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William Joyce (1) (1957–)

Author of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

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Author and illustrator, William Joyce was born December 11, 1957. He attended Southern Methodist University. He has written and illustrated many award-winning picture books. His first published title was Tammy and the Gigantic Fish. His other titles include George Shrinks, Dinosaur Bob, Santa show more Calls, The Leaf Men, A Day with Wilbur Robinson, Bently and Egg, and Rolie Polie Olie. In addition to writing and illustrating, he also works on movies based on his books. Among other awards, he has received a Golden Kite Award Honor Book for Illustration and a Society of Illustrators Gold Medal. In addition, he received two Annie awards for his Rolie Polie Olie series on the Disney Channel. He also won an Academy Award in 2012 for the category of Best Animated Short Film for for his work: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. He made The New York Times Best Seller List with his title The Numberlys. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by William Joyce

George Shrinks (1800) 1,355 copies
A Day with Wilbur Robinson (1990) — Author — 524 copies
The Man in the Moon (2011) 484 copies
Bently & Egg (1992) 473 copies
Santa Calls (1993) 454 copies
Snowie Rolie (2000) 357 copies
Rolie Polie Olie (1999) 350 copies
The Leaf Men (1996) 349 copies
Epic [2013 film] (2013) — Screenwriter — 284 copies
The Numberlys (2014) 245 copies
Sleepy Time Olie (2001) 210 copies
Ollie's Odyssey (2013) 170 copies
The Mischievians (2013) 126 copies
Billy's Booger (2015) 95 copies
Jack Frost (2015) 87 copies
Big Time Olie (2002) 58 copies
The Art of Robots (2004) 56 copies
Buddy (1997) 55 copies
The Guardians (2012) 45 copies
A Little Spot of Color (1723) 42 copies
Be My Pal! (2000) 38 copies
Buddy [1997 film] (1997) — Screenwriter — 36 copies
The Guardians Collection (2018) 24 copies
Polka Dot! Polka Dot! (2000) 18 copies
Life with Bob (1998) 16 copies
How Many Howdys? (2000) 13 copies
Rolie Polie Shapes (2002) 12 copies
Spot (2001) 12 copies
Stick or Treat! (2001) 11 copies
Baseball Bob (1880) 10 copies
Billy (2001) 8 copies
Rocket Up, Rolie! (2002) 8 copies
Zowie (2001) 7 copies
Peekaboo, You! (2002) 5 copies
Zowie's 123 (2002) 2 copies
The Cask of Amontillado [2014 short film] — Director; Screenwriter — 1 copy
Silent [2014 short film] — Screenwriter — 1 copy
Stick with Olie! (2001) 1 copy

Associated Works

Shoes (1986) — Illustrator — 565 copies
Robots [2005 film] (2005) — Producer — 507 copies
Rise of the Guardians [2012 film] (2012) — Orginal story — 395 copies
Meet the Robinsons [2007 animated film] (2007) — Original story — 365 copies
Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies (2000) — Contributor — 332 copies
The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011 (2011) — Cover artist — 234 copies
Tikvah: Children's Book Creators Reflect on Human Rights (2001) — Contributor — 61 copies
The Scarecrow [2013 short film] — Producer — 1 copy


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Common Knowledge



When the Man in the Moon brought together the Guardians, he warned them that they would face some terrible evils as they strove to protect the children of earth. But nothing could have prepared them for this: Pitch has disappeared and taken Katherine with him. And now the Guardians are not only down one member, but a young girl is missing.

Fortunately, MiM knows just the man to join the team. Sanderson ManSnoozie--known in most circles as the Sandman--may be sleepy, but he's also stalwart and clever and has a precocious ability to utilize sand in myriad ways. If the other Guardians can just convince Sandy that good can triumph evil, that good dreams can banish nightmares, they'll have themselves quite a squad. But if they can't...they might never see Katherine again.… (more)
PlumfieldCH | 3 other reviews | Sep 21, 2023 |
An old woman is ill and her garden is in peril. The doodlebugs want to help her. It has been said that on a moonlit night, one can climb to the highest branch of the highest tree and call to the Leaf Men for help. After all, the garden is a place of miracles where anything can happen.

The brave good bugs march off to save the garden. First, they must fight the evil Spider Queen before summoning the Leaf Men to save the day... But what about the mystery of the Long-Lost Toy? Here is ancient elfin magic, epic adventure, and a bugle salute to the power of memory, loyalty and love as resounding as Robin Hood's call to his Merry Men!… (more)
PlumfieldCH | 12 other reviews | Sep 21, 2023 |
In the first book of a multibook series, find out how a round, jolly baby became the great white hope of the Milky Way--and ringleader of the Guardians of Childhood.

Up there in the sky.
Don't you see him?
No, not the moon.
The Man in the Moon.
He wasn't always a man.
Nor was he always on the moon.
He was once a child.
Like you.
Until a battle,
a shooting star,
and a lost balloon
sent him on a quest.
Meet the very first guardian of childhood.
MiM, the Man in the Moon.… (more)
PlumfieldCH | 33 other reviews | Sep 21, 2023 |
When last we heard, the Guardians were resting easy with the knowledge that the children of Santoff Clausen were finally safe from Pitch's dastardly plans.

But is it all a ruse, a scheme, a lull the evil Nightmare King has deviously concocted?

Whatever Pitch's plans, what he doesn't know is that there's a new Guardian in town, and she's not the type to forget old grudges. Actually, she's not the type to forget anything--because this Guardian is none other than Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy herself. She's fierce and fast and crossing her will lead to a multitude of troubles. And, it turns out that, well, all those teeth she has been collecting? They contain memories. The forgotten memories of childhood... including the memories of how to fly. Young Katherine is hopeful that these memories might help her to remember her parents. The Guardians hope they'll offer even further protection from Pitch.

You can see how this information would be invaluable to our heroes. But it could also be invaluable to Pitch...
… (more)
PlumfieldCH | 10 other reviews | Sep 21, 2023 |



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