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Author of El mundo

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Works by Juan José Millás

El mundo (2007) 229 copies
That Was Loneliness (1990) 170 copies
The Disorder of Your Name (1988) 165 copies
Dos mujeres en Praga (2002) 144 copies
El orden alfabético (1998) 124 copies
Papel mojado (1983) 120 copies
From the Shadows (2016) 109 copies
Laura y Julio (2006) 79 copies
No mires debajo de la cama (1999) 66 copies
Let No One Sleep (2018) 58 copies
Los objetos nos llaman (2008) 57 copies
La mujer loca (2014) 36 copies
Visión del ahogado (1977) 28 copies
Letra muerta (1992) 27 copies
La vida a ratos (2019) 27 copies
Primavera de luto (1992) 26 copies
Cerbero son las sombras (1989) 16 copies
Solo humo (Spanish Edition) (2023) 16 copies
Articuentos (2001) 16 copies
Volver a casa (1990) 14 copies
El jardín vacío (1981) 13 copies
Mi verdadera historia (2017) 10 copies
La Ciudad (2005) 8 copies
Articuentos completos (2011) 7 copies
Todo son preguntas (2005) 7 copies
Relatos de ida y vuelta (2002) 5 copies
Algo que te concierne (1995) 5 copies
Tres Novelas Cortas (1998) 5 copies
Experience the Silence (2006) 4 copies
Articuentos escogidos (2012) 4 copies
Trilogía de la soledad (1996) 4 copies
The Eye to the Keyhole (2006) 3 copies
Os Objectos Chamam-nos (2015) 3 copies
Navn ukjent (1990) 1 copy
Tres miradas (2005) 1 copy

Associated Works

The Dedalus Book of Spanish Fantasy (1999) — Contributor, some editions — 46 copies
George Clooney. El nuevo seductor. El Pais semanal — Author and Photographer — 1 copy


Common Knowledge



I love books that get the most mileage from the constructs/constraints they set for themselves and this is definitely one such book.
albertgoldfain | 19 other reviews | Sep 27, 2023 |
castordm | 9 other reviews | Jun 19, 2023 |
Wait For It ...

Seriously ... wait for it. This is one of these books that is building up to something ... quite shocking in the end. And I don't even know what I mean by "one of these books" because I give Let No One Sleep about 3 1/2 stars just for strange novelty alone (which I thought would be just strange novelty just for the sake of strange novelty as I was growing bored with the strange meandering about halfway through).

So wait for it.

I didn't think it worth the 14 bucks I paid for it, but it's still a pretty worthwhile read. I used to read a lot of short stories out of Bellevue Press, which touches on topics of mental health in literature. (Recommended for people with strange bird ideas or fantasies, or those with an ornithological bent) Good psychological cautionary tale of what happens when you take (artistic) liberties with and advantage of people with mental health issues.… (more)
The_Bubblegum_Review | 9 other reviews | Apr 6, 2023 |
Super bizarre book—I’m not sure what it all means, or how I’m supposed to interpret that ending. Is he about to die? Reveal to Lucía that he’s Ghost Butler? I find myself hoping for a happy ending for him, Lucía, and María. It would be a crazy, imaginative path for a character suffering from trauma and mental illness to follow in order to reach healing and a new life. That’s what I hope it is, rather than just the author trying to portray the mind of someone suffering from schizophrenia. Yeah, I’m going with the first idea.
I’m trying to think of who I would recommend it to—I guess someone who is looking for something really different. I’ve certainly never read a book like it. Damián, secretly living in a family’s house after being accidentally transported there in a wardrobe—that’s weird and creepy, yet I developed so much sympathy for him over the course of the book.
It didn’t take me long to read, but I’ll be thinking about it for a while.
… (more)
Harks | 19 other reviews | Dec 17, 2022 |



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