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Author of The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop

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Diane Lockward’s The Practicing Poet is an inspiration to the poet. Whether one is emerging or experienced, the craft tips, writing prompts, and sample poems offer a reliable muse and mentor. As soon as I got my book copy, I began a writing marathon, using the sections as springboards for my new work. The Practicing Poet is another fine book from the same lineage as The Crafty Poet and The Crafty Poet II. I am so grateful for this wonderful book.
LuanneCastle | Mar 5, 2022 |
Writing poetry? Carry this book with you for inspiration and guidance.
LuanneCastle | Mar 5, 2022 |
This is the most readable and engaging topic-related poetry anthology I've ever read. Dolls are a rich topic for poetry because of their associations with identity, spirituality, power, and creativity.

Poet Nicole Cooley, in her introduction to The Doll Collection, makes the connection for readers: "I have always thought that dolls and poems are a natural combination. Ever since I was a child, my dolls were part of my writing, as I arranged them into orphanages with my sister and wrote my own stories and poems about them. Now, I love to bring images of dolls to my poetry workshops for writing exercises."

Diane Lockward chose this subject for the first book of her new press, Terrapin Books, and she has edited with great care. Because no poet has more than one poem in the anthology the variety of styles and subjects piques the imagination. I’ve never read an anthology where I felt has more than one poem in the anthology the variety of styles and subjects piques the imagination. I’ve never read an anthology where I felt such excitement at each turn of the page.

The poems are stunning. I wish I had written Christopher Citro’s “The Secret Lives of Little Girls.” I’m achingly jealous of it. And there are so many other showstoppers. Do you know what a Frozen Charlotte is? Nicole brings up this doll in her introduction, and Susan de Sola’s “Frozen Charlotte” explores this doll/dead girl. Read the book to find out the story behind the doll. “Doll Heads,” by Richard Garcia, will rip your guts out with its brutal reality.

You will love these poems. They will grab you at a visceral level and not let you go.

Go. read.
… (more)
LuanneCastle | Mar 5, 2022 |
This is an excellent and practical guide for practicing poets. This is a beyond-the-beginners book that skips fluff and cheering for hands-on writing prompts that get the mind working and the pen rolling.
dcmr | 1 other review | Jul 4, 2017 |

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