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Reinhard Kaiser

Author of Paper Kisses: A True Love Story

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The Bell Jar (1963) — Translator, some editions — 28,443 copies, 505 reviews
Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (1985) — Translator, some editions — 5,525 copies, 77 reviews
Breathing Lessons (1988) — Translator, some editions — 4,275 copies, 73 reviews
The Silver Pigs (1989) — Translator, some editions — 2,414 copies, 81 reviews
Simplicissimus (1668) — Translator, some editions — 1,217 copies, 17 reviews
The Fall of Public Man (1976) — Übersetzer, some editions — 526 copies, 4 reviews
The Italian Renaissance: Culture and Society in Italy (1986) — Translator, some editions — 329 copies, 6 reviews
The Empress of Weehawken: A Novel (2005) — Translator, some editions — 304 copies, 15 reviews
Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz: A Novel (1993) — Translator, some editions — 37 copies
Die Wunder des Nordens (1555) — Editor — 18 copies
The Job (2000) — Übersetzer, some editions — 17 copies
De intieme bekentenissen van Oliver Weinstock : ware en verzonnen verhalen (1992) — Translator, some editions — 7 copies


Common Knowledge



A sad, short gem of a real-life WWII love story.

In 1991 Reinhard Kaiser wins a carton filled with documents at a Frankfurt stamp auction. He finds letters written in 1935 and on, from Rudolph Kaufmann, a young Jewish geologist to Ingeborg Magnusson, a Swedish woman he met in Bologna, while she was vacationing and he was working. He was there because he had been fired from his post at Greifswald University because of the changing political situation due to the Nazi's evil power spreading through much of Europe. Rudy is smitten with Inge and writes to her for the next few years about his job searches, his return to Germany, his "trilobites," and his love for her. Despite travel and money difficulties they manage a few romantic interludes before life takes a turn for the worse.

After reading Rudy's letters, Kaiser considers writing a novel based on these letters, but after researching, finding and interviewing Kaufmann and Magnusson family and friends, he decides to publish the letters as is. Kaufmann's letters are clear and beautiful and stand on their own. Reinhard Kaiser's explanations, research and follow-up allow us to understand the letters in context and complete the story of Rudy and Inge. It is an exquisite time-capsule of war-time love.

How many thousands of love stories are out there that we will never know about?
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Bookish59 | Jan 25, 2011 |


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