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Amanda Matetsky

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Works by Amanda Matetsky

Murderers Prefer Blondes (2003) 162 copies, 3 reviews
Murder is a Girl's Best Friend (2004) 107 copies, 3 reviews
How to Marry a Murderer (2005) 94 copies, 2 reviews
Murder on a Hot Tin Roof (2006) 82 copies, 3 reviews
Dial Me for Murder (2008) 57 copies, 1 review
The Perfect Body (1997) 12 copies


Common Knowledge



So much 50s slang, and too many cigarettes.
UPMarta | Oct 5, 2023 |
Badly overwritten and the characters are mostly two-dimensional, but this is not a bad story set in an interesting 1950s New York City.
Much of the dialogue is over-done, too, with too many screechy questions asked at, for example, a knock at the door.
The author should strive harder for some believability.
She also badly over-does some apparently intendedly cutesy-poo narrative as in "some phrase (okay, some other phrase)" on almost every page, and as many as FOUR TIMES on one page! When it's used that often, it is not funny: it is annoying.
Finally, sometimes I think it is demanded in order for a writer to get published, but I hate an author's sticking in her gratuitous left-collectivist beliefs. If it's relevant to the story? Maybe. But when it's not, when it's just more propaganda, it should not be there.
Publishers seem to choose writers and editors based on their belief system.
Anyway, the character's name is cute and even appropriate, but, in this book, there are more flaws than merits so I cannot recommend it except to the curious who have plenty of time.
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morrisonhimself | 2 other reviews | Jul 5, 2023 |
The Good: Paige and her neighbor Abby are fun characters to read. There's some decent humor mixed in with a great 1950's setting. The author does a great job setting the mood and tone of the time for working women. A light, easy read.

The Bad: The mystery was sort of obvious once readers were introduced to the possible suspects. While I enjoyed the humorous tone, I actually found myself wishing things in the book were viewed a little more seriously. There was a flippant feeling that took away from the urgency of the mystery.… (more)
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TequilaReader | 2 other reviews | Dec 5, 2013 |
Set in the 1950's, Paige Turner is a young writer for a mystery magazine who finds herself tangled up in a murder. Paige is asked to help solve a murder by her late husbands friend. Paige gets caught up in finding clues that she doesn't always think things through first. I would have liked her to have a little more backbone when it came to her work situation even if it was the 1950's.
rgleason14 | 2 other reviews | May 26, 2013 |

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