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Elizabeth Peters (1) (1927–2013)

Author of Crocodile on the Sandbank

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Elizabeth Peters (1) has been aliased into Barbara Michaels.

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Works by Elizabeth Peters

Works have been aliased into Barbara Michaels.

Crocodile on the Sandbank (1975) 4,617 copies
The Curse of the Pharaohs (1981) 2,745 copies
The Mummy Case (1985) 2,420 copies
The Last Camel Died at Noon (1991) 2,171 copies
Lion in the Valley (1986) 2,138 copies
The Deeds of the Disturber (1989) 2,129 copies
He Shall Thunder in the Sky (2000) 1,942 copies
The Ape Who Guards the Balance (1998) 1,916 copies
The Falcon at the Portal (1999) 1,878 copies
Seeing a Large Cat (1997) 1,839 copies
The Hippopotamus Pool (1996) 1,818 copies
The Golden One (2002) 1,790 copies
Lord of the Silent (2001) 1,739 copies
Children of the Storm (2003) 1,690 copies
Tomb of the Golden Bird (2006) 1,626 copies
Guardian of the Horizon (2004) 1,584 copies
The Serpent on the Crown (2005) 1,545 copies
Borrower of the Night (1973) 1,239 copies
Night Train to Memphis (1994) 1,121 copies
A River in the Sky (2010) 1,114 copies
Street of the Five Moons (1978) 1,021 copies
Trojan Gold (1987) 956 copies
Silhouette in Scarlet (1983) 906 copies
The Laughter of Dead Kings (2008) 876 copies
The Murders of Richard III (1974) 860 copies
Naked Once More (1989) 833 copies
The Camelot Caper (1969) 802 copies
The Seventh Sinner (1972) 744 copies
Legend in Green Velvet (1976) 679 copies
Die for Love (1984) 670 copies
The Copenhagen Connection (1982) 662 copies
Devil May Care (1977) 639 copies
Summer of the Dragon (1979) 632 copies
The Dead Sea Cipher (1970) 631 copies
The Jackal's Head (1968) 591 copies
Amelia Peabody's Egypt: A Compendium (2003) — Editor; Foreword — 553 copies
The Love Talker (1980) 531 copies
The Painted Queen (2017) 463 copies
Malice Domestic 1: An Anthology of Original Traditional Mystery Stories (1992) — Editor; Introduction — 183 copies
Smoke and Mirrors (2022) 3 copies

Associated Works

Works have been aliased into Barbara Michaels.

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits Volume 1 (1993) — Contributor — 566 copies
Christmas Stalkings (1991) — Contributor — 198 copies
The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits (2002) — Introduction; Contributor — 143 copies
Sisters in Crime (1990) — Contributor — 125 copies
Into the Mummy's Tomb (2001) — Contributor — 113 copies
The Best of Sisters in Crime (1997) — Contributor — 93 copies
The Mammoth Book of Comic Crime (2002) — Contributor — 47 copies
AZ Murder Goes Artful (2000) — Contributor — 10 copies
The Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1990 (1990) — Contributor — 7 copies
The Realm of the Impossible (2017) — Contributor — 6 copies


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Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters in Historical Mysteries (October 2022)


Possible Trigger Lots of Drug Abuse
I have read this author for more year than I care to think about. I own and have read everything she had written as Barbara Michaels. Most of these are chillingly wonderful, haunted house/ghost stories. Sadly. something very bad must have been going on in her life at the time she sat down to pen this. I borrowed this one from the library....and my friend that works there told me that she wasn't going to tell me much about the book ...but that it was "different". That was the understatement of the entire century. Quite frankly, it was probably the worst thing I have ever read by ANYONE. It was like a continuous furious rant at life. The very last thing I ever expected of an Elizabeth Peters book is for it to make me depressed and anxious. Reading about a heroin drug smuggling operation south of the border, LSD trips, the effects of drug abuse, and even sadism isn't in any way the norm from this author. It's not that I can't or won't read about those things, but when I do, it's because I intentionally chose to do so. Think about how you would feel if you bought what was supposed to be an inspirational romance in a Christian bookstore and discovered that you were reading hard-core porn instead. This book was written in 1971 and Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels passed away in 1977 so maybe things were already going bad in her world. If you are an "old" fan, you can probably read this with sympathy for whatever caused this wonderful writer to pen this "toxic garbage". If you are a new reader...please read her earlier books, like [Ammie, Come Home], my absolute favorite, and [Stitches in Time] both that she wrote as Barbara Michaels, or her Amelia Peabody series that was written as Elizabet Peters...but please know that this one is as off her norm as the sun is from the Earth.… (more)
Carol420 | 10 other reviews | May 15, 2024 |
The Amelia Peabody series has been a favourite since I was little and listening to the audiobooks with my mother; Barbara Rosenblat does a beautiful job bringing them to life.

While Amelia is very much the definition of an unreliable narrator, and her perspective is very much flavoured by her nationality and the era, these things are well written to make it obvious to the reader that they are true, and Amelia herself is a delight (in all her occasionally disastrous glory). The character dynamics and relationships are wonderfully engaging, and the mystery fascinating and alarming.

The conclusion sets up the next book in the series in excellent fashion without leaving any feeling of things being left hanging.
… (more)
Kalira | 226 other reviews | May 14, 2024 |
4.25/5 This was written in 1975! 😱 How can you not love a late-Victorian-self-sufficient-no-nonsense-badass female archaeologist protagonist who travels to Egypt in search of antiquarian objects and the freedom to do as she pleases? Throw in some worthy sidekicks and adversaries as well as a mummy-run-amok, and you have one heckuva fun historical detective read. I see more Amelia Peabody in my future.
crabbyabbe | 226 other reviews | Apr 26, 2024 |



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