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Amy Poehler was born on September 16, 1971 in Newton, Massachusetts. She is a writer, actress, producer, and director. She has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and Baby Mama. Her first book, Yes Please, was published in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography)

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I liked it. I may have really liked it, I'm not sure but I am positive I liked it. First things first I am not a huge Amy Poehler fan. I don't dislike her but I don't have her picture on a mouse pad or anything. I know she has done things for women's groups. I know she writes. I know she is a girl power kind of woman. I like all that. I wanted to read more.
She is also a gifted essayist. She really does have a real talent for it. I'll admit there were times that her language was too much for me. I may be a prude. I don't think so. I feel like I should be older to be considered a prude. Still she when she goes blue with the language I cringe at was otherwise a smartly written piece of work. So, language aside - she made me laugh, and think. I found myself agreeing with a lot of the things she wrote. I like her POV. She didn't get deep into politics which was great for me because I'd rather you have an opinion based on your experiences and ideas rather than a party that isn't a party anyone would willingly want to hang out at.
My only thing, and yes I know I'll be called a prude once again, is the porn thing. I didn't get uptight about the drugs or the sex or anything really but porn?! I don't understand how you can be okay with porn and still be about empowering women. I think porn is the opposite of empowerment not to mention dangerous, exploitive, demeaning and just unhealthy. No don't get me wrong she doesn't have chapters on porn. The book isn't riddled with porn talk. But she does mention it and of all things that one bugged me the most. Even the language, while not my favorite, I would much rather listen to all day than to have a porn factor.
Other than those caveats this book was so much better than I thought. It is well written and smart. I'd recommend it to much people I know (probably not old late church friends - or some of the young ones either).
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MsTera | 239 other reviews | Oct 10, 2023 |
Not as well-written as Bossypants, but better recording and the recording feels "extra," with added layers missing from the book. Best in the parts that felt improvisational and real, like with Seth Myers and Michael Schur.
yarmando | 239 other reviews | Oct 6, 2023 |
If you read the book I highly suggest listening to the audiobook! As I listened I kept thinking about everything that would be missing from the print book version. Amy reads it herself and so her tone, pace, inflections, and accents really bring the story to life. Plus there are other great voices that join her from time to time and the last chapter is read live in front of a UCB audience so you get to hear their reactions.
Fatula | 239 other reviews | Oct 3, 2023 |
Yes Please by Amy Poehler was a fun book packed full of life experience and comedy.

I wanted to expand my reading this year, so I decided to pick up books by some of my favourite actors and comedians. Amy Poehler has always been hilarious in my eyes, so it seemed natural to pick up her book.

I love this book because it's blunt. Amy describes lots of situations that happened in her life and gives lots of real (and funny!) pieces of advice to the audience. This isn't purely a comedic book and I wouldn't recommend it if you just want comedy. This book is more of an auto-biography meets comedic event. It's really cool and very different from my typical read. It has a pinch of Self-Help, but definitely shouldn't be put on the bookshelf with those types of books. It's so... different. Good different.

Amy shows off her talents (writing, comedy, story-telling to name a few) and lets us in on some of her flaws. It felt very real and honest, and that's why I enjoyed the book and stuck it through. In one word, this book is charming.

If I had a negative, it would be that this book felt more like a journal or a diary. Except, this diary didn't include all of the juicy details. Sure, I don't need to know all about Amy Poehler's divorce like some reviewers wanted (let her have her privacy in some regards people) but I would have liked to know more of her thoughts on different events in her life. I guess I just kinda wanted... more. This book felt like it was missing something when I finished it, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what.

That being said, this book isn't my typical genre. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and pick up something different. I'm convinced people who like this genre will be able to enjoy it far more than I did, and that's not a bad thing!

Overall, this book was good. I want to read more by Amy Poehler for sure and I'm glad I had the chance to take a peek into her world.

Three out of five stars.
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Briars_Reviews | 239 other reviews | Aug 4, 2023 |



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