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I loved this book by the end I'm crying my eyes out because I am just a sucker for a good rom- com. So why not give it a 5 star you may be asking well to be honest the reason for that is because although as my oldest daughter would say there are no more "original ideas" the reason this book is so good is because the author was smart enough to combine a whole bunch of rom-com movies into one book so for that I am deducting points or a rating if you may.
Better than the Movies is not better than the movies as it is every Rom-Com movie you have ever watched however because it is a combination of a few of my favorite movies ESPECIALLY The Duff with Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman I give it the 4 star rating.
This was fun, cute and quirky and the perfect fluff romance I love. Childhood friends, fake dating, enemies to lovers trope just take my heart because that is what this book did. Took me on my nostalgic teen idea of what romance should be destroyed it then put it back together.
Highly, Highly recommend. I LOVE THIS BOOK ❤️❤️❤️
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Enid007 | 24 other reviews | Jul 12, 2024 |
Last year I read "Better Than the Movies" by this author and found it thoroughly entertaining but I struggled with this one. It annoyed me that Taylor Swift was mentioned on nearly every page, not that I have anything against the woman, but the references were cringe-worthy. I also felt the dialogue was stilted, the fake dating, the bet, the dramas, Charlie's blatant disrespect for some of the adults and the subplot involving Scott and Bailey's mum left me cold. This novel was not for me.
HeatherLINC | 1 other review | Jul 6, 2024 |
Full review - https://booksteacupreviews.com/2022/05/06/mr-wrong-number-by-lynn-painter-enemie...

Mr. Wrong Number is fun and entertaining romance that revolves around Olivia and Colin finding perfect Mr Wrong Number and Miss Misdial in each other. The story is about family, friendship, love, betrayal, judgments and presumptions, and ghosting.

Olivia is fun. I liked her in first half of the book. She is lovely, smart, fun, and briliiant writer. But she is not a perfect person and I’m not talking about her klutzy nature. She lied to get job and money she needed terribly, she is judgemtnal towards Colin in almost whole book, and she overreacted without thinking more than once that made her annoying character and also made story super dramatic.

Colin is most interesting. He is acts like Mr. Darcy and looks like Ryan Gosling. I definitely was going to like him more than Olivia. Colin and Jack’s friendship is great. I respect Colin more for thinking about Jack first as soon as he discovered who is Miss Misdial, Jack’s little sister.

Chemistry is super hot with witty banter and enemies to lovers arc. Colin’s abs, smirks and winks didn’t just melt Olivia. I so so loved imagining him. There are few romantic scenes but for most of the books they are like friends with benefit as Olivia felt insecure to make it serious or label what they have and Colin went along to keep Olivia happy. A sure receipe for complex and dramatic romance.

Why 3.5 stas-

I would have given this 5 star for entertainment and all the right trope but I didn’t. So here comes the rant-
Last 30% of the book lost it’s charm. Many things happening here are unbelievable. End was not satisfying. From how things were happening readers would expect big gesture or real apology but there isn’t any.

Some things were left unresolved. We see Olivia felt insecure about turning their friends-to-benefit thing into romance because of past relationship and betrayal of her ex (Elli), and Colin knew that but they never talked about it.

There is no exploration on Olivia, a non-parent, writing parenting articles and loses job for that or Colin ghosting and how technology is changing relationships, that me and Toni talked about but not in story. We both didn’t like the idea of ghosting.

My big issue after that unsatisying ending is Olivia. Her lack of understanding Colin or listening him out, being constantly judgemental, and thinking very low of him, is grating and irritating. If you have that much trust issue and you’re not ready to put behind 15 yrs of being enemies or forgive him for his rude comment, why exactly are you sleeping with him!!

Overall, Mr. Wrong Number is fun, entertaining, fast paced, and dramatic romcom with all right tropes but annoying main character.

I recommend this if you like,
Clumpsy heroine
Hero in STEM
opposite attracts
Forced proximity
best friend’s sister
witty banter
Many laugh out loud moments
judgments and presumptions
Dysfunctional family
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BooksTeacupReviews | 13 other reviews | Jun 28, 2024 |
Lynn comes straight out the gate swinging with this absolutely hilarious tale of two people whose paths cross in the most unexpected of ways. Brimming with the heart, wit, and snappy banter that is Lynn’s signature, “Happily Never After” will take your ideas of love on a ride that you will never forget.

To have and to hold, through sickness and health – yeah it sounds promising until you find out the person in front of you has been lying, cheating, and for some crazy reason – is still determined to marry you! That’s the unfortunate situation Sophie Steinbeck finds herself in. If not for her best bud Ara’s timely intervention, Sophie could have been trapped in the shackles of matrimony, holding onto a hope of annulment or divorce as her ticket to freedom. But a hero lurks among the crowd, ready to utter the sweetest of objections just as the officiant reaches the pivotal “If anyone here knows of a reason…”

“I do.” Those two simple words have been Max’s saving grace time and again, rescuing friends, family, and acquaintances from the brink of wedded disaster. What starts as a favor for a coworker becomes his brand, and once again, word of mouth has Max standing in a church, stopping a union from being built on lies and deceit. Typically, he’d take his payment, cut ties, and move on. However, Sophie isn’t your average bride. Amid the aftermath of separation, Max finds himself drawing closer to Sophie as they unpack the essence—and in her view, the nonexistence—of love. Fast forward a few months, and Max is the one in a pickle, turning to the person who’s as cynical about love as him. A favor thought to be a one-off snowballs into several more weddings and evolves into an unexpected friendship with a feigned romance twist. As they spend time together, they realize their outings are mutually advantageous—Sophie’s promotion hinges on her demonstrating she understands work/life balance and has moved on from Stuart while Max’s parents are eager to hand off the family business to a “well-settled” Max. Seems pretty straightforward, as long as they can fight their growing chemistry. But for two people who view love with so much skepticism, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Unlike the other delightful books I have had the pleasure reading by Lynn Painter, this one was more of a thinker than a gut buster of laughter. Don’t get me wrong, the chuckles were there and the banter was solid but the deeper meaning of the story was more appealing than the humor. Getting to know Max and Sophie is a journey into complexity. She was organized and disciplined, yet with the spirit of a more relaxed personality. She sought a life of equilibrium and structure but yearned for unpredictability, and that’s where Max came in as her perfect counterpart. Describing Max is challenging – he knew what he wanted out of life but something always seemed to be in the way. He was definitely a man that mastered obstacles. Max’s appeal came from his easygoing nature, but the true magic was in what he and Sophie unearthed in each other.

A moment of recognition for the secondary characters of this book – Larry and Rose were a hoot! It was so sweet to realize that while her roommates drove her crazy, they had essentially became Sophie’s family and best friends. They truly contributed to the story in their own unique way, adding wisdom and guidance that only the older generation can.

While there is absolutely nothing I disliked about this book, it does take some time to build up momentum, picking up steam about a quarter of the way in (so be patient!). Once it finds its footing, it’s nearly impossible to put down. The chemistry between the characters is one of the primary hooks drawing in the reader. Lynn has a tendency to not focus on the spice but more of the intimacy and connections of her characters. Does that mean the steamy moments, weren’t hot – absolutely not – they were fire but it was the looks, the caresses, the description of how they saw each other, inside and out, that made those intimacy scenes deeper and satisfying.

Philosophically, the book delves into the essentials of what love is, how we define it, what it symbolizes, and the consequences/impact of it. Through it all, we are continuously forced to remove the “term” love and start to witness a foundation built on friendship, chemistry, bond, mutual respect, adulation, and happiness. We are reintroduced to the misnomers of love that are actually lust, desire, fear of being alone, familiarity, contempt, or just situationally beneficial. Overall, the reader finds their beliefs, definitions, and perspectives challenged – begging the question, if we removed the term “love” and just placed the characteristics described by Sophie, how many us would still claim to be in love?

Happily Never After makes you laugh, makes you think, and most of all makes you realized that certain ideals are not black and white. We are allowed to live, love, and lose but by our own definitions not those placed upon us. Sophie’s acronym has found a special place in my heart and I would be interested to know what impact Lynn’s words will have on her readers.
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romcombc | 6 other reviews | Jun 22, 2024 |



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