even in the intense moments, without loss of efficacy.
The only reason why I don't give it 5 stars and entry to my Short Stories Paradise is because there aren't enough explanation about what happens during Red's sleep, when (and how, and why) Ten leaves the "boat" and Steal-the-Stars does his appearing in it. And this isn't a story that can tolerate such an omission without detriment.
Certainly Ms. Harcourt has made her way on my Authors-to-Watch List
… (more)
Marlobo | 1 other review | Dec 24, 2022 |
No character development and in the end it was all about the pheromones. I wanted more actual interaction between the characters with developing feelings and proof that there's more to a mating than scent. I skimmed the last bit.
fuzzipueo | 1 other review | Apr 24, 2022 |
Josef's lover, Adel, has died, but he is not ready to be parted with him forever. He takes many risks to practice dark and forbidden magic to bring him back. But can the magic bring Adel back exactly as he was? Or does death do something to a person that can never be undone? And to what lengths is Josef willing to go for the idea of keeping Adel by his side?

A bit on the darker side of fantasy, this is an interesting story that manages a unique voice, even though it contains motifs that are not unknown to horror readers. In a few short pages, Laylah Hunter brings these two characters to life (that was intentional) and I found myself easily pulled into the story. It's not graphic (in any way, really), but it's not a bright and shiny romance, if that's what you're looking for. If you're looking for something dark and intense, this is a good bet.… (more)
crtsjffrsn | Aug 27, 2021 |

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