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Breeana Puttroff

Author of Seeds of Discovery

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Works by Breeana Puttroff

Seeds of Discovery (2011) 127 copies
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter (2014) 22 copies
Roots of Insight (2012) 21 copies
A Christmas Rose (2012) 12 copies
Canes of Divergence (2013) 10 copies
Thorns of Decision (2012) 9 copies
Blooms of Consequence (2012) 8 copies
Blades of Accession (2015) 8 copies
Leaves of Revolution (2014) 7 copies
Crossed Roses (2015) 7 copies
The First Queen (2015) 6 copies
Sprigs of Inception (2018) 5 copies
Falling Roses (2017) 5 copies
Traveler (2017) 3 copies
Seeker (2019) 2 copies


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Ellarowan and Caylokan have had shock after shock, but nothing can be as terrifying as finding themselves trapped in Owen's world. Owen on the other hand, just wanted to see his sister again. But they'll all have to work together if they want to get everyone home safe.

Look this book was awesome. But I only just finished it and I'm so annoyed right now, because I wasn't aware that it is definitely not the end of the series. The end of the book teases book three and I'm so disappointed because now I have to wait. And I hate waiting. I would've delayed reading if I'd known. I mean it doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger - but it also doesn't exactly wrap everything up either and waiting kills me. So there's a lot of answers in this book - but also a hell of a lot more questions.

I really enjoyed the back and forth between different characters and time periods. I enjoyed getting to find out what was going on with Leah from the Dusk Gate Chronicles. I liked Ella and Cay getting more comfortable with one another and trying to find their footing for their marriage. And I loved seeing Owen again. It was good but I'm too busy reeling over the fact that it just ended and there's no more.😞

4 stars.
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funstm | Feb 18, 2023 |
The eight book in the Dusk Gate Chronicles series, Sprigs of Inception continues the saga of Zander and Linnea (and the rest of the gang) and the mystery that is Leah, the woman who followed them through the gate to Quinn and Zander's world. Prince Jonathan, Quinn's uncle also returns in tow with a young child who is severely ill and appears to have been abused.

According to the author's reading order, Sprigs of Inception should be read after the first Gatekeepers novel, Traveler and before the second book, Seeker. While I agree it should definitely be read before Seeker, I don't know that it was essential to read after Traveler. There are some hints but nothing that really spoils the plot of either book.

It's been a while since I read the seventh book so I was a little fuzzy on the details but this was fantastic. I enjoyed getting to return to the Dusk Gate Chronicle world and I loved the new adventure and mysteries that fall into their laps. I was disappointed not to see Owen - I was all hyped for having read the first book of the Gatekeepers and was expecting him but it was good nonetheless. 4 stars.
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funstm | Feb 17, 2023 |
When her father returns home from his travels, Ellarowan Lockwood is happy to be free of the worry that someone might happen to him while he's gone. Right up until he informs her that in two days she'll be marrying a rival guildmaster's son, Cayloken Stone. But that's the least of her problems after she finds a strange man appear out of nowhere and discovers that magic might be realer than she thought.

Well. Much like the rel="nofollow" target="_top">Dusk Gate Chronicles, this book is very hard to categorise. What I can say is that this book is a wholesome read with fantasy elements and fans of the Dusk Gate Chronicles will enjoy it very much. Especially because one of the best characters from the original series makes an appearance - OWEN!!!

I enjoyed the world building of this new world and I loved the new characters - Ella, Shea, Cay and Fluffy. The plot was interesting and had me fully invested in finding out what everyone was keeping from Ella and the consequences it has. I liked Ella and her kind manner. I liked the friendship that starts to develop between them all. But most of all, it was just really funny. And for being 440 pages it didn't feel that long. It was like I blinked and missed all those pages. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

4 stars.… (more)
funstm | Feb 17, 2023 |
I like reading the story from William's perspective. He doesn't say a lot in the main series, but he definitely has a lot going on in his brain - it's nice to find out what that is. The romance between him and Quinn is sweet and it's easier to read from William's POV because it lacks the waffling about Zander, Quinn's POV has. It was an enjoyable addition to the series. 4 stars.
funstm | Feb 17, 2023 |


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