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Works by Susan Sallis

Come Rain or Shine (1998) 39 copies
Choices (1997) 34 copies
No Man's Island (2006) 31 copies
The Pumpkin Coach (2004) 29 copies
Daughters of the Moon (1992) 28 copies
Five Farthings (2003) 27 copies
The Keys to the Garden (1999) 27 copies
Time of Arrival (2002) 26 copies
By Sun and Candlelight (1989) 24 copies
Summer Visitors (1988) 22 copies
Searching For Tilly (2007) 21 copies
Sea of Dreams (2001) 21 copies
The Apple Barrel (2000) 21 copies
A Scattering of Daisies (1984) 19 copies
The Path to the Lake (2009) 19 copies
Rachel's Secret (2008) 17 copies
Touched by Angels (1996) 15 copies
After Midnight (2005) 15 copies
Water Under the Bridge (1995) 15 copies
Zolang het nog kan (1980) 14 copies
Lydia Fielding (2003) 14 copies
The Promise (2011) 14 copies
Sweeter Than Wine (1993) 13 copies
Rosemary for Remembrance (1987) 12 copies
Bluebell Windows (1987) 12 copies
An Ordinary Woman (1900) 11 copies
An Open Mind (1978) 11 copies
The Sweetest Thing (1900) 11 copies
The Daffodils of Newent (1985) 10 copies
The Kissing Gate (2012) 8 copies
Four Weeks in Venice (1991) 5 copies
Learning to Dance (2013) 5 copies
No Time at All (1994) 4 copies
Brudte løfter (2004) 2 copies
Richmond Heritage (1977) 2 copies
Return to Linstowel (1975) 2 copies
April Rising (1984) 2 copies
A Time for Everything (1979) 2 copies
Fyra veckor i Venedig (1985) 1 copy
Wohin die Liebe führt (2005) 1 copy
Thunder in the Hills (2002) 1 copy
The Keys To The Garden (2011) 1 copy
Den store drøm (2004) 1 copy


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A saga of "An Ordinary Woman" and her roles as daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, wife and mother and daughter-in-law. In telling the story of Rosamund (Rose or Rosie for short) Harris Fairbrother the reader also learns the stories of Rose's mother and sister, their lives, their loves.

The story begins slowly on VJ Night in Connecticutbut with each detail that is revealed the speed of the story is no longer an issue as it enfolds the reader's attention and becomes captivating. It is a story of ordinary days and the choices made on these seemingly ordinary days that sometimes become extraordinary moments and memories all the while changing lives forever.

This novel was my first introduction to the writing of Susan Sallis and I will not hesitate to read more of her writing. I loved how the characters were so easy to visualize from their strengths to their flaws and their life stories unfolded with each page read.
… (more)
FerneMysteryReader | Sep 3, 2021 |
Andrew-theQM | Jun 20, 2016 |
about a third of the way through I was tempted to give up as I found it rather sordid in places. Set firmly in rural England in the mid-19th century, there are many events taken for granted which are unfamiliar as well as unpleasant: bolting horses, problems in childbirth, family feuds. But I continued and am glad I did; the novel definitely grew on me.

The main character is Lydia Fielding of the title, and I found her fairly likeable although I never felt entirely in sympathy with her. The book opens at her 21st birthday party where it becomes apparent that two very different young men are attracted to her: one a rather blustery businessman, and the other a straight-laced Methodist. The overall plot follows Lydia's emotions as she finds herself often torn between the two, and eventually realises where her heart lies.

But along the way there's much unpleasantness, a rather confusing number of other characters, and everyday life passing by. It was interesting as a piece of social history, since it also covered some political issues such as caring for 'fallen women', educating poor children, and rights for women, but I doubt if I'll be reading it again.
… (more)
SueinCyprus | Jan 26, 2016 |
A family saga set in the early 20th century. Florence Rising gives birth to April, but finds the whole process degrading. Her oldest daughter March is nine, yet already does the laundry and cooking. Eight-year-old May is pretty and loving, and March is jealous of her. They grow up, make friends, and learn about life. The book keeps moving, and is interesting but I didn't find the characters very warm. Sadnesses didn't really move me at all. Still, it was well-written and the historical background wsan't too intrusive. Pleasant enough though I doubt if I'll read it again.… (more)
SueinCyprus | 1 other review | Jan 26, 2016 |


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