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Fall Leaves (1999) 681 copies
My Messy Room (1993) 677 copies
The Grand and Wonderful Day (1995) 490 copies
The Shy Scarecrow (2001) 469 copies
I'm A Fire Fighter (1948) 399 copies
Bubble Trouble (1995) 312 copies
I Am Not a Dinosaur (1948) 259 copies
The Missing Tooth (2002) 235 copies
Moose and Mouse (2011) 157 copies
When I Am Big (1999) 133 copies
Hello, spring! (1998) 120 copies
A Visit to China (1991) 112 copies
A Visit to Mexico (1991) 96 copies
The Kite (My First Reader) (1990) 91 copies
Two-Minute Bedtime Stories (1972) 88 copies
A Visit to Australia (1992) 84 copies
Beetles (The Real Thing) (2005) 83 copies
TONKA: Big City Dump Truck (1997) 57 copies
Stinkbugs & Other Bugs (2006) 54 copies
Scorpions (Real Thing) (2005) 46 copies
Surprise! (My First Reader) (1750) 41 copies
TONKA: Big Farm Tractor (1997) 37 copies
Two-Minute Fairy Tales (1988) 36 copies
My First Book of Seasons (1987) 35 copies
The Witch Who Couldn't Fly (1994) 31 copies
A Visit to the Soviet Union (1991) 30 copies
The World Up Close (1994) 24 copies
Stars and Planets (1995) 19 copies
Halloween kitten (1994) 18 copies
Crystals (1996) 12 copies
Prehistoric Poop (1998) 9 copies
Starting Over (1993) 8 copies
Barnyard Babies Baa (1993) 6 copies
Color Your Own Tarot (2017) 6 copies
Hop to It, Heather! (1999) 5 copies
Playing by the Rules (1993) 5 copies
Je suis le roi! (2006) 4 copies
Jem, Video Mischief (1986) 4 copies
Save the Swamp (1993) 4 copies
Color Your Own Tarot (2021) 3 copies
My First Answer Book (1984) 3 copies
Don't Make a Sound (2004) 2 copies
The Storyteller (2009) 2 copies
The Great Easter Egg Hunt (1998) 2 copies
Mindinha 1 copy
Wolves 1 copy

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MamaBear297 | 2 other reviews | Dec 2, 2023 |
Barbie and her girl scouts troop go on a scavenger hunt in the woods but one of the girls ends up missing. I liked this picture book - the focus on safety and not wandering off was good and also the gentle explanations about consequences and how things can go wrong fast. It's exactly what you'd expect of a Little Golden Book. The illustrations were good - clear and concise and colourful. My rating 3 stars. Target rating, 4 stars.
funstm | Dec 1, 2022 |
My love of Winnie the Pooh mostly comes from watching the Disney movie adaptations as a kid. I have no memory or record of reading the original Milne books until I was twenty-one, though I did collect a dozen or so issues of the comic book series in the late 1970s. I was inspired to seek out the original books only after the 1988 debut of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh animated show resparked my interest in the tubby little cubby during college. ("I gotta get up / I've gotta get goin' / I'm gonna see a friend of mine!")

I do enjoy regularly revisiting the Pooh movies, so as a sub-set of the Pooh Project my daughter and I are going to rewatch all the films and some of the shows and use that as a prompt to read some of the many adaptations that we have in our collection of Pooh books. We're starting off with first Disney animated short, 1966's "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree," which has been collected as the first third of the movie The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It's a delightful film that fills me with joy every time I see it.

The book in hand today is a serviceable little adaptation from 1994 by Mary Packard and Russell Hicks that was initially released as a Little Golden Book. It adapts the first half of the short film, as Pooh goes undercover as a little black raincloud in order to infiltrate bee hive security and filch some honey. The plan goes awry in a delightful way, though not quite as delightfully as it does in the film or in the first chapter of Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh. But it'll do in a pinch.

(My Pooh Project: I love Winnie the Pooh, and so does my wife. Having a daughter gave us a chance to indoctrinate her into the cult by buying and reading her every Pooh book we came across. How many is that? I’m going to count them this year by reading and reviewing one every day and seeing which month I finally run out. Track my progress here:
https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/23954351-rod-brown?ref=nav_mybooks&she... )
… (more)
villemezbrown | 4 other reviews | Jun 23, 2022 |
Eh, pretty boring and not at all what I had hoped.
Bookslesstravelled | 1 other review | Apr 15, 2022 |



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