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Works by Gerrit Komrij

Verwoest Arcadië (1980) 114 copies
Over de bergen (1990) 98 copies
De Klopgeest : Roman (2002) 71 copies
Alle gedichten tot gisteren (1994) 56 copies
De gelukkige schizo (1985) 56 copies
Lof der simpelheid (1988) 54 copies
Dit helse moeras (1983) 53 copies
Papieren tijgers (1978) 48 copies
Dubbelster (1992) 41 copies
De pagode (1990) 41 copies
Verzonken boeken (1986) 40 copies
Vila Pouca (2008) 35 copies
Perplexicon : het abc van de nonsens (2007) — Editor — 31 copies
De abele spelen (1989) 30 copies
Averechts (1980) 29 copies
Hercules (2004) — Author — 27 copies
De dunne Komrij (2005) 26 copies
De loopjongen (2012) 23 copies
Intimiteiten (1993) 23 copies
De schrijver een literaire estafette (2000) — Author — 22 copies
Leesliefde in 100 & enige gedichten (2002) — Editor — 21 copies
Hutten en paleizen (2001) 19 copies
De ultieme vergaarbak (2020) 19 copies
Eendagsvliegen (2005) 19 copies
Wagner en ik (2006) 19 copies
Inkt : kapitale stukken (2002) 18 copies
Het chemisch huwelijk (1982) 17 copies
Kraaivanger (2004) 16 copies
Het boze oog (1983) 16 copies
Correspondentie 1980-1986 (2014) 15 copies
De tranen der ecclesia's (1999) 13 copies
Brieven uit Alvites (2015) 11 copies
Komrij's patentwekker (1982) 11 copies
Tussen hemel en aarde (2013) 10 copies
Fabeldieren (1975) 10 copies
Gesloten circuit: Gedichten (1982) 10 copies
De os op de klokketoren (1981) 9 copies
Rook zonder vuur (1999) 9 copies
Poëzie is geluk (2000) 9 copies
Onherstelbaar verbeterd (1981) 8 copies
Luim het komrijk van Kees van Kooten (2014) — Author — 7 copies
Meer gouden woorden (2006) 7 copies
Een plek om te lezen (1999) 7 copies
BZZLLETIN 75 7 copies
De redders (1985) 6 copies
Fata morgana (2005) 6 copies
De verschrikking (1977) 6 copies
Op De Planken (1972) 6 copies
Dood aan de grutters (1978) 6 copies
Alfama : Lisboa (1998) 6 copies
Dwars het Komrijk van Tom Lanoye (2014) — Author — 6 copies
Twee punt nul (2013) 6 copies
Drift : het Komrijk van Bas Heijne (2014) — Author — 5 copies
Clubsandwich (2010) 5 copies
Inkt (deel 2) 5 copies
De moeder een bloemlezing (1991) 5 copies
De kuren van Komrij (2020) 5 copies
Inkt (deel 1) 5 copies
De brandende kwestie (1983) — Contributor — 4 copies
De snor van Dali (2005) 4 copies
Alle gedichten (2018) 3 copies
Op scherp / de demon (2001) — Author — 3 copies
Twee werelden (1987) 3 copies
De bibliofiel 3 copies
Tutti-frutti (1972) 2 copies
Dansen op spijkers (2009) 2 copies
De boekendans 2 copies
Praatjes (2022) 2 copies
Wild het Komrijk van Hanna Bervoets (2014) — Author — 2 copies
Kerstinkopen 2 copies
Invitatie 1 copy
De ware haai 1 copy
Boemerang 1 copy
Sing Sing 1 copy

Associated Works

Romeo and Juliet (1599) — Translator, some editions — 28,462 copies
The Tempest (1610) — Translator, some editions — 13,733 copies
Twelfth Night (1601) — Translator, some editions — 10,731 copies
Coming Up for Air (1939) — Translator, some editions — 2,156 copies
Quiet Days in Clichy (1956) — Translator, some editions — 792 copies
The Supermale (1902) — Translator, some editions — 286 copies
De zonderlinge avonturen van Primus Prikkebeen (1845) — Author, some editions — 95 copies
Bericht aan de reizigers (1975) — Contributor — 81 copies
Titaantjes waren we... : schrijvers schrijven zichzelf (2010) — Contributor — 56 copies
Ik herhaal je (2007) — Translator, some editions — 52 copies
Buch der Katastrophen (1914) — Translator, some editions — 39 copies
Unbuilt Netherlands (1980) — Foreword, some editions — 33 copies
'k Ben Brahman. Maar we zitten zonder meid (1980) — Editor — 20 copies
Voor wie dit leest : proza en poëzie van 1950 tot heden (1959) — Contributor — 20 copies
Ik ben een jongen te Zaandam geweest (1982) — Editor — 11 copies
Reize door het Aapenland (1788) — Foreword, some editions — 10 copies
De ontboezemingsbundel van Jopie Breemer (1998) — Introduction, some editions — 9 copies
Noord en Zuid poëten in het Vlaams parlement : bloemlezing 2004 (2004) — Contributor, some editions — 9 copies
Vier lichte letterheren (1999) — Contributor — 8 copies
Félicien Rops : de schone en het beest (2005) — Contributor — 7 copies
Lof der zotheid 2001 in gedichten (2001) — Contributor — 7 copies
Rose verhalen van J. Bernlef ... [et al.] (1981) — Contributor — 6 copies
Zelfportret — Translator, some editions — 6 copies
De Parelduiker 2007.2: Harry G.M. Prick — Contributor — 5 copies
Het woord is aan de schrijver : interviews (2005) — Contributor — 5 copies
Liefdesgedichten (1977) — Contributor — 1 copy
Strauss : Salome [? + libretto] — Introduction — 1 copy
Schrijvers over huisdieren : ''Het tandpastahondje'' (1977) — Contributor — 1 copy


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Brieven uit Alvites is a posthumous publication of letters or prose fragments about Gerrit Komrij's life in Portugal from 1984 to 1988. According to the title, these are letters, but the texts are published without the formatting of letters, such as dates, place and addressee, etc.

Gerrit Komrij was a very productive writer, and having his residence in Portugal meant that he did not often appear in the media for interviews or other personal engagements. In 1990, he published the novel Over de bergen, which describes an unpleasant experience living in Portugal. The title of the book is the name of the mountains, near Komrij's residence.

In 2008, Komrij published Vila Pouca. Kroniek van een dorp. This is not a novel, but a somewhat bland autobiographical description of the village in Portugal where he lived at the time. Komrij lived there from 1988 till his death in 2012.

Brieven uit Alvites should be seen as a companion volume to Vila Pouca. Kroniek van een dorp, and it largely explains the background to the novel Over de bergen. In 1984, Komrij and his partner moved to Portugal taking up residence at a manor in Alvites. They expected to purchase the manor, and the sale was effective, but in the months prior to actually taking possession of the house, the local people turned against them. This is not explained in the book, but the book does mention that the villagers claim that Komrij's behavior had changed after the sale had been concluded. The situation and the whole experience were so upsetting that they decided to leave Alvites and relocate to another place in Portugal, namely Vila Pouca. The novel Over de bergen is the fictional treatment of this disappointment.

As a book, I found Brieven uit Alvites much more readable, and much more pleasant than Vila Pouca. Kroniek van een dorp. It is a very interesting publication because it sheds light on this important part of the life of the author. It would have been nicer to know more precisely whether these texts actually are letters or not. In this sense I find Dutch editors often too invasive or negligent. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this book.
… (more)
edwinbcn | 1 other review | Aug 24, 2023 |
Er is geen vrijheid in de zandwoestijn was compiled as a Festschrift for Komrij's 65th birthday, bringing together a selection of 65 poems from different moments in his career with an essay celebrating his work by Victor Schiferli. I haven't read much Dutch poetry, but if you had asked me to list the attributes of a typical modern Dutch poem, I think I would have come up with something like what Komrij does: metrical, rhymed, and set in a strict form, very ironic, relying a lot on jokes, paradoxes and puns especially when dealing with serious subject-matter. So it's a bit of a surprise to be told how radical Komrij's metrical clowning was considered to be when he first started doing it in the free-verse, stream-of-consciousness early sixties. It's obviously had a lot of influence since then!

It is striking, though, to see how far he takes this formalism: all the poems in this selection are either sonnets or 12-liners with one of two or three possible variants of rhyme-schemes. Maybe that's just Schiferli trying to keep the collection harmonious, but it does make you wonder if Komrij did ever write anything that wasn't either 12 or 14 lines long?

It does look in one or two of the poems in this collection as though Komrij sometimes got a bit worried about it: in "Noli me tangere", for instance, he talks about putting "a landmine in the last line" that destroys the poem (or perhaps just the tensions it's built up) when the reader gets that far - "a poem must be complete in order not to exist".
… (more)
thorold | 2 other reviews | Mar 24, 2017 |
Verwoest Arcadië ("Destroyed Arcadia") is an autobiographical novel in which Komrij takes a charming, funny, and perceptive look back at his childhood in the small town of Winterswijk and his student days in Amsterdam. Much as he does in his poems, he uses jokes and paradoxes to lead himself and the reader up to some quite difficult and painful truths about growing up, self-awareness and the consciousness of mortality. But he mostly talks about his lust for books and beautiful boys (like most of us, he seems to have found it easier to feed the first than the second of these, they take up space in the ratio of about ten to one in the text). He talks a bit about the problems of hindsight in autobiography, and he warns us not to take his fictional alter ego, Jacob, as historically reliable, which then gives him the excuse to make critical judgements about the books Jacob was reading which are clearly not Jacob's views but those of the mature narrator, but which are very funny and perceptive anyway. The sort of book that makes you wish you could have had a chance to meet the author in real life.… (more)
thorold | Mar 24, 2017 |
Erg onderhoudend overzicht van de internationale nonsensliteratuur.
stef7sa | Jan 5, 2017 |



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Lévi Weemoedt Contributor
Adriaan Morriën Contributor
Renée van Riessen Contributor
Harmen Wind Contributor
Margot Vos Contributor
Wilfred Smit Contributor
Willem van Doorn Contributor
Koos Schuur Contributor
Jo Landheer Contributor
Emma Crebolder Contributor
Walter Haesaert Contributor
Job Degenaar Contributor
Jacob Hiegentlich Contributor
Ernst Groenevelt Contributor
Leo van Breen Contributor
Frans Babylon Contributor
Eliza Laurillard Contributor
Jan Pieter Heije Contributor
W.J. van Zeggelen Contributor
Jan Zitman Contributor
Georgine Sanders Contributor
Nico Verhoeven Contributor
Albert Rehm Contributor
Mien Proost Contributor
Peter Abspoel Contributor
Jan Vermeulen Contributor
Chris Honingh Contributor
N.E.M. Pareau Contributor
Lenze L. Bouwers Contributor
Frans Bastiaanse Contributor
Edmond Van Offel Contributor
Emile den Tex Contributor
Gerard Goudriaan Contributor
Bart Brey Contributor
Rudo Hartman Typografie
Alex Gutteling Contributor
Frank Starik Contributor
Max Niematz Contributor
Bert Voeten Contributor
Clara Haesaert Contributor
Jotie T'Hooft Contributor
Coenraed De Waele Contributor
Hanny Michaelis Contributor
André Jolles Contributor
Edgar Du Perron Contributor
Diana Ozon Contributor
Willy Roggeman Contributor
Jules Deelder Contributor
Jan Van Nijlen Contributor
Peter Nijmeijer Contributor
Hans Verhagen Contributor
Kees Ouwens Contributor
Martin Reints Contributor
Rob Schouten Contributor
Hugo Pos Contributor
Anneke Brassinga Contributor
Koen Stassijns Contributor
Simon Knepper Contributor
Eriek Verpale Contributor
Marcel Koopman Contributor
Sonja Prins Contributor
Dirkje Kuik Contributor
Reinold Kuipers Contributor
Arthur Lava Contributor
Paul Snoek Contributor
Roland Jooris Contributor
Marc Reugebrink Contributor
Hans R. Vlek Contributor
Alain Teister Contributor
A. Marja Contributor
De Schoolmeester, Contributor
J. C. Noordstar Contributor
Loek Brons Contributor
Rabin Gangadin Contributor
Hugues C. Pernath Contributor
Jan Clement Contributor
Pieter A. Kuyk Contributor
L.F. Rosen Contributor
Han G. Hoekstra Contributor
Willem Hussem Contributor
John O'Mill Contributor
Ruben van Gogh Contributor
Cees van Hoore Contributor
Pé Hawinkels Contributor
Mandelinck Gwy Contributor
Eddy Van Vliet Contributor
Henk Romijn Meijer Contributor
Mickey Walvisch Contributor
Jacob van Lennep Contributor
Cornelis Jan Kelk Contributor
René Huigen Contributor
Wim Brands Contributor
Theo Sontrop Contributor
Victor Vroomkoning Contributor
Riekus Waskowsky Contributor
Carel Scharten Contributor
Nes Tergast Contributor
Erik Spinoy Contributor
Anton Ent Contributor
Nic Van Bruggen Contributor
Ben Cami Contributor
Luc Boudens Contributor
Pim Hofstra Contributor
Miriam Van hee Contributor
Lou Vleugelhof Contributor
Peter Simpelaar Contributor
D. Hillenus Contributor
Klaas Koppe Photographer
Karel Dekker Cover designer


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