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Rose Wood (2013) 10 copies
A Patch of Blue (2014) 10 copies
The Hum (2016) 5 copies
Restoration (2021) 4 copies
Strange Days (2019) 2 copies
Flight 3108 (2020) 2 copies


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Anderson, South Carolina, USA
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Piedmont, South Carolina, USA
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Sharon Mikeworth was born and raised in South Carolina, where she resides today. Before discovering her passion for storytelling, she worked as a computer programmer, instructor, and tutor. In her spare time when not writing, she can sometimes be found hiking and canoeing the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.



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I ended up really loving this book, it starts to lag around 20% and become quite monotonous, but don't give up because it does pick up. This is a realistic account of what might happen if an extremely deadly flu epidemic hit the population. Because it is so realistic, there are definitely some more depressing moments, but I love that the main character seems to always hope for more at the end of the day. I found myself thinking about whether I, too, could maintain such hope in such a despairing situation. It has a great ending and some moments of surprise. If you like this genre and find the excerpt compelling I don't think you would be disappointed in picking this book up.

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caseyjessa | Dec 8, 2019 |
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Lee Bennett has finally landed his first book deal and used the advance to rent a house in an ideal location to write his book, but there is tension between his need to write and his wife’s desire for a child. An infuriating hum and missing animals provide the first hints all in not right. Then the odd lights and an accident bring more concerns. Now a pathogen making people sick and the government quarantine the community. Bennett and two neighbors may know cure, but it may be too save his marriage. There are a few twist and turns to hold the reader’s interest in this supernatural thriller.

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bemislibrary | 3 other reviews | May 7, 2017 |
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The Hum is a fast-paced science fiction story that's rather an enjoyable read. It follows Lee Bennet as he investigates an odd mechanical humming noise ('The Hum', a genuine reported phenomenon) which seems to be linked to a series of strange events.

From the plot summary I was expecting a slow burning mystery story which could have science-fiction/fantasy leanings, but this is straightforward science fiction (which I enjoy). The author's style is straightforward with no flowery language, but that does work well with the speed of the narrative.

There are a few bits and pieces in the book that could have benefited from a keen-eyed editor, but I really enojyed the story and am tempted to look up more of the author's work.

This novel is in a similar style to the books that come out alongside series such as the X-files, and I'd definitely recommend it to people who enjoy books of that type (as I do!)
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Alfirin | 3 other reviews | Mar 12, 2017 |
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When I requested this book, I thought it was a thriller. After reading about 100 pages, I still believed it was a thriller, and I liked the author. Her language was beautiful and the plot well created and exciting. But then, the most incredible thing started to happen, and I realised that the genre was “Fantasy”. Unfortunately, I don’t like reading about things that are impossible to happen “in the real world”. That’s why I give this book three stars. But if you are a fan of “Fantasy”, I will highly recommend it, and I’m sure you will give this book five stars… (more)
Bengan | 3 other reviews | Mar 3, 2017 |