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Tahereh Mafi was born in Connecticut and graduated from a liberal arts college in California. She is the author of the Shatter Me series. (Bowker Author Biography)


Works by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me (2011) 6,093 copies
Unravel Me (Shatter Me) (2013) 3,155 copies
Ignite Me (Shatter Me Book 3) (2014) 2,649 copies
Restore Me (Shatter Me Book 4) (2018) 1,615 copies
Defy Me (Shatter Me Book 5) (2019) 1,289 copies
Imagine Me (Shatter Me, 6) (2020) 1,102 copies
This Woven Kingdom (2022) 977 copies
Unite Me (2014) 937 copies
A Very Large Expanse of Sea (2018) 904 copies
Furthermore (2016) 830 copies
Destroy Me (2012) 546 copies
Believe Me (The Shatter Me) (2021) 538 copies
Find Me (2019) 489 copies
Whichwood (2017) 386 copies
These Infinite Threads (2023) 332 copies
Fracture Me (2013) 327 copies
An Emotion of Great Delight (2021) 204 copies
Shadow Me (2019) 113 copies
Reveal Me (2019) 97 copies
All This Twisted Glory (2023) 83 copies
Decifra-me (2022) 2 copies
حطمني 1 copy
Reconstrúyeme (2018) 1 copy
Bana Dokunma (2018) 1 copy
Beni Yakma (2018) 1 copy
Reino de intrigas: 1 (2019) 1 copy

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Hollow City (2014) — Author photo, some editions — 7,758 copies


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I am frustrated with the whole Adam, oh whoa is me pity party but I also feel so bad for him. I could not put this book down and I cant wait to see what else happens.. I am truly obsessed.
Enid007 | 91 other reviews | Feb 29, 2024 |
It's actually kind of strange the way I feel jealousness from Kenji's perspective for Jella and Waaron. Like with all the books from Juliette's and Warner's perspective, I yearn and root for their relationship, because they deserve happiness and everything, but whenever the story goes into Kenji's perspective, I just feel so bad for him, and not just feel bad for him, but I feel so annoyed by Julaaron's relationship, because I feel like the story is too centered on their own relationship, and all the stuff and fights and problems, that seeing things from Kenji's perspective just makes it annoying for me that they are so into their relationship and Kenji is just a side character.
And yes, I know that Kenji and Nazeera are currently in the beginning stages of their own relationship, and I suppose everything will be great and pretty with them and they will both be happy, the overall vibes I got while I read this novella was hatred for Julliaaron's relationship. It's dumb, I know, because once I will start reading the next one, I can almost guarantee that I will once again feel really happy and enjoy reading about their relationship, but yeah, in this book I just felt bad for Kenji and hated how the story plot was centered so much around Jullliete/Ella and Aaron/Warner. I kind of want Kenji to become a main character instead of a side character now. He's just so underrated and has so much character development to do.
… (more)
rumarianna | 4 other reviews | Feb 17, 2024 |
All is not as it seems and trust is at a premium in this story. When we left off in This Woven Kingdom, Alizeh, the lost queen of the Jinn, had just been swooped up by a dragon and stolen away from Ardunia by the evil young king of Tulan, Cyrus, to become his queen. Ardunia’s King Zaal, the long-reigning king, is dead after having been exposed as aligned with the devil Iblees. All the Diviners (healers) are murdered and Zaal’s grandson Karman is now heir to the throne. But can he do it? Gravely wounded in his fight with Cyrus, Karman is also reeling from not only learning that his closest friend and advisor, Hazan, betrayed him, and Alizeh has as well. Or has she?

There is so much happening in this book, all taking place over just a few days. As with the first book, the world-building is impressive and the writing is lyrical. Each chapter ends in suspense, begging the reader to keep going to see what happens next. Mixed in with the intense fighting, escape attempts, and betrayals is a bit of surprising and welcome comic relief that includes secondary characters who are up for the challenge. To say too much more would risk spoilers, but this sequel is breathtaking in its plot, action, and romance.
… (more)
BiblioQueen | 4 other reviews | Feb 12, 2024 |
Alizeh’s story begins in a way that reminds you of a fairy tale and in some ways it is a fairy tale, but instead of a helpful fairy godmother, Alizeh is tormented by the Devil himself. Alizeh is a jinn, but not an ordinary jinn. She was raised to be a leader but her people are scattered and their number is smaller than the Clay, which are the humans. Alizeh is considered a snoda, a servant; she hides her face and her identity until an event occurs that causes her to be noticed by the royal family. Is she a spy? The King believes she is even worse than a spy, she is who the Diviners have prophesied about; will it be the end of the kingdom or the end of Alizeh? To reveal more would be to give away spoilers and key plot points, and this book is too good to spoil for other readers.

The writing of this novel is beautiful and lyrical. The world-building is vivid and stunning. There are times when the reader will want to cry and laugh. Every character in the story plays a vital role to the plot, which is very well planned out from the opening chapter to the cliff-hanger ending. This book is the first of a new fantasy series by Tahereh Mafi, and hopefully the next book won’t take too long to come out.
… (more)
BiblioQueen | 16 other reviews | Feb 12, 2024 |



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