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Colorado River ghost towns (1976) 13 copies


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Paher, Stanley William
Nevada Publications, Owner
Church of Christ
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Stanley W. Paher is the author of several books about the Southwestern United States. His Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps published in 1970 earned for him the Award of Merit of the American Association of State and Local History. Next came Northwestern Arizona Ghost Towns (embodied in the present book) which was followed by Las Vegas, As It Began, As It Grew, a definitive history of the formation of Las Vegas. Thereafter came other ghost town guides and town histories on Death Valley, central Arizona, Tonopah and Goldfield, Nevada and finally the definitive Nevada Annotated Bibliography, a compilation of 2,544 books on the Silver State. In the 1980s author Paher has published more than 75 books for other authors and operates Nevada Publications as a publishing and book distribution service throughout the desert Southwest.

Stan has in his bookstore such titles as: The Story of Hoover Dam, The Comstock Lode, Nevada Post Offices, Destination Lake Tahoe, The Big Bonanza, Mark Twain in Virginia City, Ghosts of the Glory Trail, Nevada Lost Mines and Buried Treasures, Nevada Towns and Tales, The Donner Party Chronicles, Fearful Crossings, The Goldfield Hotel, Nevada Adventure Map, Scotty’s Castle, etc.

Author, publisher, and editor Stanley W. Paher of Reno, Nev., is best known as the owner and operator of Nevada Publications, an important Southwestern publisher of literature on Western Americana, and especially on Nevada history, including accounts of the early mining camps and boom towns, as well as the ghost towns that have survived from that day.

Stan also has a place in his heart and shelves for Religious books written by himself or by other authors which he supports. Homer Hailey’s books are listed in Nevada Publications. Among Homer Hailey’s books for sale are That You Might Believe, The Book of Revelation, Marriage and Remarriage, Matthew 24, The Minor Prophets, A Commentary on Daniel, From Creation to the Day of Eternity, God’s Judgements Punishments, the Eternal Covenant of Peace, etc.

Among the religious books written by Stanley are The Church Shark, The Eternal Covenant, The Kingdom of God, Revelation’s Mystery Babylon, etc.

Paher is less well known for his Christian writings, but over the years he has penned several influential volumes in that field, and as a publisher he has handled other Christian writers’ works, including those of Homer Hailey, most of whose writings Paher now publishes. As a Christian author, Paher has added his voice to the ongoing exchange of ideas about the Bible and how it is properly understood, or not understood, today, especially within Restorationist church circles.



NE/Nevada, Esmeralda, Goldfield - History
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