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20th Century
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Jeneva Rose is the USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage, The Girl I Was, and One of Us is Dead. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages and optioned for film/tv. Originally from Wisconsin, she currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Drew, and her English bulldog, Winston. When she’s not writing, you can find her on TikTok.



A psychological thriller that delves into the dark and twisted dynamics of a seemingly idyllic relationship. The story centers around a relatably married couple, Sara and Adam Morgan. Sara is a high-powered defense attorney, struggling to find a balance between her husband and her career, while Adam's struggle is finding his footing as a writer. But that's not all he's struggling with... One morning Adam finds himself accused of murdering his mistress, and his only hope is his wife.
As the narrative unfolds, shocking revelations and unexpected twists expose the true nature of their relationship.
*Reader's Observations:
I didn't really care for this book, the ending was a little predictable to me and not a very rewarding reveal. Additionally, I didn't feel that the characters were well-developed. Adam's inner monologues are a little chaotic without a good lead into why he would be that way, while in contrast, there's more on Sara's background, making her more relatable. Although it seems the book's intention is to get audiences to invest in Sara's perspective, there isn't a balance to dislike Adam, which left me with lots of questions and no answers in the end.
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CharismaticHobbit | 37 other reviews | Jun 13, 2024 |
Not my favorite of the authors. It did pick up as the book went on, but so much of it I was screaming at the FMC.
midmomo | 6 other reviews | Jun 12, 2024 |
Sarah is a successful lawyer, while her husband is a not-so-successful author. It's their 10-year anniversary, and Adam isn't surprised when Sarah has to cancel their plans - he counted on this, in fact. Rather than spending time with Sarah at their cabin, Adam has made arrangements to be with Kelly, his mistress. After getting really drunk, he wakes up the next day, leaves, and later learns that Kelly is dead, stabbed 30+ times, and he's the top suspect. The only lawyer he knows who has any chance of saving him is, unfortunately, his wife.

I was expecting to enjoy this more than the other two books by this author that I'd read. Instead, I thought it was a mess. The writing wasn't great. I wasn't a fan of the author's use of first person present tense, and there was occasional odd wording that didn't seem quite right.

Overall, this felt very amateurish, and it relied way too much on several characters being absolute idiots. Then there were the details that didn't make sense, despite, or maybe because of, all of the revelations the author tried to cram in in order to hold everything together.

I'm glad this wasn't the first book by Jeneva Rose that I read, or I might not have tried any of her other works.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
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Familiar_Diversions | 37 other reviews | Jun 12, 2024 |
Upscale salon with not nice women
Rosemary1973 | 15 other reviews | Jun 11, 2024 |



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