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Brigham Young University
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Matthew Peterson is an award-winning short story writer, second degree black belt in karate, Eagle scout, computer programmer, and former missionary. He also has uncanny luck with firsts, from getting accepted to the first and only university he applied to (Brigham Young University), becoming the Director of Information Technologies from his first and only job interview after graduating with a business management degree, and even marrying the first woman he dated in college. He wanted twins, and, miraculously, his first two children were red-headed twins. He won first place in the first writing contest he entered, and the first publisher he sent his book to bought the rights to publish it. He hopes his luck with firsts will continue on with his debut novel, Paraworld Zero.
Matthew has won or received honorable mentions in several writing contests including Writers Digest, Writers Weekly, and L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future. He currently lives in Arizona with his wife, five boys, and a giant African tortoise.



Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadToo.com

Simon first learns about a paraverse when he meets Tonya. Their meeting is an unusual one, and so is just about everything else once they join forces in battle.

Living in Mrs. Trimble's orphanage provides a fairly loving environment for 12-year-old Simon, but it's definitely not very exciting. As a lowly seventh grader in the midst of older bullies, his life is filled with tormenting and teasing. That is until the arrival of Tonya, the thin, athletic, and mysterious young girl with the colorful hair.

It is immediately obvious that Tonya is not from anywhere nearby; in fact, she's not even from the planet Earth. She tells Simon she is from Paraworld 4329, which she explains is a parallel universe. Although it all sounds like a dream to Simon, she insists that parallel universes are extremely common.

With Tonya's help, Simon is able to escape from his tormentors. He soon realizes that Tonya has extraordinary powers, although her command of them is often at a beginner level. Magic is how things work in Tonya's paraworld.

As a result of Simon's adventures with Tonya, he finds himself in another parallel universe called Pudd. The people there seem friendly enough and offer to help when it becomes evident that Tonya is in danger from some less than desirable characters from a world intent on eliminating the use of magic. Simon and Tonya are soon involved in a frantic adventure that includes magical spells and creatures with names like menabaws and dragunos.

PARAWORLD ZERO is the first in the new PARALLEL WORLDS series by Matthew Peterson. Its rollicking adventure style reminds this reader of a cross between Harry Potter's adventures and those of Artemis Fowl. Colorful characters, fast-paced adventure, and clever humor make this an interesting read.
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GeniusJen | 6 other reviews | Oct 12, 2009 |
I devour everything Harry Potter, so when I heard the phrase "Harry Potter meets Star Wars" I had to pick this one up. Paraworld Zero is not your typical Harry Potter-like book. The story has a lot of science fiction and fantasy in it, so I guess you could call it "Harry Potter in space," though space is not really the word for it. The characters travel through a thing called the parastream, which is like a special form of outer space that allows you to move quickly from parallel world to parallel world. The idea is intriguing, and the author makes it simple to understand. Simon Kent is now my favorite 12-year-old magician. He gets into the most precarious situations. Oh, and the narration was top-notch. There are dozens of cool character voices that will appeal especially to younger audiences. Humor, action, romance--this audiobook has it all.… (more)
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JoshGreen12 | 6 other reviews | May 29, 2009 |
I found this book by accident and fell in love with the story and characters. My children have listened to it several times. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next installment. The narration is smooth and the story is filled with impressive creativity, and the ending is simply divine. It might be too intense for smaller children, but if they are mature enough to read Harry Potter and Eragon, then they could also read Paraworld Zero. Do not miss this one.
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NancyA5 | 6 other reviews | Mar 21, 2009 |
I think this is the type of book you either love or dismiss, depending on your personality and age. I know the intended audience (ages 8 - 16) will love this. For me as an adult, I absolutely loved it as well. But that's because I enjoy a good story with interesting characters. This is not a serious book, though there are a couple of serious moments. The mystery in Paraworld Zero was just enough to keep me guessing. I wish there was a little more romance, but the characters are fairly young (12 through 14), so I understand why the romantic aspects were watered down. There better be more romance in the sequel! I was hoping to see Simon at the magical school, but as it turns out, that'll be in the next book. I'm looking forward to it.

As for the narration, I actually enjoyed the funny and peculiar voices. They were well done and kept me entertained. The prolog is awfully serious, but it lightens up considerably after that. Highly recommended.
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Corns | 6 other reviews | Feb 23, 2009 |



½ 4.3