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J. V. Jones was born in Liverpool in 1963. When she was twenty she began working in the music industry. She later moved to San Diego, California. She currently lives in Rancho La Costa, California. She is the author of both the Book of Words series and the Sword of Shadows series. (Bowker Author show more Biography) show less

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Summary: The continuing story of the rise of the 'dark/end lords' and the preparations being made for the 'final battle'. The story continues not much has substantially changed by the end of the book. It's starting to get a bit boring.

Things I liked:

Some of the characters are still pretty interesting e.g. Riana, Vallo (dog lord).

The author seems remembers to add details about hunting and survival that I think adds to the atmosphere of the setting.

Kid characters have a distinct voice.

Things I thought could be improved:

The author could use less modern metaphors e.g. 'the seeds exploded like shots' (shots of what a modern firearm I guess). It also seemed to me that the battle strategies of the 'clan chiefs' seemed to resemble modern warfare in both language and style. I think it should be the job of a good editor to spot these gaffs and suggest fixing them. They totally break the 'suspension of disbelief' that allows me to enjoy the fantasy setting.

Some of the scenes felt a bit like a script for a movie. I'd suggest less focus on schlick, movie stunt scenes and more work on believable, fail-able characters which is what gets me reading these books in the first place.

Highlight: Probably the bit with Raif and the moon snakes. It was a cool build up with the heart-empathy and the final battle. Also it put enough work in for me to believe his transition the 'the watcher'
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benkaboo | 2 other reviews | Aug 18, 2022 |
I really love some of the characters. Sometimes it reads a bit more like a graphic novel than classical literature, but if you buy into that it can be very cool. I'm looking forward to finishing off this series but a bit bummed that it hasn't been finished yet. The book is definitely not self contained with cliff hangers all over the place.
benkaboo | 6 other reviews | Aug 18, 2022 |
I thought J.V. Jones really improved the writing style around character POVs in this book. Several new characters were introduced (Crope I liked especially) who had a different way of viewing the world. I thought these perspectives really provided a freshness to the book and made me excited/sad everytime I left/entered a new characters POV.
benkaboo | 5 other reviews | Aug 18, 2022 |
Cold as stone, sharp as chipped edges. A life filled with ice and the struggle to survive in a world readying for the darkest of nights. What a series.

I have few words to describe how easily these books drew me in, wrapped me in fur warmth and then left me reeling in the blizzard of hope and hopelessness. In the past week I devoured four books in this series like a man left in a storm starving and cannot wait to read more.
HotPinkMess | 10 other reviews | Jul 31, 2022 |



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