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I liked this second book even better than the first! It's still a really cute story, but this one goes deeper into more character backgrounds and doesn't need to focus on the set up the way book one did. Highly enjoyable. (CW: giant spider)
ca.bookwyrm | Mar 21, 2024 |
Super cute graphic novel about a princess who doesn't look like a fairy-tale-typically beautiful princess, and her family. I wasn't sure at first whether I would like this—it seemed very predictable for a little while, and then once Gwen meets the titular Cursed Princess Club my expectations went out the window and now I'm all in.
ca.bookwyrm | 1 other review | Mar 7, 2024 |
Princes and princesses hit beauty and ugliness with all the right twists and turns, while adding in action, dark moments, heart-piercing emotions, and tons of laughter, too.

Gwendolyn has found her place in the Cursed Princess Club and even seems to have discovered somewhat of a balance with her not-so-really-fiance. If it weren't for her worsening curse, all would be okay-ish. But figuring out how to handle the growing symptoms isn't the only problem she faces. A mysterious person is sending her notes, which she's not sure are as harmless as they seem. Add her and her siblings' first ball in the public eye and an enormous, very deadly spider, and her curse might be the least of her concerns.

I did read the first volume in this series, and the second one starts where that one left off. While volume one lays the groundwork and first adventures, this one lets the action and heart-filled moments take off. Gwendolyn is, now, in a fairly good place, and it's inspiring to see how she's found footing not only with the other cursed princesses but has formed a kind-of friendship with her own prince. One thing I do appreciate about this series is that it doesn't throw both feet into romance but digs its foundations in Gwendolyn's struggles with her curse and self-imaging. Romance might somewhat be there (in an extremely, very broad sense of the word), but it has a monumental way to go before (or even if ) it heads in that direction. And yet, there are enough hints that it might. Somewhat. In any case, Gwendolyn's already grown and shines in her own form of 'princess' light...and this is the theme that this volume tackles.

While princess-y, this is a read with darker tones...and still, builds in tons of humor, too. These juxtaposed directions make the tale addicting, entertaining, and twisted in all the right ways. The characters and curses are over-the-top and, sometimes, completely ridiculous, and yet, the messages are serious and the danger is deadly. The graphics play along with this flip-flop as they transform from popping colors to dark and dreary scenes. And the mood can flick in a second, which makes it a read not easily put down. I can't wait to see what happens in volume three. I received a complimentary copy and am enjoying this series quite a bit due to its original take on an important message. And it is a fun read.
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tdrecker | Jun 23, 2023 |
Fairy tale like princesses, handsome princes, birds, and delicious food mix with over-the-top situations, sarcastic humor, and a touch of not-so-dark darkness to make an addictive read, which packs an important, inspiring message, too.

Gwendolyn is the third of three princesses (with a prince brother as well). All of them are radiant, beautiful, and amazingly kind, except for Gwen, who holds only the lasst of these attributes. When their father, the king, announces the daughters' arranged marriages to the neighboring kingdom...and these princes aren't hard on the eyes or heart...everything works out well. Well, that is until the youngest of the three princess lays eyes on Gwendolyn and refuses to marry her. The misunderstandings multiply from there. Luckily, Gwendolyn, runs into the mysterious Cursed Princess Club and finds support and friends...but maybe this isn't helpful after all.

I really wasn't sure which direction this read would take and was surprised when it starts with beaming brightness, pastels, friendly animals, and perfect smiles. While this seemed a bit overly sweet, at first, the humor soon kicks in, and the characters grab the attention and heart. It's over-the-top and that is perfect, especially since it balances out with a plot, which really plays the heartstrings for Gwendolyn.
And still, the author twists and plays with all the right emotions from there, letting the reader feel disappointment, a little resentment, but then, flip-flopping into the agony of misunderstandings, which seem to only grow worse with every heartfelt try. It's lighthearted and well played.

The graphics sing with sugary sweet fairy tales and make the world glisten and shine. It sets the atmosphere for the humor and keeps everything light and fun. While it appears to be somewhat childish at first, the world is addictive, for now, and actually promises with wonderfully laid hints at so much more to come. I received a complimentary DRC through Netgalley and enjoyed it and the characters even more than I thought I would.
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tdrecker | 1 other review | Dec 30, 2022 |



½ 4.6

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