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"Robert Mayer" is composed of at least 10 distinct authors, divided by their works.

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Robert Mayer (1)

Super-Folks (1977) 203 copies
The Dreams of Ada (1987) 142 copies
I, JFK (1989) 31 copies
The Grace of Shortstops (1984) 12 copies
The search (1986) 5 copies
Midge & Decker (1982) 2 copies

Robert Mayer (8)

Works have been aliased into Robert G. Mayer.

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1) Mayer, Robert, b 1939, author of Super-Folks

2) Mayer, Robert, b 1939 (7 July), author of How to Win Any Argument

3) Mayer, Robert, (Robert Stanley), author of Satan's Children

4) Mayer, Robert, b 1948, author of Eighteenth-Century Fiction on Screen

5) Mayer, Robert, b 1953, author of A Scripture of the Ancient Tantra Collection

6) Mayer, Robert, b 1934, author of Los Angeles: A Chronological and Documentary History, 1542-1976

7) Mayer, Robert, b 1960, author of Quick Cash: The Story of the Loan Shark

8) Mayer, Robert G., author of Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice

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