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Includes the names: Gary Khor E.A., Gary Khor Eng Aun

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Common Knowledge




What is tai chi?
Why exercise?
Moving meditation
The living philosophy
The yin yang theory
The organic universe
Table of movements-Commencement; Holding the ball to the right; grasping the bird's tail; Holding the ball to the left; Ward off; Pull back; Press forward; Extend arms to push; Single whip A, B, C; Play guitar; Shoulder stroke; White crane spreads wings; Brush knee; Play guitar; Slant flying; Cross deflection; Kick and thrust; Step and parry; Punch; Closing the door; Cross hands; Closing the set
Essential princiiples in practising tai chi
Taoist energy meditation
What is taoist energy meditation?
Table of exercises-The heavenly lift; The taoist archer; White crane spreads wings; The spinal twist; The rotary waist; Kidney and spinal bend; The spinal jolt; The angry fists
How to practice the eight golden treasures
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AikiBib | Aug 14, 2022 |
The ancient Chinese techniques in Living Chi will relax and revitalize you, both physically and mentally. Chi, the animating principle of the universe, comes to us from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. For thousands of years the Chinese have known that a free flow of chi through the body is esssential to physical and emotional wellbeing.

Living Chi shows how to harness and maximize chi to improve everything from your health to your personal relationships to your career. Living Chi teaches you how chi works, how to enrich your chi flow through breathing, massage, meditation, diet, and feng shui, and how to execise properly. A comprehensive traditional qigong exercise sequence, the Lotus, is featured-with step-by-step instructions and illustrations-that will relax and stretch the body for a complete but gentle workout that will increase energy and improve concentration.

Gary Khor is the founder and resident of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, the largest tai chi academy outside of China. In addition to studies at the University of New South Wales, he has trained in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia and holds a diploma from China's Wushu Federation and certificates from both the Beijing and Shanghai Institutes of Physical Education. Khor was a gold medal winner at the 1986 International Wushu-Tai Chi Championships in China and is a feng shui consultant and columnist for Women's Health magazine. He is also the author of several books on tai chi and qigong.


1 Relaxation
2 Chi
3 Chi breathing
4 Chi massage
5 Chi meditation
6 Chi diet
7 Environmental chi-feng shui
8 The lotus
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AikiBib | May 29, 2022 |
The Chinese understand stress as 'imbalance'. They know that when tension builds up, we need to relax. If we don't, the consequensces can be damaging to both our physical and mental health.

Tai Chi for Stress Control and Relaxation reveals the healing and health mantenance art of Tai Chi. Developed from ancient Chinese philosophies, Tai chi uses the principle of relaxation as a tool for good health.

With Tai Chi you will learn how to control everyday stresses and improve your physical and mental well-being. The exercises release stress and tension, re-establish the balance between mind and body and bring relaxation. Only when you are relaxed can your body function at its optimum level.

The book gives step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations to help you follow the Tai Chi Qigong movements easly. It provides a thorough background to the development and principles of Tai Chi and makes it simple to understand.

With Tai Chi for Stress Control and Relaxation you can clear your mind, relax an rejuvenate your body, increase your resistance to disease and gain new strength and vitality. Young or old, fit or not, Tai Chi's numerous benefits can be experienced by everyone.

Intrnationally trained senior Master Gary Khor E.A. is the Founder and President of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, the largest Tai Chi academy outside China.

He is the author of two previous books as well as numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and has also appeared on many television programmes. In addition, he has produced several instructive Tai chi videos.

An internationally recognised expert in Tai chi, Master Khor coached and led the gold-medal Australian team at the Second International Wushu Tournament in China. He is also an internationally recognised Tai Chi judge.


Chapter One Why tai chi?
Chapter Two The philosophy and principles of tai chi
Chapter Three
1 Basic movements
Preparatory position
Raising the arms
Opening the chest
Painting a rainbow
Separating the clouds
Rolling the arms in a horse-riding stance
Rowing a boat in the middle of a lake
Supporting a ball in front of the shoulders
Gazing at the moon
Turning the waist and pushing with the palm
Cloud hands in a horse-riding stance
Scooping the sea and looking at the horizon
Pushing the waves
The flying dove spreads its wings
Punching in a horse-riding tance
The flying wild goose
The rotating flywheel
Stepping and bouncing a ball
Balancing the chi to close
Standing Zen
Chapter Four Tai chi for specific parts of your body
Chapter Five Incorporating tai chi into your life
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AikiBib | May 29, 2022 |
This is a mild introduction to Chi, breathing, Tai Chi, diet, and Feng Shui. It's a survey book, but does make some simple and well-stated points along the way.
jpsnow | May 25, 2008 |


½ 3.3

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