John Johnston (disambiguation)

"John Johnston" is composed of at least 10 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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John Johnston (9)

Works have been aliased into Jack Johnston.

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Common Knowledge

Disambiguation notice
#1 Johnston, John Harvey, 1947- author of The allure of machinic life (LC 97072157)

#2 Johnston, John, 1806-1879, author of Manual of natural philosophy (LC 92021734)

#3 Johnston, John, 1922-2006, author of The Lord Chamberlain's blue pencil (LC 91011100)

#4 Johnston, John, Brother, author of Pastoral letter.

#5 Johnston, John, 1967- editor of Arts of Asia magazine (LC 2007068941)
#6 Johnston, John, 1968- 5,000 years of Chinese jade
#7 Johnston, John, 1775-1861, author of Recollections of 60 years on the Ohio frontier (LC 91105525)