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When I first picked up Starters, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I'm the worst kind of reader, in that, I tend to read a book based on the cover art. Starters' cover art was especially eye catching. After a quick skim of the summary I proceeded to read, and let me tell you, I was hooked. It was disturbing, but in a good way. From the first scene when Callie enters Prime Destinations--apprehensive and bedraggled against the sterile aesthetic and overly smiley staff--my skin crawled. I felt as if I was there too.

It seemed that all the other scenes to follow were just as descriptive. I also enjoyed that the "Enders" or old people that rented the bodies, were actually old. I like to believe that when I reach the spry age of 90 that I'll still be as feisty and cognitive as the older people portrayed in this novel.

The one thing that needed a little work was the character development. Not a whole lot, just a little tweaking. I liked the chemistry between Callie and Michael, found the dynamic between her brother Tyler a little played out and the scenes with Blake were awkward. Michael was like the doesn't-know-he's-hot hometown hero, a personal favorite in character types.

Tyler was a little too helpless for my liking. I understand that Callie needed a strong enough conviction to go through with all of this, but I would have preferred if he was just young and not sick. As for Blake, their courtship was way too fast especially under such strange circumstances. If they had gotten to where they were at the end of this book, at some point in the middle of the next book I would've been more pleased. However, I still immensely enjoyed Starters and would definitely recommend it for those of you that enjoy sci-fi.. I'm eagerly await the second book in the series!

**Review done by Tegan**
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lexilewords | 127 other reviews | Dec 28, 2023 |
Wow. Just wow. This book and its predecessor, Starters, are too amazing and my mind is blown after reading both. Lissa Price is able to do again in Enders what she started in Starters (get it? Yeah, I know I'm lame). Anyways, this book carries on the story of Callie and her misadventures involving body swapping and head-chipping. At the end of the last book we saw that Callie wasn't quite rid of the Old Man just yet, though what more he could possibly plan to do was unknown.

How everything plays out in this second book is just genius. I had a suspicion about one of the outcomes but then I even tossed that aside at one point and was like, "no way" and so it blew me away when it actually was what I originally thought. Then all the other revelations had me rethinking the whole series. I couldn't have been more satisfied with another plot twisted ending that reveals so much going back over the books again. These are books where truly, as the "Old Man" advises Callie, you can't trust anyone and should even question yourself. In a world where others can get into your body and then into your head, this couldn't be more true. I was constantly on edge about the identity and trustworthiness of many characters.

These are probably like the only books I have been super excited to read again at some point because to read it now, knowing the outcome, will change things so much.
The suspense, language, character development, descriptiveness of setting, emotions, puzzle, story, minute details, it is all so beautiful. I become so submerged in these books and read both in just a couple sittings (though I wished I could have read them all at one time).
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rianainthestacks | 15 other reviews | Nov 5, 2023 |
I got through this book a lot quicker than I thought I would. Starters is a true page-turner. You of course want to know the whole time what exactly Prime Destinations plans are and what Callie will do about becoming entangled with them. But more than that, there are tons of smaller plot points from chapter to chapter that keep you on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. I would have read the book all at one time if I could have.

I was always coming up my own predictions as to what would happen involving several of the different threads, and was delightedly shocked by the end as each thread came to its conclusion- there were so many twists I had never thought of! These twists are definitely one of my favorite parts about Starters.

I love the POV we get from Callie because it places us in the same boat as her, trying to connect all the pieces and separate out what is truth and who to trust. I also like how throughout the book you can see Callie's journey of trying to figure out what her identity is post spore wars. She knows she is changed and she becomes more and more so throughout the novel, but as she rents out her body, shares her head with her renter, and is placed in an unique position to be the one who could potentially unravel Prime Destinations, she faces constant challenges to her identity.

Starters has become one of my favorite books and it's set up for its sequel, Enders, has me still on the edge of my seat and ready to read more.
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rianainthestacks | 127 other reviews | Nov 5, 2023 |
Portrait of a Spore is a short story that takes place on the day the Spore missiles are released in the dystopian U.S. of Starters. You get two POVs in this story: the main one coming from Callie's mother and the other from a Spore itself. Readers of Starters already know that the story will end with Callie's mom being exposed to the Spore that will eventually lead to her death but it is a beautiful telling that shows the devastation and terror of the beginning of the Spore wars. This story furthers acts to give the reader a greater insight into the loss Callie and her brother Tyler must feel, showing the old life they had and how quickly everything changed and was taken away from them.… (more)
rianainthestacks | Nov 5, 2023 |



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