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 I started this one for the different countries and the traveling, and I stayed for the question of who knew what, exactly. I honestly couldn't tell for the majority of this book what was going to be the end. I did have a suspicion, but I wasn't confident in it, just thinking that it was the most reasonable and likely ending based on what I had to work with.

Told in the point of view of both characters, it's interesting to see the way they each interpret different scenarios. It's extremely high stress at times, though. For me at least! Like the scene with the race I had to read it twice just to really understand it because I was so pumped with adrenaline the first time that I missed a lot and just got the gist of it in my haste to see what happened next!

I definitely think there's an element of all of this, the premise, that is somewhat hard to believe. There's a decent job of explaining how they get around rules and regulations and stuff, but in the end it is a little hard to believe that this could really happen. In fact, one of my favorite moments was when main character said how insane the story sounded and that even if someone had told a person what was going on, nobody would believe them because it sounded so far-fetched. That was a really funny and self-reflective moment to me.

The settings come into play a little bit with this, but they're on such a mad dash that a lot of the time we don't really see much of the area. It's more about the difficulty in the journey than it is about the details of the location. So if you're in this like I was to enjoy a jaunt around Europe, it's probably not exactly what you're expecting in that way.

Is amnesia ever not cheesy? I don't think so. But if you're up for a suspenseful chase through Europe, then this will take all of those boxes!

Thanks to NetGalley for a free advanced copy. This is my honest review! 
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Jenniferforjoy | 4 other reviews | Jan 29, 2024 |
This novel is billed as suspenseful, and I didn't get a suspenseful feeling at all. Yes, there were secrets and deception, and each member of the couple was being deceptive, but I didn't get a feeling of suspense.
Gina and Duncan are both artistic. Gina, a dancer, has been raised in wealth. Duncan is a musician, and his financial situation isn't as positive. Gina's father and Duncan's mother both caution their children to not get involved. However, Gina and Duncan are in love and decide to marry. Then, when Gina falls and hits her head, losing her memory, Duncan decides to create a story about their love. But, Gina is also creating a story.… (more)
rmarcin | 4 other reviews | Sep 1, 2022 |
So call me a cynic maybe but I smelled something off with dear Duncan in the first few pages. No man is that sweet and loving without a catch. There is a certain Fifty First Dates vibe with this story. Of course, this story has a more sinister vibe. Duncan and Gina come off as a couple madly in love. On an extended honeymoon, Duncan and Gina are traversing across Europe. While they are on their European getaway, Gina suffers a traumatic brain injury that she seems to recover from fairly well, except for some lingering memory loss that seems to have taken out many of the memories Gina had from the last year or so. Ever the dutiful husband, Duncan is there for her in any way he can be. Of course, no relationship is perfect and this one isn’t without its secrets. By the end, I was asking myself who was the crazier one in the relationship? They are in a stiff competition. This was a fun if somewhat disturbing read. The authors background in psychology definitely comes through. Lots of twists that keep things interesting. Thank you to Netgalley for the copy in exchange for and honest review.… (more)
hana321 | 4 other reviews | Feb 21, 2022 |
3.5 Robin was a dancer and Duncan wasn't sure where he was going. His parents were pushing him one way but his love was for music. When he saw Robin dance, he fell for her. He wrote the music, she danced. They married and then an unfortunate and misunderstood incident tore them apart. But now he has been given a second chance. Robin is dancing in Europe when she has a fall, head trauma, she doesn't remember much of her former life. Duncan has been given a second chance. He rushes to her, and so it begins. But, how far will he take this?

A slow burn of a novel and the comparisons to a Patricia Highsmith novel is spot on. Two talented people and the obsession of love, the travails of marriage and the secrets kept. A dizzying tour of Europe as they try to outrun the past. Will they succeed? As I was reading I kept wondering how this would end. Had an opinion which turned out wrong and the twist at the end was very surprising.

ARC from Edelweiss.
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Beamis12 | 4 other reviews | Feb 9, 2022 |


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