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Works by Walter Moers

The City of Dreaming Books (2004) 2,959 copies
The Alchemaster's Apprentice (2009) 886 copies
Ensel und Krete (2000) 641 copies
Der Fönig: Ein Moerschen (2002) 88 copies
Adolf (1998) 74 copies
Kleines Arschloch (1990) 47 copies
Adolf. Der Bonker (2006) 27 copies
Schöne Geschichten (1991) 26 copies
Sex und Gewalt (1995) 22 copies
Von ganzem Herzen (1989) 19 copies
Herzlichen Glückwunsch (1988) 19 copies
Huhu! (1989) 15 copies
Schweinewelt (1987) 14 copies
Hey! (1993) 12 copies
Feuchte Träume (1999) 11 copies
Blaubär. Der Film (1999) — Author — 10 copies
Arschloch in Öl (1993) 9 copies
Aha! (1985) 7 copies
Käpt'n Blaubär — Author — 2 copies
2007 2 copies
Der Kartoffelkönig (1993) 2 copies
Der Pinguin (2012) 2 copies
Sex (1995) 1 copy


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Großartiges Buch, ich hatte wirklich viel Spaß. Einen kleinen Abzug gebe ich für die augenscheinliche Lust an Gewalt und Schmerz am Anfang des zweiten Teils. Etwas weniger ausführlich hätte für mich auch gereicht. Ansonsten wirklich toll!
Katzenkindliest | 26 other reviews | Apr 23, 2024 |
Wow (not a good wow). This book was a slog. But I made it. Finally.

Don't get me wrong, fair play to Walter Moers - it's abundantly clear this is a labour of love and that he revelled in losing himself within this magical, imaginative world of his, with his plucky blue narrator; and if that's not what life's about, then I don't know what is. But as a reader, journeying through this tale was akin to traipsing through the dastardly quicksand near that volcano in the story (Forgive me for not being precise; I cannot bear (no pun intended) to reopen that yellow brick to find its proper name because that in essence is my entire problem with it all: gah! it's too made up!)

I know, I know. It's not ol' Walter's fault it's mine and I get that, but I also think a good work of writing captures the reader, so they lose themselves in the book, like a spell. I just thought Bluebear was incredibly transparent - I could sense lists of words coming a mile off; nouns stacked behind nouns separated with countless commas or semi colons of endless, relentless, meaningless, soul defeating lists of things - I imagine he was having a whale of a time thinking of synonyms or other imaginative phrasing but it just left me thinking the same things I think about dreams: if anything is possible, where is the measure of quality of idea? For me it should be in the selection process - what you chose and chose not to include - which I feel was lacking from the onset. Another reviewer asserted the book could've been 400 pages shorter and I high-five that assessment. There was just too much of stuff and I think it lacked a little skill in the editing department. And when the congladitorial duel came up, I thought I was done for. It was literally a tall tale telling tale after tall tale for pages on end. A little bit of me died at that point.

To sum up then: wonderfully imaginative and clever (especially the broad vocabulary and subject matter and hat tips to our own world) but ultimately massively too long and stylistically a bit drab, not for me, sorry!
… (more)
Dzaowan | 81 other reviews | Feb 15, 2024 |
This book was a lot! It is a work of non-stop imagination and was very entertaining. I did a combination of print and audio for this book which was the best of both worlds as the audio was spectacular and the print is full of wonderful illustrations that really add to the text. Using both formats gave me a full, rich experience. A wonderful book, although a bit exhausting.
Iudita | 81 other reviews | Dec 13, 2023 |
Sehr fantasievoll und ausschweifend, typisch für Moers. Sehr interessante Prämisse, wird gegen Ende hin aber ein bisschen langweilig und vorhersagbar.
Maxim2 | 1 other review | Nov 15, 2023 |



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