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Works by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday's Not Coming (2018) 949 copies
Allegedly (2017) 868 copies
Grown (2020) 586 copies
White Smoke (2021) 427 copies
The Weight of Blood (2022) 376 copies
Let Me Hear a Rhyme (2019) 294 copies
Whiteout (2022) 136 copies
Santa in the City (2021) 80 copies
Smoke 1 copy
O Peso do Sangue (2023) 1 copy

Associated Works

Blackout (2021) — Contributor — 564 copies
Up All Night: 13 Stories between Sunset and Sunrise (2021) — Contributor — 65 copies


Common Knowledge



FILBO | Apr 23, 2024 |
This book was one of my favorites, to me, it felt like a cross between Imitation of Life and Carrie. The story revolves around a young girl named Maddy, who is biracial, but who has always been forced by her white father, to pass herself off as white. Maddy attends high school in a small town in Georgia, where even though she passes herself off as white, she is still the target of bullying and is no more than a social outcast amongst her peers. However, after a viral video expose the school's racist background, students decide to host an integrated prom in order to prove that they aren't racist at all. Like the story Carrie, the popular (white) class president convinces her (black) quarterback boyfriend to ask Maddy to the dance. During this time, a rainstorm reveals the fact that Maddy is in fact bi-racial, and during the dance, when the students decide to play the ultimate bullying prank on Maddy, Maddy discovers that she's got powers of her own to help her fight against here bullies.

Again, this was a great story that reminded me so much of Imitation of Life; with Maddy passing herself as white, and Carrie, with the theme of bullying, social outcasts, and powers of destruction that ultimately leave the bullies in shock. This story also holds important messaging about being biracial and trying to fit in, and about bullying in general. I think the themes of race and bullying are so important to discuss in school because even though we are pride ourselves on being a "diverse and multicultural" society, there is still so much hate and racism in the world, and because of social media it seems as though bullying is getting worse instead of better.
… (more)
RaeDCordova | 21 other reviews | Apr 17, 2024 |
Gr 8 Up—Mari has moved with her family to the Midwest for a fresh start from her past substance abuse.
Immediately, she finds the neighbors and the house unsettling. As Mari discovers more about the house's history,
she begins to believe that it is haunted. Combining the eerie racial overtones of Get Out with elements of classic
ghost stories, Jackson's novel will leave readers thinking long after the last page is turned.
BackstoryBooks | 17 other reviews | Apr 1, 2024 |
Gr 9 Up—Maddy Washington has been passing for white in her small town until a rainstorm reveals the truth,
leading to a national spotlight on the racism that dominates her high school. When pushed to her limit and when
racial tensions reach a boiling point, the teen uses supernatural abilities to exact justice on those who have done her
wrong in this suspenseful novel.
BackstoryBooks | 21 other reviews | Apr 1, 2024 |



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