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I think I should put this one on it's own shelf. I'm reading it but not as one reads a book for entertainment. I'm reading it in bits and pieces jumping forward and back through different countries. I may never read every part of it. This was a gift from my wonderful fiancée in preparation for our eventual trip around South America.
Shirezu | 3 other reviews | Mar 31, 2013 |
This guidebook details the sixteen “best” (see below) USA National Parks and provides quick mentions of an additional eight. For each, there are suggested itineraries of the best to see and do (emphasizing hiking/biking/kayaking), plus food and lodging (emphasizing campgrounds). The book is well organized and the text is pleasantly laid out and complemented by beautiful, well-captioned color photos.

So that’s 24 parks (not “27” as noted on the cover), with “best” stated as “most iconic” and (unstated) as having the most activities and visitor services. Yet it’s only half of all USA National Parks -- a glaring omission of wonders like the Badlands or Petrified Forest, and Carlsbad Caverns or Mammoth Caves, and without even a list of the remaining parks. But my biggest frustration is this guide’s lack of context -- not enough background to know what’s iconic about some parks and not enough landmarks to orient myself in some maps and even some text, for example the two-page mention of Capitol Reef National Park never identifies its state or a recognizable city.

I recommend this guide only as a secondary reference -- after you’ve decided what park you want to visit, use it to peruse its listings and compare its ratings/recommendations with those of other guidebooks.

(Review based on a copy of the book provided by the publisher.)
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DetailMuse | May 31, 2012 |
Lonely Planet's Pacific Northwest Trips contains as promised fifty-two themed itineraries encompassing 1,009 local places to see in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska's Inside Passage. It makes an interesting second travel guide for someone who is planning a trip and has a more thorough guide at hand.
In my opinion, it does not contain enough information to stand on its own. I was intrigued by the Seattle-Portland train trip, but I couldn't find even an estimate of the cost or how long it would take. I hate to be crass, but cost matters now more than ever. The Inside Passage ferry trek also sounded like fun, but again, I have no idea if we're talking $200 or $2000. I'd have been happy with some kind of estimate.
This is a good place to get interesting ideas, but my family at least needs more detailed information in order to make decisions.
There seems to be a lot of emphasis on style and not enough on practical details. Where oh where was the editor?
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dianaleez | May 28, 2009 |
First-rate in-depth guide to all the countries of South America.
edwin.gleaves | 3 other reviews | Feb 27, 2009 |

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