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Works by Sophie Masson

Snow, Fire, Sword (2004) 91 copies
Scarlet in the Snow (2013) 64 copies
The Crystal Heart (2014) 58 copies
The hunt for Ned Kelly (2010) 58 copies
The Madman of Venice (1750) 49 copies
The firebird (2001) 49 copies
My father's war (2011) 49 copies
The Green Prince (2000) 48 copies
The Curse of Zohreh (2005) 46 copies
In Hollow Lands (2004) 44 copies
Moonlight & Ashes (2012) 44 copies
The Tyrant's Nephew (2006) 38 copies
The Maharaja's Ghost (2007) 36 copies
Malvolio's Revenge (2005) 34 copies
Cold Iron (1998) 32 copies
Australia's Great War: 1914 (2014) 29 copies
Clementine (1999) 24 copies
The Phar Lap mystery (2010) 21 copies
Carabas (1996) 20 copies
The understudy's revenge (2011) 18 copies
The hoax (1997) 17 copies
Emilio (2014) 16 copies
The Lady of the Flowers (1999) 15 copies
The Knight by the Pool (1998) 14 copies
The Gifting (1996) 13 copies
A River Through Time (2003) 11 copies
Two Rainbows (2017) 11 copies
The hand of glory (2002) 10 copies
Jack of Spades (2017) 8 copies
Boggle hunters (2012) 6 copies
The Tiger (1998) 6 copies
Hunter's Moon (2015) 6 copies
A Blaze of Summer (1992) 5 copies
Santagram (2022) 5 copies
The Stone of Oakenfast (2004) 5 copies
Red city (1998) 5 copies
The Ghost Squad (2021) 4 copies
Once upon an ABC (2017) 4 copies
Ned Kelly's secret (2012) 3 copies
Green Eyes (1998) 3 copies
War and resistance (2019) 3 copies
Sydney under attack (2022) 3 copies
The opera club (1993) 3 copies
There's a Tiger out There (2019) 2 copies
The troublemaker (1997) 2 copies
Fire in the Sky (1990) 2 copies
Sooner or Later (1991) 2 copies
Birds of a feather (1996) 1 copy
Winter in France (1994) 1 copy
Lucky break (1996) 1 copy
Small world (1999) 1 copy
The first day (2000) 1 copy
The Sun Is Rising (1996) 1 copy
A House of Mud (2021) 1 copy
Shark 1 copy
Dreamer 1 copy
The cousin from France (1993) 1 copy
Snowman's Wish (2020) 1 copy

Associated Works

Demigods and Monsters (2008) — Contributor — 394 copies
Prickle Moon (2013) — Introduction, some editions — 68 copies
Altered Voices (1994) — Contributor — 60 copies
The Mutant Files (2001) — Contributor — 57 copies
Slightly Foxed 12: The Irresistible Heptaplasiesoptron (2006) — Contributor — 26 copies
The Blue Dress (1991) — Author — 23 copies
Slightly Foxed 10: Dreaming of Home and Haileybury (2006) — Contributor — 22 copies
Land/Space: An Anthology of Prairie Speculative Fiction (2003) — Contributor — 18 copies
Spine-Chilling: Ten Horror Stories (1992) — Contributor — 9 copies
Amazing: more wonderfully weird stories (1989) — Contributor — 5 copies
Weird : twelve incredible tales (1990) — Contributor — 4 copies


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Jakarta, Indonesia
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New South Wales, Australia



I love Sophie Masson but this book didn't do much for me. I found the characters very one dimensional and I didn't find that I cared about any of them. Also while the book seemed to move slowly there were so many scenes that I think needed fleshing out. Overall the book was confusing, I wasn't sure what the aim of the story was and who many of the minor characters were.
ChariseH | May 25, 2024 |
Selena, having lost her mother at a young age, had been sent away to school. Upon returning home she finds things vastly different, most notably is the additions to her small family. Her father has remarried and her stepmother is unreasonably cruel to her, as are her stepsisters. However after years of being treated as a slave in her own home Selena discovers a magical way to attend the prince's ball, change her fate and fulfil her destiny.

Moonlight & Ashes is a Cinderella story with witches, wizards, werewolves and wishes. True love, mistaken identities, a journey, an assassination and destiny weave together to produce a story more fairytale then fantasy, a story that younger children will enjoy. However, as there are so many stories retelling, reinventing and reproducing this age old classic in new and differing ways, this particular tale unfortunately fails to stand out of the crowd.… (more)
LarissaBookGirl | 2 other reviews | Aug 2, 2021 |
PLOT: Imagine a world where all seems normal and yet nothing is – a world very much like our own, yet jarringly unlike. A world where two clandestine organisations, the Ghost Squad and the Base, are engaged in a secret battle for control of information so dangerous it could literally change life as humans have always known it… (Google Books) There has been a Pulse of radiation which has effected all the electricity in the world including the equipment keeping 5 critically ill patients alive. When the power comes back on, 3 of the patients are dead but a line still appears on their monitors...proof of an afterlife. From this event two organisations have sprung up and are fighting to keep control of information about the afterlife. The Pulse has also caused some people to be able to see ghosts and others to communicate with them. Its also meant a weird type of reincarnation has happened where the reincarnated person remembers snippets of their past life.

Sound confusing? It is!! I get what Masson was trying to do but she had so many acronyms and terms for different types of people and organisations in this future world that I got quite lost trying to work out who were the bad guys and who were the good guys! Not sure if students will understand and finish this if I struggled to keep up. I did finish it but I thought the ending was lame.
… (more)
nicsreads | May 16, 2021 |
Cover is a bit ordinary and the book started out slow but got better. Tells story of Sasha in occupied Europe during WW2 who is inspired to do her little bit, no matter how small, to stand up to the Nazi overthrowers and help the alliance.
At the same time, we have a parallel story about a German boy who believes everything he is told about the third Reich in his Hitler Youth movement and how when crosses paths with Sasha, he is forced to reevaluate what he knows. Will he betray her or will he change sides?
First in a series.
… (more)
nicsreads | Apr 3, 2019 |



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