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The Last Chance Library (2021) 557 copies
The Girl on the 88 Bus (2022) 168 copies
Nosy Neighbors 5 copies
The Girl on the 88 Bus (2023) 2 copies


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I loved this sweet story about a man, Frank, who is searching for a woman he met 60 years earlier on the 88 bus. He lost the ticket where she wrote her number, so he spends his days looking for her on the bus to thank her for changing the direction of his life.
When a young woman, Libby, gets on the bus, Frank mistakes her for the woman he met 60 years earlier, because of her ginger hair. She explains that she isn't the woman, but after hearing his story, decides to make it her mission to find the woman. Another bus passenger, Dylan, dressed in punk attire, also helps.
This is such a wonderful story of kindness and friendship. So endearing.
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rmarcin | 10 other reviews | Nov 15, 2023 |
What a charming story!

Twenty eight year old June has been working as a library assistant at the local Chalcot Library ever since her mother passed away from cancer almost ten years ago .Abandoning her own dreams of attending university and becoming a writer, June has never stepped out of Chalcot and maintains a very predictable (boring) routine of work and home surrounding herself with books and memories in the home she shared with her mother. Her late mother who worked in the same library as a librarian instilled in June a love for books and her place of work. Timid and shy she does not have many friends and her interactions are limited to her long time neighbor and the regular patrons of the library who are an interesting ,often trying, bunch of people with whom she is patient and kind.

When her beloved library is threatened with closure June bands with this group of friends to protest the closure even at the risk of losing her job. The fact that libraries are so much more than just a place to borrow or read books but a vital part of community is the message that pervades this novel. As the story progresses we see how June overcomes her shyness and grows into a more confident version of herself and takes control of her life .

With a delightful cast of characters and the right blend of sentiment, humor and wisdom Freya Sampson's The Last Chance Library is an entertaining, feel-good novel with much warmth and cheer. I started this after a few 'heavy' reads and it was just what I needed. For those of us who love to read books about books and libraries, this novel is a treat!
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srms.reads | 37 other reviews | Sep 4, 2023 |

Happy (U.S.)Publication Day! (August 30,2022)


A chance meeting between twenty-nine-year-old Libby Nicholls and the elderly Frank Weiss a retired theater actor on the number 88 bus results in an unlikely friendship that impacts both of their lives in the best possible ways. In their first meeting on the bus, Frank reminisces about a similar chance meeting with another red-haired young lady - an aspiring artist who made quite the impression on the young man that he was in 1962. A hastily scribbled phone number on the bus ticket that was promptly lost put a wrench in their plans to meet at the National Gallery in London. However, their brief conversation had a positive impact on Frank’s life for which he has always been grateful. He has since frequently traveled the same bus hoping to meet her again with no success. He still hopes to meet her someday and express his gratitude for her advice all those years ago. Libby was recently dumped by her boyfriend of eight years and is currently living with her sister’s family in London while figuring out her future. Frank’s story touches her heart and motivates her to help him in his quest.

As the narrative progresses, we get to know more about these two friends and the people they meet in the course of their journey, including Dylan who is Frank's caregiver and friend and Esme, Dylan's friend. Not only the main characters but each of the supporting characters are very well fleshed out (even the few who are not that likable). Frank is depicted as a kind and loving human being whose gestures of kindness have touched the lives of so many people around him over the years as is evident from the number of people coming forward to help Libby and Frank in their venture and cheer them on. Libby is a sweet young woman who is yet to fulfill her dreams but as the narrative progresses we see her grow as a person and learn to prioritize herself, something she has rarely done in the past.

"The Lost Ticket" by Freya Sampson is a delightful, heartwarming read with a cast of interesting characters, an engaging plotline and a whole lot of heart! With short chapters, engaging dialogue and quite a few surprises for both Frank and Libby along the way the narrative keeps you immersed till the very end. The author touches upon themes of friendship, family, aging and second chances with the utmost compassion. Overall, this is a beautiful story that that left me with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Last year, I really enjoyed Freya Sampson’s The Last Chance Library which was a lovely story and with “The Lost Ticket”, the author does not disappoint!

I received a digital review copy of this novel from Berkley (Penguin Random House) via Edelweiss . All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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srms.reads | 10 other reviews | Sep 4, 2023 |
This was a very simple, linear, straightforward read. No subplots or alternating viewpoints, etc. It was a relatively quick read with mostly short chapters.

The story follows June Jones, a library worker who lives a rather simple life. Few, if any friends, no social life, no romantic interests, etc. She simply goes to work, comes home, and reads a lot. She is shy and not the least outspoken.

Her life is turned upside down when she learns the library in which she works is due to close. She wants to do something to stop the closure, but one she is scared to take action, and two, even if she wanted to, she is told if she does, she will lose her job.

Finally, she works up the courage and nerve to try to save the library. I won’t go into any more details so as not to spoil the story. But it is a “feel good” story with a happy ending.

The book did have too many characters. Every possible minor character was named, even those who appeared once, never again to return. Four new characters were introduced in the final chapter.

This was not a great book, but enjoyable, nonetheless.
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dwcofer | 37 other reviews | Aug 20, 2023 |



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