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Eric Van Lustbader was born in Greenwich Village, New York City in 1946. He received a bachelor's degree in sociology from Columbia College in 1968. While still in college, he began work in the entertainment industry by creating his own music production company that included work with such bands as show more Cheap Trick, Mountain, and Blue Oyster Cult. He is a writer of both thriller and fantasy novels. He has written several series including The Pearl Saga Series, The Sunset Warrior Cycle, The China Maroc Series and The Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle Series. He is also the co-author of the Jason Bourne series, starting with book 4, with Robert Ludlum. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Distinction: Eric Van Lustbader wrote in the Jason Bourne series after Robert Ludlum's death; these books should be credited to Lustbader rather than to Ludlum.

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Works by Eric Van Lustbader

The Ninja (1980) 917 copies
The Miko (1984) 599 copies
The Ring of Five Dragons (2001) 569 copies
White Ninja (1990) 544 copies
The Sunset Warrior (1977) 533 copies
The Testament (2006) 503 copies
Jian (1985) 457 copies
First Daughter (2008) 442 copies
The Kaisho (1993) 392 copies
Dai-San (1978) 389 copies
Shallows of Night (1978) 388 copies
Zero (1988) 370 copies
Shan (1986) 368 copies
The Veil of a Thousand Tears (2002) 367 copies
Floating City (1994) 340 copies
Black Heart (1983) 339 copies
French Kiss (1988) 325 copies
Beneath an Opal Moon (1980) 319 copies
Last Snow (2010) 316 copies
Angel Eyes (1991) 285 copies
Second Skin (1995) 284 copies
Black Blade (1992) 269 copies
Mistress of the Pearl (2004) 239 copies
Sirens (1981) 217 copies
Blood Trust (2011) 203 copies
Dark Homecoming (1996) 167 copies
Father Night (2012) 116 copies
Beloved Enemy (2013) 93 copies
Dragons on the Sea of Night (1997) 92 copies
The Nemesis Manifesto (2020) 83 copies
The Fallen (2018) 74 copies
Any Minute Now (2016) 69 copies
Pale Saint (1999) 52 copies
Four Dominions (2018) 49 copies
Batman: The Last Angel (1994) — Author — 49 copies
Art Kills (1999) 34 copies
The Second Bourne Trilogy (2009) 31 copies
The Kobalt Dossier (2021) 30 copies
The Sum of All Shadows (2019) 29 copies
Omega Rules (2022) 23 copies
The Quantum Solution (2023) 14 copies
The Oligarch's Daughter (2016) 11 copies
The Ninja [and] The Miko (1984) 8 copies
Pearl Saga 1-3 2 copies

Associated Works

Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night (2006) — Contributor — 743 copies
999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense (1999) — Contributor, some editions — 600 copies
MatchUp (2017) — Contributor — 303 copies
By Blood We Live (2009) — Contributor — 293 copies
Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991) — Introduction — 274 copies
Gallery of Horror (1983) — Contributor — 219 copies
Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe (1988) — Contributor — 196 copies
Peter S. Beagle's Immortal Unicorn (1995) — Contributor — 144 copies
Peter S. Beagle's Immortal Unicorn: Volume 1 (1995) — Contributor — 129 copies
Excalibur (1995) — Contributor — 123 copies
Vampires: The Greatest Stories (1997) — Contributor — 121 copies
Women of the Night (16-in-1) (2007) — Contributor — 93 copies
Murder for Revenge (1998) — Contributor — 70 copies
Dead Man's Hand: Crime Fiction at the Poker Table (2007) — Contributor — 51 copies
David Copperfield's Beyond Imagination (1996) — Contributor — 46 copies
The Berkley Showcase Vol. 2 (1980) — Author — 27 copies
Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up All Night, Volume 2 (2009) — Contributor — 7 copies


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Greenwich Village, New York, USA
Stuyvesant High School
Columbia College (BA - Sociology)
Lustbader, Victoria (wife)
Cash Box
Greenwich Village Strategic Planning Committee of the City and Country School (board of trustees, executive committee, chair)
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Second-Level Reiki Master
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Distinction: Eric Van Lustbader wrote in the Jason Bourne series after Robert Ludlum's death; these books should be credited to Lustbader rather than to Ludlum.



Fantasy books, where boy somehow turned into a girl in Name that Book (September 2018)


Well, this is outside my usual choice of reading material, so you can't be too surprised at my lukewarm response to it.

It's a typical action thriller, with a particularly complex web of intrigue involving Yakuza, ninjas, Russian spies, evil bureaucrats and a nuclear bomb.

It was fun to revisit some concepts from my days at university studying Japan, such as tatemae and honne, and Japanese literary references. It's the only work-out my degree has had in a long time.

I found the book somewhat male-oriented, and I guess that comes with the target audience. I don't think there was a single woman in the book whose sexual attractiveness to men wasn't assessed in some way.

The end also left a bit of a bitter tasted in my mouth: Lillian doesn't seem to have done anything worse than what Phillip did - he cheated first, he too worked for years and shared intelligence with a foreign power - yet she gets the "karmic" consequences and he gets a second chance with his family. Bah.
… (more)
weemanda | 7 other reviews | Nov 2, 2023 |
This was an an odd book. It is ostensibly a post-apocalyptic adventure, but the standard social tropes get quickly overwhelmed by bizarre timing, broken dialog and an utterly opaque main character.

Over if the things I found hardest to get my head around was the use of immediate flash forwards-a scene will end, then jump to action happening apparently somewhat later, and then jump back in a page or two to fill in the gap.l, showing there was really only a couple of hours difference. Why?

Then there's the dialogue. It's a jumbled mess, at times, where characters are unable to make sentences, and speakers are unmarked, creating utter confusion.

And yet the action is tense, and the world is just unusual enough to remain interesting. It's a fun, if often confusing, sword and sorcery meets Wool kind of book.
… (more)
JimDR | 9 other reviews | Dec 7, 2022 |
The only thing that saves this book is the pace at which the story unfolds. Mediocre writing, combined with unbelievable characters who are totally unpredictable, make this more of a chore then it should be, given the twists and turns of the story.
tarsel | 1 other review | Sep 4, 2022 |
My first read of this genre and its fast moving, lost of action, some sourcery. It goes back in time and them comes back to the present where our heros Ayla and Bravo try to stop Lucifer taking back Heaven
His father Conrad enlists the poet W.B.Yeats to record the story.
BryceV | Jun 28, 2022 |



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