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Kate Saunders (1) (1960–2023)

Author of The Secrets of Wishtide

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Works by Kate Saunders

The Secrets of Wishtide (2016) 374 copies
The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop (2013) 168 copies
Beswitched (2010) 158 copies
The Marrying Game (2002) 134 copies
Bachelor Boys (2004) 127 copies
Night Shall Overtake Us (1993) 101 copies
Magicalamity (2011) 87 copies
The Land of Neverendings (2017) 61 copies
Revenge: Short Stories by Women Writers (1986) — Editor — 49 copies
The Little Secret (2006) 38 copies
Lily-Josephine (1998) 36 copies
Wild Young Bohemians (1995) 34 copies
Cat and the Stinkwater War (2003) 23 copies
A Spell of Witches (1999) 21 copies
The Belfry Witches (2003) 21 copies
Crooked Castle (2006) 9 copies
Mendax the Mystery Cat (1999) 8 copies
Catholics and Sex (1992) 8 copies
The Prodigal Father (1986) 7 copies
Power Hat Panic (2000) 6 copies
Broomsticks in Space (2000) 6 copies
Red Stocking Rescue (1999) 6 copies
Witch You Were Here (2000) 6 copies
Storm in the Citadel (1989) 5 copies
Spring Sonata (2011) 2 copies

Associated Works

An Academic Question (1986) — Introduction, some editions — 497 copies
The Caravaners (1909) — Introduction, some editions — 221 copies


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Common Knowledge

Legal name
Saunders, Katharine Mary
Date of death
London, England, UK
Cause of death
Places of residence
London, England, UK
North London Collegiate School
Short biography
Kate Saunders is an author and journalist who has worked for the London Times, the Sunday Times, and Cosmopolitan, and has contributed to Radio 4's Woman's Hour and Start the Week.   She lives in London, England.   [adapted from The Secrets of Wishtide (2016)]



Found: need help finding a children's book in Name that Book (September 2023)


An enjoyable yet moving modern historical twist on the beloved classic.
c1nnamongirl | 4 other reviews | Aug 11, 2023 |
4.5 stars. A really enjoyable mystery set in Victorian London. The main character Laetitia Rodd is a widowed clergymans wife in middle age and has a lawyer for a brother who provides her with cases. This story is told in hindsight as at the end of the book she is an elderly lady. Hopefully this is the start of a series featuring this character, the cover would suggest this.
LisaBergin | 15 other reviews | Apr 12, 2023 |
Some pretty decent writers do passable impressions of A. A. Milne around some nice illustrations in the style of E. H. Shepard.

Autumn: in which Pooh and Piglet prepare to meet a Dragon / Paul Bright
~3 stars~
Christopher Robin cannot be disturbed as he prepares for his role in the school play as St. George the dragon slayer. In his absence, Piglet gets all worked up that a dragon is coming to the Hundred-Acre Wood and pulls everyone else into his fear spiral. Meanwhile, Eeyore is desperate to keep credit for finding a shiny thing buried in the ground. It's fluff, but a cute little joke about uncomfortable pauses actually felt like something Milne would write.

Winter: in which Penguin arrives in the Forest / Brian Sibley
~3 stars~
Based on an actual photo of Milne, Christopher Robin and the original Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal looking at a penguin doll, this story is a bit macabre. First, Owl gets all prejudiced and downright enraged by the non-flying bird and takes his speciesist ass right out of the story in a huff without redemption or comeuppance. And then toward the end, the tone gets very dark as Penguin disappears and Christopher Robin gets ominously vague as to where he went or if he'll return. I genuinely fear for Penguin's fate and wonder if it involves something that might occur in Sid's room in the first Toy Story movie.

Spring: in which Eeyore suspects Another Donkey is after his thistles / Jeanne Willis
~2 stars~
A very predictable and labored story about paranoia, reflections and mistaken identity. Rabbit's friends and relations show up, but get treated as second-class citizens when it comes time to sit for tea and they are consigned to chat amongst themselves under the table, beneath the notice of the main characters. Nasty.

Summer: in which Pooh dreams of the Sauce of the Nile / Kate Saunders
~3 stars~
An amusing expotition has Pooh and friends trying to find find the headwaters of the stream that runs through the Hundred-Acre Wood. Not a lot happens as the trail leads up to the inevitable book-closing party, but the dialogue is snappy and reminiscent of Milne, and Kanga gets to shine more than usual. Very nice.


Contents: Exposition -- Acknowledgments -- Autumn: in which Pooh and Piglet prepare to meet a Dragon / Paul Bright -- Winter: in which Penguin arrives in the Forest / Brian Sibley -- Spring: in which Eeyore suspects Another Donkey is after his thistles / Jeanne Willis -- Summer: in which Pooh dreams of the Sauce of the Nile / Kate Saunders -- Afterword / Paul Bright, Brian Sibley, Jeanne Willis, Kate Saunders

(My Pooh Project: I love Winnie the Pooh, and so does my wife. Having a daughter gave us a chance to indoctrinate her into the cult by buying and reading her every Pooh book we came across. How many is that? I’m going to count them this year by reading and reviewing one every day and seeing which month I finally run out. Track my progress here:
https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/23954351-rod-brown?ref=nav_mybooks&she... )
… (more)
villemezbrown | 3 other reviews | Dec 27, 2022 |
I got this from the library as a recorded book, and alas, the CD player in my ancient truck is on life support. I limped along to disc six being able to listen to only about 15 minutes at a time before the player began stuttering out lines three or four words at a time before dying altogether.

I didn't finish it. Not because of the book itself, but technical difficulties and the looming overdue notice.

Thoroughly enjoyed the premise and the reader's voice. Was sucked into the story. As it was so difficult to advance to the place where the CD player died, (had to start at the beginning and click click click to where I thought we were before, hoping that it wouldn't give up and spit the disc out which often happened) I got annoyed that there were still 4? more discs to go. Felt like we were farther along and wrapping things up. Will try again at some point.… (more)
JEatHHP | 15 other reviews | Aug 23, 2022 |



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