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The Science of Good Cooking (2012) 670 copies
Slow Cooker Revolution (2011) 519 copies
The Perfect Cookie (2017) 172 copies
The Make Ahead Cook (2007) 167 copies
The Best Simple Recipes (2010) 155 copies
The Complete Slow Cooker (2017) 112 copies
Best Mexican Recipes (2015) 111 copies
Air Fryer Perfection (2019) 102 copies
Comfort Food Makeovers (2013) 94 copies
The Pasta Revolution (2012) 86 copies
Cooking for Two 2009 (2009) 69 copies
Cooking for Two 2010 (2010) 68 copies
The Side Dish Bible (2019) 68 copies
Simple Weeknight Favorites (2012) 67 copies
Cook's Illustrated (1996) 67 copies
Six-Ingredient Solution (2013) 64 copies
The Chicken Bible (2021) 57 copies
The Complete One Pot (2020) 55 copies
How to Roast Everything (2018) 53 copies
The Savory Baker (2022) 48 copies
Cooking for Two 2011 (2011) 47 copies
Cooking for Two 2012 (1709) 43 copies
Five-Ingredient Dinners (2021) 30 copies
Cooking for Two 2013 (2013) 29 copies
One-Hour Comfort (2021) 29 copies
Cook's Country 28 copies
All-Time Best Brunch (2018) 28 copies
Beans 20 Ways (2020) 17 copies
30-Minute Suppers (2011) 5 copies
The New Family Cookbook (2014) 3 copies
Cooking for two 2 copies
Cook's Country 2020 (2020) 2 copies
Pasta Revolution (2012) 1 copy


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If youÛªve NEVER tried cooking with meat alternatives, you might find this an easy intro. And if you‰Ûªre used to American Cooking (this book is created by America‰Ûªs Test Kitchen) then you won‰Ûªt be ‰ÛÏsurprised‰Û by any ‰ÛÏstrange‰Û ingredients besides non-meat. However, as someone who has been a vegetarian for 20 years, and really likes different cuisines of the world, this was NOT the book for me.

The intro does discuss the difference in cooking times and seasonings, but the recipes are just dull. Entire chapter on just different burger toppings and another chapter on tacos. Snoozefest.

Also, I don‰Ûªt recall seeing any recipes with tofu, tempeh, or seitan. All the recipes called for burger patties, ground round (TVP), or already-manufactured meat replacements like Beyond Sausages.
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monnibo | 1 other review | Jan 3, 2024 |
I will probably update this review later (but actually for realsie, unlike other times I've said that) as I actually DO have the ingredients to make a few things in here on hand... but, it was a library book, so I'll be working from photos taken of recipe pages. Still, so far technically haven't broken my habit of reading cookbooks straight as if they were novels.

Overall, a nice walkthrough on cooking with pressure cookers. I picked it up thinking it was going to be aimed at electric pressure cookers ala Instant Pot, but no, this is from 2013 and although IPs existed, they weren't quite the cult status they are now. From how various tests were described in the beginning though, it sounds like ATK prefers the stovetop pressure cookers for more control over temperature/taking it on or off heat- would be curious to see where their current tested suggestions are on hardware.

I haven't read any ATK books before, but I really appreciated that there were sidebars explaining why prep steps occurred with pictures, and the specificity of why each part of the recipe occurs. It got a little repetitive in terms of the troubleshooting conversions for electric cookers (in short: turn off the keep warm function, and quick release if you can in many cases), but I do trust their research.
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Daumari | 4 other reviews | Dec 28, 2023 |
An amazing cookbook with lots of fantastic recipes! There are a lot of pictures too. All recipes are easy to follow with simple ingredients!
Sassyjd32 | Dec 22, 2023 |


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