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Gregg Hurwitz grew up in the Bay Area. While completing a BA from Harvard ('95) and a master's from Trinity College, Oxford in Shakespearean tragedy ('96), he wrote his first novel. He was the undergraduate scholar-athlete of the year at Harvard for his pole-vaulting expertise. Hurwitz is the show more critically acclaimed, international bestselling author of The Tower, Minutes to Burn, Do No Harm, The Kill Clause, The Program, Troubleshooter, Last Shot, The Crime Writer, Trust No One, They're Watching, You're Next, and Tell No Lies. His books have been nominated for numerous awards, shortlisted for best novel of the year by International Thriller Writers, and nominated for CWA's Ian Fleming Steel Dagger. In addition to novels, he also writes comics for DC. He penned PENGUIN: Pain and Prejudice, and was recently tapped to write BATMAN: The Dark Knight. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Gregg Hurwitz

Orphan X (2016) 1,299 copies, 79 reviews
The Nowhere Man (2017) 661 copies, 46 reviews
Hellbent (2018) 555 copies, 34 reviews
You're Next (2010) 541 copies, 45 reviews
Out of the Dark (2019) 464 copies, 23 reviews
The Crime Writer (2007) 407 copies, 25 reviews
They're Watching (2010) 386 copies, 11 reviews
Into the Fire (2020) 381 copies, 22 reviews
Trust No One (2008) 354 copies, 24 reviews
The Kill Clause (2003) 340 copies, 9 reviews
Prodigal Son (2021) 325 copies, 18 reviews
Dark Horse (2022) 291 copies, 17 reviews
The Survivor (2012) 289 copies, 24 reviews
The Program (2004) 263 copies, 4 reviews
The Rains (2016) 223 copies, 9 reviews
Tell No Lies (2013) 202 copies, 7 reviews
The Last Orphan (2023) 189 copies, 7 reviews
Do No Harm (2002) 175 copies, 2 reviews
Don't Look Back (2014) 159 copies, 13 reviews
Troubleshooter (2005) 158 copies, 1 review
The Tower (1999) 151 copies, 1 review
Last Shot (2006) 125 copies, 3 reviews
Buy a Bullet (2016) 117 copies, 8 reviews
Last Chance (2017) 116 copies, 3 reviews
Minutes to Burn (2001) 110 copies, 1 review
Lone Wolf (2024) 110 copies, 4 reviews
Batman: The Dark Knight, Volume 3: Mad (2014) 69 copies, 5 reviews
The Intern (2018) 68 copies, 2 reviews
The List (2020) 51 copies, 4 reviews
Penguin: Pain and Prejudice (2012) 47 copies, 2 reviews
Wolverine: Dangerous Games (2008) 33 copies, 1 review
The Book of Henry [2017 film] (2014) — Writer — 17 copies
Wolverine: Flies to a Spider (2009) 15 copies, 1 review
Dirty Weather (2017) 14 copies
Punisher Max Volume 6 (2011) 11 copies
Foolkiller: Fool's Paradise (2008) 10 copies, 1 review
Knighted (1) (2022) 6 copies, 1 review
Foolkiller: White Angels (2009) 5 copies
Ton tour viendra (2001) 3 copies
New Think: Volume 1 (2022) 3 copies
Orb X (2016) 1 copy

Associated Works

Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night (2006) — Contributor — 764 copies, 13 reviews
First Thrills (2010) — Contributor — 256 copies, 9 reviews
Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer (2010) — Contributor — 132 copies, 26 reviews
For the Sake of the Game: Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon (2018) — Contributor — 89 copies, 6 reviews
First Thrills: Volume 3 (2011) — Contributor — 10 copies
Adrenaline Rush: 7 High-Octane Thrillers (2014) — Contributor — 7 copies
De Beste Verhalen van 2017 — Contributor — 1 copy, 1 review


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Every single one of these stories is entirely incomplete. They all start out at the end of an obviously much longer plot line where Wolverine has been investigating a criminal of some sort. All the reader gets is the last five seconds of story where he tears them to pieces and a brief explanation of why. I know Wolverine as a character is mostly about his fighting prowess, but that doesn't mean you can forgo all semblance of plot.

The artwork ranges from fairly decent to absolutely horrendous. In some of the panels Logan isn't even recognizable.

If you already have it it's a quick read with a lot of action, if you don't I wouldn't recommend paying money for it.
… (more)
capincus | Jul 13, 2024 |
Book source ~ Purchased at Audible

Evan Smoak is Orphan X. Or was. He left the program, but the program doesn’t want him gone. They want him eliminated. So far, they aren’t having any luck. Evan manages to stay a step ahead and come out on top.

His alter ego, The Nowhere Man, helps people who need his kind of expertise. For this book, it’s Max Merriweather. A fairly simple job, as jobs go, Evan takes care of the problem. Except he hasn’t. And Max is still in danger. The more Evan digs the worse it gets until he has to call in some friends to give him a hand.

I absolutely love these books. Like a speeding bullet, the action starts at the beginning and doesn’t let up until the end. Evan is my boyfriend now. That’s just the way it is. I don’t make the rules.

This story is an adrenaline laced rush of danger, mystery, and humor. I know when I pick up an Orphan X story I’m going for a wild nail-biting ride. One where the pages don’t turn fast enough. Good thing I’m listening to the audiobooks because I can always crank up the speed while listening. As long as Scott Brick doesn’t sound like a chipmunk I can go pretty fast. Speaking of Scott Brick, he is Orphan X. What an awesome performance!
… (more)
AVoraciousReader | 21 other reviews | Jun 28, 2024 |
I read the first book in the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz and I was immediately hooked — ready to consume the entire series. I devoured book 1.5, Buy a Bullet, which I borrowed an an ebook from my local library with the Hoopla app.

Evan Smoak, aka the Nowhere Man, was a government operative known as Orphan X. Buy a Bullet tells the story of how Evan began his transformation and his first job as the Nowhere Man. While minding his own business in a coffee shop, Evan notices a woman who is clearly under the control of the man she is with. He senses the danger this woman is in and decides to put his skills to work to save her.

I rarely enjoy short stories, but this one was perfect! At only 16 pages on my iPad, Hurwitz tells a suspenseful story succinctly and completely. I was not left wanting more of the story as there didn’t need to be more. I enjoyed learning how the Nowhere Man started his work. I’m ready for book two!

I have photos and additional information that I'm unable to include here. It can all be found on my blog, in the link below.
A Book And A Dog
… (more)
NatalieRiley | 7 other reviews | Jun 18, 2024 |
President Bennett has a vendetta against Orphan X that seems to be attached to Evan's first mission in 1997. As Bennett seeks to kill him and all other rogue orphans, Evan hatches a plan to assassinate the president. But, the president has Naomi Templeton, daughter of former Secret Service agent, to lead his protective team. And, he enlists the help of Orphan A who has his own angst with X and a team of thugs.

One of the rules of engagement is "one mission at a time," so when Evan also receives a call for Nowhere Man help--an autistic man's whole family is killed when he innocently alerts authorities to a drug shipment. And, Mia receives threatening phone calls from a former conviction. Evan is distracted from his primary mission to remove President Bennett even when he tries to let Mia handle her own situation.

Evan reaches out to Joey for computer hacking support while keeping her hidden in Europe. And, Candy realizes that her life is in danger as long as Bennett is alive, she sets aside her hostilities to help Evan in their most daring assassination yet.

The president, secret service, a former orphan, two criminal gangs, and an abuser put Evan in significant danger as he tries to survive multiple missions at once.

… (more)
4leschats | 22 other reviews | Jun 13, 2024 |



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