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Author photo. Credit: Ellen Levy Finch, 1998, Seattle, Wash.

Credit: Ellen Levy Finch, 1998, Seattle, Wash.

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171,895 (200,584)4,70125 (4.16)8190
A Game of Thrones 36,385 copies, 1,067 reviews
A Clash of Kings 25,841 copies, 513 reviews
A Storm of Swords 21,377 copies, 408 reviews
A Feast for Crows 21,376 copies, 478 reviews
A Dance With Dragons 13,946 copies, 426 reviews
Fevre Dream 2,486 copies, 90 reviews
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 2,045 copies, 60 reviews
Tuf Voyaging 1,056 copies, 31 reviews
The Ice Dragon 1,028 copies, 56 reviews
Windhaven (Author) 1,027 copies, 17 reviews
Rogues (Editor; Contributor; Introduction) 1,014 copies, 40 reviews
Wild Cards (Volume 1) (Editor; Contributor) 1,009 copies, 8 reviews
Dying of the Light 995 copies, 21 reviews
Dangerous Women (Editor; Contributor) 932 copies, 40 reviews
A Game of Thrones, Part 1 903 copies, 11 reviews
Aces High (Editor; Contributor) 879 copies, 10 reviews
Dreamsongs: Volume I (Narrator, some editions) 757 copies, 18 reviews
Jokers Wild (Editor; Contributor) 742 copies, 12 reviews
A Game of Thrones, Part 2 699 copies, 3 reviews
The Armageddon Rag 670 copies, 21 reviews
Hunter's Run 612 copies, 29 reviews
A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One (Adapted from) 596 copies, 26 reviews
Warriors (Editor; Contributor; Introduction) 563 copies, 27 reviews
Songs of the Dying Earth (Editor; Contributor) 561 copies, 12 reviews
Aces Abroad (Editor; Contributor) 529 copies, 7 reviews
Dreamsongs: Volume II (Narrator, some editions) 529 copies, 17 reviews
Down and Dirty (Editor; Contributor) 511 copies, 4 reviews
A Clash of Kings, Part 1 503 copies, 3 reviews
Wild Cards I (Editor; Contributor) 480 copies, 11 reviews
Ace in the Hole (Editor) 469 copies, 6 reviews
A Clash of Kings, Part 2 468 copies, 2 reviews
The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword 468 copies, 25 reviews
Inside Straight (Editor; Contributor) 451 copies, 30 reviews
Down These Strange Streets (Editor; Introduction) 437 copies, 16 reviews
Sandkings 434 copies, 16 reviews
Nightflyers 406 copies, 12 reviews
A Feast for Crows, Part 1 405 copies, 5 reviews
The Winds Of Winter 398 copies, 2 reviews
A Song for Lya: And Other Stories 374 copies, 9 reviews
Dead Man's Hand (Editor) 364 copies, 3 reviews
Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season (Writer) 362 copies, 3 reviews
Busted Flush (Editor) 323 copies, 18 reviews
One-Eyed Jacks (Editor) 321 copies, 2 reviews
Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season (Writer) 301 copies, 3 reviews
Jokertown Shuffle (Editor) 299 copies, 1 review
The Lands of Ice and Fire 275 copies, 1 review
GRRM: A Retrospective 265 copies, 7 reviews
Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season (Writer) 254 copies, 2 reviews
Card Sharks (Editor) 233 copies
The Sworn Sword (Contributor) 229 copies, 8 reviews
Dealer's Choice (Editor; Contributor) 217 copies
Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season (Writer) 210 copies, 1 review
Deuces Down (Editor) 204 copies, 1 review
The Mystery Knight 187 copies, 10 reviews
Marked Cards (Editor) 183 copies
Suicide Kings (Editor) 181 copies, 5 reviews
Nightflyers {novella} 167 copies, 9 reviews
Old Mars (Editor; Introduction) 167 copies, 7 reviews
Fort Freak (Editor) 159 copies, 4 reviews
Game of Thrones : Preview edition 159 copies, 7 reviews
Black Trump (Editor; Contributor) 158 copies, 1 review
The Hedge Knight 152 copies, 9 reviews
Old Venus (Editor) 145 copies, 7 reviews
Songs of Stars and Shadows 141 copies, 1 review
Portraits of His Children 133 copies, 1 review
Dangerous Women 1 (Editor; Contributor) 130 copies, 3 reviews
A Dance With Dragons, Part 1 of 3 125 copies, 2 reviews
A Dance With Dragons, Part 2 of 3 (Author) 119 copies, 1 review
Night Visions: The Hellbound Heart (Editor) 110 copies, 3 reviews
Lowball (Editor) 110 copies, 7 reviews
Warriors 1 106 copies, 4 reviews
A Dance With Dragons, Part 3 of 3 101 copies, 2 reviews
A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 1 (Author) 81 copies, 2 reviews
Dangerous Women 2 (Editor) 76 copies, 1 review
The Skin Trade 73 copies, 5 reviews
High Stakes (Editor) 72 copies, 3 reviews
George R.R. Martins Doorways HC 64 copies, 2 reviews
Mississippi Roll (Editor) 64 copies, 4 reviews
Low Chicago (Editor) 56 copies, 1 review
Dangerous Women 3 (Editor) 55 copies
George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream (Author) 50 copies, 1 review
A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 2 (Author) 48 copies, 4 reviews
Warriors 2 42 copies
Knaves Over Queens (Editor) 39 copies, 1 review
A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 3 (Author) 38 copies, 3 reviews
Texas Hold'em (Editor) 38 copies, 1 review
Warriors 3 38 copies
Starlady and Fast-Friend 37 copies, 1 review
Shadow Twin 33 copies, 1 review
New Voices II: The Campbell Award Nominees (Editor) 27 copies, 1 review
Windhaven: The Graphic Novel 24 copies, 1 review
New Voices III: The Campbell Award Nominees (Editor) 23 copies, 1 review
Starport : a graphic novel (Written) 22 copies, 1 review
The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr 22 copies, 1 review
A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 4 (Author) 21 copies, 2 reviews
I re di sabbia 20 copies, 1 review
The Glass Flower 20 copies, 2 reviews
Joker Moon 13 copies
Three Kings 12 copies
Meathouse Man 7 copies, 1 review
Guardians 6 copies
The Hero [short story] 6 copies, 1 review
For a Single Yesterday 6 copies, 2 reviews
Daenerys - A Mãe dos Dragões 6 copies, 2 reviews
Nightflyers {TV series} (Based on the novella by) 5 copies, 1 review
Override 5 copies
Shell Games 4 copies
Bitterblooms 4 copies
Men Of Greywater Station 3 copies, 1 review
Fast Friend 3 copies
Starlady 3 copies
Rogues 2 copies
George R. R. Martin 1 copy, 1 review
Jube: One 1 copy
Appendix 1 copy
Jube: Two 1 copy
Prologue 1 copy
Jube: Four 1 copy
Jube: Six 1 copy
Jube: Five 1 copy
Ild & blod 1 copy
Crusader 1 copy
Vauriens 1 copy
Lord of Light (Afterword, some editions) 4,603 copies, 101 reviews
Legends: Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy (Contributor) 1,695 copies, 18 reviews
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse (Contributor) 1,376 copies, 47 reviews
The Iron King (Foreword, some editions) 1,321 copies, 58 reviews
The Living Dead (Contributor) 836 copies, 20 reviews
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (Contributor) 670 copies, 19 reviews
Meditations on Middle Earth (Contributor) 515 copies, 2 reviews
Dark Visions (Contributor) 465 copies, 2 reviews
The Time Traveller's Almanac (Contributor) 452 copies, 11 reviews
Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century (Contributor) 393 copies, 8 reviews
The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories (Contributor) 389 copies, 7 reviews
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (Contributor) 362 copies, 5 reviews
A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (Contributor) 337 copies, 5 reviews
Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King (Contributor) 303 copies, 7 reviews
The Big Book of Science Fiction (Contributor) 297 copies, 6 reviews
The 1980 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 247 copies, 3 reviews
Double Solitare (Editor) 245 copies
The Hugo Winners: Volume Three (1971-1975) (Author) 240 copies, 1 review
Other Worlds Than These (Contributor) 224 copies, 5 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Treasury (Contributor) 220 copies, 2 reviews
The Jack Vance Treasury (Foreword, some editions) 212 copies, 3 reviews
Turn of the Cards (Editor) 203 copies, 1 review
Dragons of Light (Contributor) 199 copies, 2 reviews
Epoch (Contributor) 195 copies, 2 reviews
Howard Who? (Introduction, some editions) 191 copies, 5 reviews
The 1981 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 191 copies, 3 reviews
The Book of Swords (Contributor) 190 copies, 8 reviews
The 1975 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 187 copies
Year's Best Fantasy (Contributor) 187 copies, 2 reviews
The 1976 Annual World's Best SF (Author) 185 copies, 2 reviews
The Way of the Wizard (Contributor) 184 copies, 5 reviews
Tails of Wonder and Imagination: Cat Stories (Contributor) 182 copies, 6 reviews
Federations (Contributor) 182 copies, 6 reviews
Epic: Legends of Fantasy (Contributor) 159 copies, 4 reviews
Wastelands 2: More Stories of the Apocalypse (Contributor) 153 copies, 5 reviews
The End of the World: Stories of the Apocalypse (Contributor) 153 copies, 8 reviews
Wings of Fire (Contributor) 150 copies, 2 reviews
Amazons II (Contributor) 150 copies, 1 review
Splatterpunks: Extreme Horror (Contributor) 149 copies, 1 review
The Hugo Winners: Volume Five (1980-1982) (Contributor) 145 copies, 2 reviews
Future on Ice (Contributor) 137 copies, 1 review
Nebula Award Stories 9 (Contributor) 124 copies, 1 review
The Sword & Sorcery Anthology (Contributor) 124 copies, 3 reviews
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #6 (Contributor) 120 copies, 1 review
The Best of the Nebulas (Contributor) 118 copies, 1 review
Death Draws Five (Editor) 117 copies, 3 reviews
The Book of Magic: A Collection of Stories (Contributor) 116 copies, 2 reviews
Space Mail (Contributor) 115 copies, 1 review
Lightspeed: Year One (Contributor) 113 copies, 1 review
Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror (Contributor) 112 copies, 1 review
The Hugo Winners: Volume Three, Book 2 (1973-1975) (Contributor) 105 copies, 3 reviews
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011 Edition (Contributor) 100 copies, 5 reviews
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #9 (Contributor) 92 copies, 1 review
Foundations of Fear (Contributor) 90 copies, 2 reviews
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 3 (Contributor) 86 copies
Werewolves and Shape Shifters (Contributor) 85 copies
The Reel Stuff (Contributor) 79 copies
The Best of Analog (Author) 77 copies, 4 reviews
Warrior Women (Contributor) 75 copies, 3 reviews
Nebula Winners Fifteen (Contributor) 73 copies
Pawn To Infinity (Contributor) 69 copies, 1 review
Wondrous Beginnings (Contributor) 65 copies, 2 reviews
The Best of Subterranean (Contributor) 59 copies, 5 reviews
A Century of Fantasy, 1980-1989 (Author) 58 copies, 1 review
Omega (Contributor) 54 copies, 1 review
The Big Book of Modern Fantasy (Contributor) 53 copies, 1 review
Fears (Contributor) 50 copies
Futures Past (Flights) (Contributor) 48 copies
Analog Annual (Contributor) 45 copies
Andromeda: No. 1 (Orbit Books) (Contributor) 41 copies
Car Sinister (Contributor) 41 copies
The Horror Hall of Fame: The Stoker Winners (Contributor) 41 copies, 2 reviews
Fantasy for Good: A Charitable Anthology (Contributor) 38 copies, 1 review
Fantasy Annual V (Contributor) 36 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's Fantasy! (Contributor) 36 copies
Beauty and the Beast: The Complete First Season (Contributor) 35 copies, 1 review
Curse of the Full Moon: A Werewolf Anthology (Contributor) 32 copies, 1 review
The Complete Masters of Darkness (Contributor) 29 copies, 1 review
Nebula Awards 21 (Contributor) 28 copies, 1 review
Extreme Zombies (Contributor) 25 copies
Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers (Contributor) 25 copies
Omni Best Science Fiction Two (Contributor) 21 copies
Super Stories of Heroes & Villains (Contributor) 21 copies, 1 review
Future Games (Contributor) 20 copies
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Contributor) 19 copies
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 2 • July 2010 (Contributor) 19 copies, 2 reviews
Julma on rakkaus (Contributor) 19 copies
Best Short Novels 2005 (Contributor) 16 copies
Space Dogfights (Contributor) 15 copies, 1 review
Orbit 18 (Contributor) 14 copies
Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1983. (Contributor, some editions) 13 copies
Intensive Scare (Contributor) 11 copies
Clarkesworld: Issue 085 (October 2013) (Contributor) 11 copies, 4 reviews
Unidentified Funny Objects 4 (Contributor) 11 copies, 1 review
Galactic Games (Contributor) 10 copies, 1 review
Fantastic. No. 191 (May 1976) (Contributor) 10 copies
Otherworks (Author) 9 copies
The Analog Science Fact Reader (Contributor) 8 copies
Kopernikus 5 (Author) 8 copies
Kopernikus 7 (Contributor, some editions) 8 copies
Wassermans Roboter (Contributor) 6 copies
The Visitor: Kill or Cure (Editor) 5 copies
Fantasy Magazine, Issue 48 (March 2011) (Contributor) 4 copies, 1 review
Fantastic Four [1961] #32 (Fan Letter Writer) 2 copies
Fantastic Chicago (Author) 2 copies
En anden ensomhed (Author, some editions) 2 copies, 1 review
MidAmeriCon II Souvenir Book (Contributor) 1 copy

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George R. R. Martin was born in 1948 in New Jersey. Having been a journalist, he now devotes himself to writing. He is a prolific author of short stories, which have garnered numerous nominations and wins for the field's major awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, and World Fantasy awards.
George Raymond Richard Martin (born George Raymond Martin; September 20, 1948), also known as GRRM, is an American novelist and short story writer, screenwriter, and television producer. He wrote the series of epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adapted into the HBO series Game of Thrones (2011–2019).

In 2005, Lev Grossman of Time called Martin "the American Tolkien", and in 2011, he was included on the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

George Raymond Martin (he adopted the confirmation name Richard at 13 years old) was born on September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey, the son of longshoreman Raymond Collins Martin and Margaret Brady Martin. On his mother's side his family used to be wealthy, and owned a successful construction business, but they lost it all in the Great Depression, something Martin was reminded about every day when he passed what used to be his family's dock and house. It made him feel that even if they were poor, they came from greatness that had been taken away from them. He has two younger sisters, Darleen and Janet. His mother was of half Irish ancestry. He also acknowledges French, English, Welsh and German roots, which were confirmed on the television series Finding Your Roots. However, while he also believed he was a quarter Italian because of who he was told was his paternal grandfather, a DNA test on the show confirmed his Irish and other ancestries but excluded any Italian ancestry, showing instead he is approximately a quarter Ashkenazi Jewish.
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George R. R. Martin's book The Iron King was available from LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

George R. R. Martin's book Inside Straight: A Wild Cards Novel was available from LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

George R. R. Martin's book Busted Flush: A Wild Cards Novel was available from LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

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