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Julie Kagawa was born in Sacramento, California on October 12, 1982. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked in bookstores and as a dog trainer. Her books include The Iron Fey series, The Iron Legends, The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten series, and The Talon Saga. (Bowker Author Biography)

Includes the names: Julia Kagawa, Julie Kagawa (Author)


Works by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King (2010) 4,236 copies
The Iron Daughter (2010) 2,263 copies
The Iron Queen (2011) 2,000 copies
The Immortal Rules (2012) 1,639 copies
The Iron Knight (2011) 1,572 copies
Talon (2014) 1,033 copies
Shadow of the Fox (2018) 947 copies
The Lost Prince (2012) 859 copies
The Eternity Cure (2013) 804 copies
The Iron Traitor (2013) 609 copies
Winter's Passage (2010) 576 copies
Summer's Crossing (2011) 469 copies
The Forever Song (2014) 458 copies
Rogue (2015) 447 copies
The Iron Warrior (2015) 357 copies
Soldier (2016) 304 copies
Soul of the Sword (2019) 298 copies
The Iron Raven (2021) 265 copies
Legion (2017) 249 copies
Night of the Dragon (2020) 225 copies
Iron's Prophecy (2012) 218 copies
Inferno (2018) 170 copies
'Til The World Ends (2013) 109 copies
The Iron Sword (2022) 106 copies
An Iron Fey Valentine (2012) 85 copies
The Iron Vow (2023) 61 copies
The First Kiss (2013) 50 copies
Dawn of Eden (2013) 26 copies
Shadow's Legacy (2021) 22 copies
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #1 (2013) — Author — 10 copies
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #0 (2013) — Author — 8 copies
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #2 (2013) — Author — 3 copies
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #4 (2014) — Author — 3 copies
Julie Kagawa: The Iron King #3 (2014) — Author — 2 copies
L'héritier oublié (2013) 1 copy
Cień Kitsune (2023) 1 copy

Associated Works

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings (2018) — Contributor — 522 copies
Grim (2014) — Contributor — 239 copies
When the Hero Comes Home (2011) — Contributor — 19 copies
Two Tales Dark and Grim: The Key / The Brothers Piggett (2014) — Contributor — 13 copies


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I probably should have thought this one through more. I started on the Iron Fey series by this same author and while the first book was ok, I just couldn't get into any of the other ones, so they sit upon my shelves collecting dust.
I struggled to get past the first part of this book, and it took me over a week to get up to page 207. The story is a good one and the writing is superb, apparently I just can't read books about the Fey, as they don't interest me. I guess my main problem was that even though the writing was amazing, I just really felt no connection to any of the characters. I couldn't put myself in their lives and see me doing any of the things they did. Ethan was a strong male lead and Kenzie makes the perfect female character, afraid but strong willed and doesn't really show that she can't handle what is going on. The Fey in the book, was mostly what I had previously read about in other books, goblins, gremlins, and the like; though there was the introduction of the new smokey/shadowy fey.
I feel that I may be burnt out on Fey books for now and will try to come back to this and the Iron Fey series at a later date.
… (more)
chaoticmel | 81 other reviews | May 18, 2024 |
A half-kitsune (fox) girl and a ninja with a demon-infused sword that wants to possess him, working together to find a magical scroll so a dragon can grant a wish??? This sounds amazing, right?

Unfortunately, I didn’t mesh with the storytelling. It was so DRY, man. At times, it felt info-dumpy or just bland. I don’t think this is any fault on the author, but this bare-bones-telling style is not for me. I didn’t connect with the characters emotionally. I was even skipping paragraphs because my interest kept waning. I also don’t see why this needed a dual pov. Yumeko’s pov was never all that interesting; it could’ve been relegated to a prologue. At least, Tatsumi’s struggle with darkness and his ruthless upbringing was better.

But I think the story took a turn in the right direction when Okame appeared. “Rough characters who are secretly decent deep down” are always endearing to me. This dude brought a little style to this blandness, but he did get annoying with his constant “filthy ronin dog” drivel. Like, sir shut up.

This started terribly slow and unseasoned to me but ended fine. While it is tempting to see how Yumeko and Tatsumi’s slow burn connection ends or Okame’s tragic backstory, I don’t know if I’ll continue with this series. My reading experience was too lackluster.
… (more)
DestDest | 36 other reviews | Apr 11, 2024 |
Gr 3–7—At a market, Shinji is thrust into the adventure of his life when he finds a figurine of a Coatl, a feathered
serpent creature from Mesoamerican Lore, and strives to return the figurine to Mexico before its curse takes effect.
This Indiana Jones meets Percy Jackson adventure touches on respecting and preserving cultures instead of taking
from them.
BackstoryBooks | 5 other reviews | Apr 1, 2024 |
I had a huge problem with the romance in this book. It went the (unfortunate) Twilight route with the 'dying unless I'm with him' route, plus added the 'my best guy friend is also in love with me but..." avenue as well. BLECH!
I wouldn't have minded so much, but also wouldn't have even started the series, if the first book had even hinted at this. And I'm really sorry, Julie Kagawa is a good writer and this world that she's created really could do and deserves better.
I'll sample the next book, but for now, this series is off my automatic buy list.… (more)
jazzbird61 | 184 other reviews | Feb 29, 2024 |



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