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Timeless (2011) 437 copies
The Final Six (2018) 274 copies
Suspicion (1788) 166 copies
Timekeeper (2013) 154 copies
The Girl in the Picture (2016) 73 copies
Secrets of the Time Society (2012) 34 copies
Realm of Wonders (2023) 25 copies
Os Seis Finalistas: 1 (2018) 4 copies
Son Altı Finalist (2019) 2 copies


Common Knowledge



WARNING: The 2nd half of this review DOES contain SPOILERS**
This book started off kind of slow at first but picks up later on. It's a short read (only 280 pages) but it's really interesting. I love the different eras that Michele visited, seeing the 1910's, and the 20's and the 40's was really cool. The love story is very cute but the main characters relationship reminds me of a fairytale (I'll explain more about that in the spoiler part). Going into this book, I didn't have too high of an expectation because of the mixed reviews and while I wasn't completely into the first half of the book, the 2nd half is where I really got into the story. Also the ending makes me really want to read the second book and find out what happens. Overall I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.


As I said earlier, MIchele and Philip's relationship reminded me of a fairytale because even though we know they can't be together now, they'll eventually find a way to be together and their relationship seems too perfect. The only barrier keeping them apart is their time periods and once they find a way around that it seems like it'll become this "happily ever after" type of relationship, which isn't real. So even though I do want to see Michele and Philip together, I would like to see a more realistic portrayal of their relationship.

From the moment they introduced Irving Henry into the story I knew that he would end up being Michele's dad and it's just so crazy to think that both her parents were from two different time periods. The ending when Michele's in class and they introduce the "new student", Philip Walker, I knew it would be him but I'm curious to see if it's really the Philip from 1910 who found a way to Michele's future or another Philip Walker who looks just like the one from 1910. At the end of the book Philip told Michele he would see her again though it might not be in the way she expects, so is it another future version of Philip? Or did the 1910 Philip find a way to the future and if so how?

Those were the major things that stuck out to me the most but overall I did enjoy the book and I want to read the next one.
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VanessaMarieBooks | 42 other reviews | Dec 10, 2023 |
“The need trumps everything, even agonizing pain.”

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir is a Young Adult Science fiction novel about twenty-four teenagers selected to go to the International Space Training Camp to prepare for a mission. The teens train to travel to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and establish a new colony. If the mission to Europa isn’t successful, humans have a high risk of going extinct. Severe climate change has caused unpredictable weather and insufficient food. The population and the Earth are dying.

“Risk is the price of progress.”

The teenagers compete for the six mission slots and are eliminated by performance in a series of rounds. Everyone was happy about being selected for the mission except Naomi. Naomi is suspicious of the mission but realizes her skillset and investigative skills could save her new friends from going to Europa.

Naomi, a science genius, wants to take care of her sick brother and continue searching for a cure. She doesn’t want to save the world; she just wants to save him. While learning and making new friends, she is torn in a different direction. Will she be able to save both her friends and brother?

“Remember what you always say: no problem has ever been solved by panicking.”

Leo, a champion swimmer, recently lost his family in a flood. He was considering ending his life when he was chosen for the Europa mission. He felt this turn of luck gave his life a new purpose.

Leo and Naomi have an instant connection, and their friendship grows into a relationship. Love makes competition complicated, and these first loves must face the consequences of their choices. Will their love end in heartbreak or an out-of-this-world adventure?

Themes: love, friendship, grief, extinction

Reading this book was like living inside a vacuum. I thought there would be more of the ‘dystopian world in disaster’ experience while prepping for the mission. The reader is involved in the challenges but has little insight into what is going on in the world around them. Yes, there are snips here and there, and some lost loved ones, but I wasn’t attached to the condition of the world or the characters enough to really care. It’s like, “damn, a tidal wave hit *insert location here* and *insert character name* family died,” back to challenges—the end. The most you get to experience the outside world is when Leo is introduced—which I enjoyed.

Additionally, there are multiple POVs in this story, but they read the same. It’s hard the believe that two characters from different parts of the world would have the same voice. If it were two siblings with similar mannerisms, I would expect a bit of that but not here.

When I read the premise of this book, it felt like there was so much potential. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it as I hoped. It wasn’t bad but it just didn’t strike a chord with me. I read about all the prep for an adventure without ever going on one. There is a second book in this series, but it didn’t make my TBR list.
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