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The Drifter (2016) 572 copies
Burning Bright (2017) 332 copies
Light It Up (2018) 270 copies
Tear It Down (2019) 223 copies
The Wild One (2020) 195 copies
The Breaker (2021) 160 copies
The Runaway (2022) 131 copies
The Price You Pay (2024) 21 copies
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Milwaukee Noir (2019) — Contributor — 43 copies
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Apparently compared (even by Lee Child) as the 'Next Reacher' it has a similar vibe but doesn't quite work as well.

Peter Ash is a marine vet, returned to the US with almost claustrophobia, the noise and bustle of modern living builds a pressure/noise until he has to leave for the peace and quiet. He's spent a year living in the wilderness in the hope that he can forget some of the trauma, but still isn't fully recovered when news eventually reaches him that one of his sergeants has committed suicide. This seems a bit unlike the man he used to know, and in any case he feels a sense of guilt, duty and responsibility, for not looking after the men who were in his care, so he musters the fortitude to travel to the widow and see if he can help. Living out of a truck, he finds that she could use his carpentry skills, so he's rebuilding her porch when he discovers a mildewed suitcase full of cash and plastic explosive. Now he has to find out what his friend has become involved with.

Giving a hero a mental illness is a bold choice that needs to handled carefully, and I don't think the author has quite achieved this. You can't just 'power through' such things when it's convenient, you can't have them sometimes able to to cope and only bring the sensations back when they can be managed. For those truly afflicted, there is no choice or willpower involved. Other than that the complex motivations and carefully clues and plotting seemed well contrived.
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reading_fox | 38 other reviews | Jan 14, 2024 |
The Drifter is a U.S. Veteran. He is a very good soul who found himself with a horrible claustrophobic condition, as a result of war. There are other veterans in the book who also suffer from various conditions, as a result of the war. So as not to spoil the story with this review, it is a bit of a thriller at the end. Four stars were given to this book.
lbswiener | 38 other reviews | Aug 16, 2023 |
Loved the adventure. Straightaway I was engrossed by the Redwoods - we certainly don't have these in the UK! And as I always read any author Acknowledgements, very soon I'll get a copy of The Wild Trees by Richard Preston.
NorthernTeacher | 21 other reviews | Aug 13, 2023 |
Peter Ash, an ex-Marine with PTSD has a way of coming to the aid of people in need of his skills. This time a nineteen year old pregnant girl steps out from the side of the road. She's running from her ex-cop abusive husband and Peter offers her a ride. There is no shortage of action and suspense in this new installment of the Peter Ash series. In the end to even the odds against him Ash is assisted by his reporter girlfriend June and good friend Lewis. An excellent fast paced story.
lewilliams | 5 other reviews | Aug 9, 2023 |



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