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Author of No More TV, Sleepy Cat

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Works by Elliot Kreloff

No More TV, Sleepy Cat (2005) 78 copies
Fish Wish (2005) 49 copies
Found an Apple (2007) 30 copies
Bigger Than Daddy (2006) — Illustrator — 29 copies
There Was a Little Girl, She Had a Little Curl (1716) — Illustrator — 26 copies
Tuesday Is Daddy's Day (2021) 19 copies
The Luckiest Snowball (2019) 18 copies
Where Are We Going? (2008) 13 copies
Tic and Tac Clean Up (2007) 12 copies
Once Upon a Line (2022) 11 copies
Tic and Tac (2006) 9 copies

Associated Works

10 Little Fish (¡Hola, English!) (2015) — Illustrator — 10 copies
Dynamite No. 100, September 1982 — Illustrator — 2 copies


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This book is OK but everybody poops doesn’t much better.
LibrarianRyan | Jun 11, 2024 |
« Once upon a time, a line was drawn. »

But wait…what is the line purpose ? And should the line just go straight ? Can it be something else like a cowboy’s lasso or a high-wire in the circus ? Or could it just become a shape if it learns to curve or turns a corner ?

Once upon a line is lot of things : what we may presume at first to be a geometry book, turns rapidly into an adventure and self-discovery book. Yes, the Little Line is straight, but it can become whatever it wants. It can turn into a curve, or a corner, or becomes whatever shape it wishes. There is no limit to its imagination.

This book inspires creativity and exploration. It encourages young readers to ask questions and to discover the world around them. As we follow the line’s adventures around the globe, we encounter shapes, colors, continents, weather, and even stars.

The illustrations are colorful and fun and the story is really entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the humor and the strong message shared in the story : you don’t need to be perfect to be yourself. It is also a wonderful book that can be easily used in math lessons or in art class.
… (more)
BibliLakayAyizan | 1 other review | Oct 18, 2022 |
diverse picture book (preschool ages 2 , growing)
* prominently features diverse characters - yes, an African-American boy and his dad, which could be interpreted as a single dad family.
* great choice for preschool storytime - engaging storyline and large pictures, plus the topic is one that is easy for kids to relate to.
reader1009 | 2 other reviews | Jul 3, 2021 |
This was a sweet book and although I was a bit skeptical about the glitter on the cover, I overlooked the sparkliness and used it in my activity calendars.

Izzy, a white boy with messy brown hair in a blue sweater, red mittens, and a green and beige hat, likes to play in the snow. He makes a snowball, sparkling with little snowflakes, but when he starts to throw it the snowball objects! A smiling face with round nose appear on the snowball and they set out to enjoy other winter fun, along with Izzy's dachsund. Izzy names the snowball Larry and takes it home, but, of course, it starts to melt!

Izzy stores Larry in the freezer and Larry waits patiently until Izzy takes it out to check out spring, summer, and fall. Larry feels lucky to see each gorgeous season, but after a brief visit it has to go back into the freezer, to keep from melting. Finally, it's winter again and Larry can stay outside as long as Izzy wants as they play with all their snowflake friends.

The backmatter gives a simple explanation of the four seasons, assumed to be in a climate with snow, leaves changing color, etc. Another page talks about melting, solids, and liquids.

The art is collage and includes lots of bright colors. The same scene is repeated, but in different seasons so readers will see Izzy's yard in many different colors, with the full growth of summer, and in the bare chill of winter. Humor is added in gentle jokes about Larry in the freezer and the panic over him melting and returning to the freezer. Don't be surprised if kids want to make - and keep - their own snowballs after reading this book!

Verdict: An excellent preschool read-aloud with age-appropriate back matter about the seasons and melting. Use in a storytime or preschool classroom, or suggest to readers who like snow and want to learn more about the different seasons. If you live somewhere without the "traditional" four seasons, you could make collages of what your seasons look like and how they change.

ISBN: 9780823441051; Published September 2019 by Holiday House; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library
… (more)
JeanLittleLibrary | 1 other review | Jan 25, 2020 |


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