Alice Miller (disambiguation)

"Alice Miller" is composed of at least 7 distinct authors, divided by their works.

About the Author

Includes the name: Miller Alice

Author Division

Alice Miller (1)

Paths of Life: Seven Scenarios (1998) 99 copies, 1 review
Pictures of a Childhood (1986) 75 copies, 1 review

Alice Miller (2)

More Miracle Than Bird (2020) 50 copies, 5 reviews
The limits (2014) 2 copies

Alice Miller (unknown)

Reclaiming the Inner Child (1990) — Contributor, some editions — 66 copies, 1 review

Common Knowledge

Disambiguation notice
(1) Miller, Alice (1923-2010) Polish-Swiss psychologist/psychoanalyst, wrote The Drama of the Gifted Child

(2) Miller, Alice New Zealand poet/fiction author, wrote More Miracle Than Bird

(3) Miller, Alice American romance author, wrote Silver Hawk Warrior series

(4) Miller, Alice P. American children's author, wrote The Little Store on the Corner

(5) Miller, Alice American astrologer, wrote Heralds of a New Age

(6) Miller, Alice American cooking instructor, wrote What's in a Kitchen?

(7) Miller, Alice American researcher, wrote Index to the works of Immanuel Velikovsky