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William L. Langer (1896–1977)

Author of The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of World History

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Our Vichy Gamble (1947) 21 copies
Western Civilization (1968) 4 copies

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The Ordeal of Total War, 1939–1945 (1968) — Introduction, some editions — 212 copies
A Decade of Revolution, 1789–1799 (1934) — Editor, some editions — 159 copies
The Dawn of a New Era, 1250–1453 (1936) — Introduction — 150 copies
A Generation of Materialism, 1871–1900 (1941) — Editor, some editions — 109 copies
A Survey of European Civilization (1936) — Editor, some editions — 106 copies


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I looked long and hard for broad and basic 1848 histories and found this one for a buck at a used bookstore. Worth every penny! Good scale and detail, a nice range of themes, a solid older biblio, and just the right amount of polemic. Now my standard go-to book for basic facts about this period.
samstark | 1 other review | Mar 30, 2013 |
This book means the world to me. When I graduated from college (sometime in misty haze of the past), I was the top graduate on both of my majors. When I was called to the stage for my history degree, the chair of the department, much to my surprise, handed me a fancy wrapped package. Once back in my seat, I opened it to find this book inside. All the history professors inscribed it for me.
I must confess that throughout my academic career I half expected a professor or fellow student to have an epiphany, thus realizing I was fraud who somehow had everybody fooled into thinking I was anything other than an intellectual fraud. Sitting there in the quad that lovely graduation day, I felt a bit of that fear beginning to lift.… (more)
ShanLizLuv | 4 other reviews | Jan 17, 2009 |
Just the facts, ma'm... But oh, so many facts. And 180 pages of index to help find them. As a reference for "what happened when", this book can't be beat.
Kudrun | 4 other reviews | Sep 25, 2008 |
4451 Political and Social Upheaval,1832-18553, by William L. Langer (read 21 Jun 2008) I finished this magisterial book today, June 21, 2008. I am tremendously impressed by the thoroughness with which Langer covers the period. This is a volume in the series "The Rise of Modern Europe" which he edited, and is the only volume in the series which he himself authored.. There are 18 volumes in the series, and this is the 5th one I have read. Not only are the political and economic events of the period fully covered, but the chapters on Literature and The Arts are a joy to read, since Langer was a historian who knew things about those subjects also. The period covers the momentous year of 1848 and after reading the chapters thereon I have a renewed interest in that important year. This is a great book, and I wish I had read it when it was published in 1969. Now the references and bibliographical essay are of course somewhat dated--but that surely isn't Langer's fault. [He died 26 Dec 1977.]… (more)
Schmerguls | 1 other review | Jun 21, 2008 |


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