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Works by Dominique de Saint Mars

Lili est amoureuse (1995) 21 copies
Lili ne veut pas se coucher (1993) 19 copies
Lili veut être une star (2003) 18 copies
Max et Lili sont malades 58 (2001) 18 copies
Lili veut un petit chat (1995) 17 copies
Lili a p de la mort (2009) 16 copies
Lili est malpolie (1998) 15 copies
Max est jaloux (1996) 15 copies
Max ne pense qu'au zizi (2017) 14 copies
Max et Lili se sont perdus (2004) 13 copies
Nina a été adoptée (2004) 13 copies
Lili a un chagrin d'amour (2008) 12 copies
Max ne respecte rien (2006) 12 copies
Lili regarde trop la télé (1999) 11 copies
Max n'en fait qu'à sa tête (2004) — Author — 11 copies
Lili fait sa commandante (2009) 11 copies
Alex est handicapé (1998) 11 copies
Emilie a déménagé (1996) 11 copies
Lili découvre sa mamie (1997) 11 copies
Lili Veut Faire Une Boum (69) (French Edition) (2004) — Author — 9 copies
Max se trouve nul (2007) 9 copies
La Maison de Max et Lili (2004) 8 copies
Max se fait insulter (2004) 8 copies
Lili fait des cauchemars (2002) 7 copies
Lili va chez la psy (2001) 6 copies
Max fait pipi au lit (2004) 6 copies
Max aime les monstres 78 (2006) 6 copies
Simon a deux maisons (2005) 5 copies
Max croit n'importe quoi (2021) 3 copies
La Nina és adoptada (1998) 2 copies
Violencia ¡no! (2005) 2 copies
Je grandis (1996) 1 copy
El libro para decir NO (2017) 1 copy


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This isn't going to be fair, not least because my French is way worse than is needed to read a book for little children. Way way worse.

But also because I confess it irritated me. It's about a girl getting to that stage which apparently girls do, when they start worrying about whether they are going to get any breasts and if they are going to be big enough and.....I'm sure I don't need to go on.

Consider the other point of view. I was tormented throughout primary school by having breasts from the time I was about five. Later on, maybe my first year of highschool, when I finished growing, I had the strength and understanding not to care what other people think. But it is very hard to appreciate that as a primary school child. Has anybody written a book about how awful it is having breasts as a little kid???? I think not!!!! In my opinion we have quite enough books telling us not to worry if we haven't got tits yet, they'll come.

I was reflecting upon this a couple of days ago when I saw the Russ Meyer film 'Faster, Pussycat. Kill! Kill!' There is an extraordinary moment in the film where the chief protagonist, a girl who can look after herself, kills a man with her bare hands with an ease I wouldn't have in me to tackle a tinned sardine. It felt horribly real to me in a film which is laughing at itself, laughing at US culture and wishing to make a point to intellectual art cinema, ie a film which shouldn't have any sense of reality in it.

I looked up the actor who played this role afterwards and discovered that she also was afflicted by breasts as a small child. But what happened to Tura Satana was truly appalling:

She developed breasts very early and, despite being an excellent student, was constantly harassed for her figure and Asian heritage. Walking home from school at the age of nine she was gang raped by five men. Her attackers were never prosecuted and it was rumored that the judge had been paid off.[1] This prompted her to learn the martial arts of aikido and karate and, over the next 15 years, track down each rapist and exact revenge.[2] "I made a vow to myself that I would someday, somehow get even with all of them," she said years later. "They never knew who I was until I told them."[2]
from wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tura_Satana

Who needs a Russ Meyer plot?

I haven't been able to verify this in any way, but it's a great story of revenge if true and not unlike the ending of the tribute film to Pussycat, Tarantino's Deathproof.

Hmmmm. Maybe that's what this book is lacking. A Meyer/Tarantino subplot of big breasts and women who don't give a fuck. The author certainly churns them out. Maybe there's one on the way.

… (more)
bringbackbooks | Jun 16, 2020 |
Lili est fachée avec sa copine elle se sent blessé jalouse et seul au monde
bibliotheque34 | 1 other review | Apr 4, 2016 |
cela parle des disputes entre frères et soeur avec humour et vérité.
bibliotheque34 | Apr 4, 2016 |
This came in handy when we came home from school/work one day and our house had been burgled. Both the kids and I were in shock to find everything we owned on the floor! Even the freezer had been emptied. Max and Lili helped us deal with it better.
Lexxie | Apr 23, 2013 |

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