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Common Knowledge



This is an absolutely charming middle-grade novel about Sophie Brown, a 12-year-old girl who is uprooted from her urban life in Los Angeles and must find her way in rural California as her parents take over the farm bequeathed to them by Sophie's Great-Uncle Jim. Challenges abound: Sophie is mixed-race, and has learned to handle people who are suspicious of her because of her skin colour, or who assume she can't speak English; she is totally out of her element and has to learn how to live a whole new way in an unfamiliar community; her parents are struggling financially and can't offer her a ton of support. The novel is told in letters, which Sophie writes to her late Abuela, Great-Uncle Jim, and Agnes, the proprietor of a farm supply company that specializes in "unusual chickens." Sophie thinks the farm is boring without animals and she would like to learn about keeping chickens, but then she discovers that the farm already has a chicken, one with unusual powers (she can levitate, and can open any lock with the power of her mind). Soon, other chickens begin to appear. And, Sophie learns, these unusual chickens are coveted by a local poultry farmer who is using unethical means to acquire Great-Uncle Jim's chickens. Agnes cautions Sophie not to give any of the chickens away, so she has to figure out a way to safeguard her flock. Sophie is a resilient, smart, resourceful kid, but she is also shy, and uncomfortable meeting and talking to new people. As the story unfolds, all of those qualities are revealed, and may be useful for Sophie in resolving her tricky situation. Totally great story, which I intend to give to my friend who keeps chickens! I've already reserved the sequel at the library.… (more)
karenchase | 16 other reviews | Jun 14, 2023 |
The only bad thing about this delightful story is that it is over. And there aren't any more. Yet. Sophie Brown continues her journey as an Unusual Poultry Farmer (that is, a farmer of unusual poultry, not an unusual farmer--though I suppose a 13-year-old girl isn't your usual farmer either). She seems to have a handle on her small but boisterous flock, when her summer comes to an end and she finds herself plunged into the fraught world of middle school, and she receives a delivery of eggs which she must nurture until hatching. Her family is also joined by her cousin Lupe, who is living with them while she goes to college nearby. Lupe becomes an enthusiastic member of Sophie's chicken crew, and figures out how to use Redwood, the dilapidated farm Sophie inherited, to best advantage. Anxiety ensues when one of the new chicks proves to be unusual indeed, and maybe even dangerous, and Sophie frets that the Unusual Chicken Inspector will remove it from her care. But of course, this is a heartwarming middle-grades story, so things always work out as they should. I really hope Kelly Jones writes more of these books. I believe she lives in my town, so if I don't see another installment soon, I may have to find out where she lives and do a little stalking. Just kidding. Maybe.… (more)
karenchase | 3 other reviews | Jun 14, 2023 |
An incredibly fun regency (surprisingly non-romance) book about a girl who's dad dies & she discovers he was a spy! She tries to follow in his footsteps, while navigating British society, learning MAGIC, and not ending up destitute
MandyPS | 11 other reviews | May 13, 2023 |
So fantastic! I love historical fiction, the passion, knowledge and research from the author is clear in the book. Each chapter was headed by some relevant quote that I really enjoyed. I loved the main character, Annis, and Millie, they work so well as team; Annis is not perfect, her flaws make her relatable and real, also solidifing her need and partnership with Millie. The aunt, Cassia was an awesome characters too, so knowledge and sweet. The magic was well woven into the story and time period, Annis' magic was entertaining to read about; it reminded me of Barbie Repunzel, how she could paint and create dresses. The whole spy aspect kept me on my toes, I was suspicious of every character, wondering how Annis could find justice and purpose before anything too horrible happened. Overall, I had a great time reading this book, the pace was quick, characters memorable, danger fretful and dresses wonderful (well some of them lol).… (more)
HeartofGold900 | 11 other reviews | Dec 3, 2022 |



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